Thursday, December 3, 2015

Loneliness of Aror (Raja Dahir’s Palace)


     On 2nd December, 2015 newspapers had reported news which shook my soul and mind, I could not understand that what has happened to this land’s history?

I tried to see TV channels and awaiting for news on Aror, went on English newspapers websites to search news on Aror, social networks were silent on Aror and dear Civil society was unaware of Aror’s news.

I took long breath and nowhere news was reported apart from few Sindhi newspapers that reported, “Aror, historical palace of Raja Dahir has been vandalized by bulldozer and Traktor.”

For me, it was not simple news. It was news about ancient history after Moen Jo Daro, Aror has had its significant importance. Those people who know the history of Sindh, they can feel the importance of Aror.

MahaRaja Dahir was last King of Sindh and Sindhi writers call him first martyred of Sindh.

Mohammad Bin Qasim attacked on Sindh and Raja Dahir fought him till his last breath after his assassination, Mohammad Bin Qasim imposed his rule in the name of religion as he did launch war in the name of religion.

Sindh has had ancient history which has been ignored for decades. Sometimes, it is being called Kafir History and getting ignorant attitude towards historical places.

So, Loneliness of Aror has been ignored. Perhaps, some people cannot understand or even hardly pronounce name of Aror and Raja Dahir or they know that “It was a place when Mohahmmad Bin Qasim conquered the Sindh at age of 17years old.” Alas! Facts are fabricated, he was neither 17 years old, nor conquered Sindh indeed he attacked on Sindh.

Whatever, I write sorrow of this land; I may be named biased or incorrect explaining situation of Sindh. No one can see his/er own actions.

If we open the pages of history and read it, we can come across the fragrance of this land’s historical places those are also beauty of Pakistan and subcontinent.

Shall we ignore such news when Aror was bulldozed by Traktor? Should Media have not reported as Pakistani National Media reported on Thar or Sindh Festival?

Should I not ask them, why news was ignored, not even raise voice on Social Media?

Does Sindh history not part of their attention?

When I tweeted on my Twitter account and Facebook Page then people knew about it but Cultural department Minister Ms. Sharmila farooqi accepted that incident happened and according to her, I used incorrect word of “Bulldozed.”

Statesmen/women have right to call it “Fabricated or incorrect reported” one thing they cannot deny the Truth.

I am here sharing photos which I got from local person. 

Look at photos:

Area of Aror photo credit by local citizen

Area of Aror photo credit by local citizen
What shall we call it? Traktor was bulldozing historical place and it showed full ignorance of local authorities.

Hence, I approached to local journalist who said that “Adi (Sindhi word Sister) Abdullah Seriho claimed possession on area and his people vandalized area of Aror and Raja Dahir’s throne.”

Yes, local authorities reached and stopped work at Aror, when people did their half work and damaged historical place.

Question raises, When Abdullah Seriho was bringing his heavy missionary to vandalize Aror, he could not go there without permission and how was it possible that local authorities were unaware of his action?
According to report that “Abdullah Seriho has political support.”

It is a historical place and Abdullah Seriho was not going to vandalize house of poor man that local authorities did not know about anything.

Local authorities were known by local citizen that “some people were damaging historical place of Raja Dahir later they reached and news came to Media.”

If local authorities were innocent and did not know about people’s action, it means historical site is not being protected properly and anyone can come and damage it.

Sindh government must see its actions, what are they doing for protecting historical site of Sindh.

Even, report says that Abdullah Serohi who claimed his authority on piece of land at historical site. “Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan late Mohammad Kkhan Junejo issued Non-objection certificate (NOC) but those NOCs were cancelled,” as reported. Then, how he came and why did cultural department not strongly take action against them?

The problems of encroachments are on other historical sites of Sindh like Lakhan jo daro.
Government needs to take proper steps for protecting historical sites.

No doubt, cultural department and its local authorities wake up from sleep when citizens knock their doors in order to inform them that something is happening at historical sites.

If such kind of job is done by cultural department and it local institutes then who will protect historical sites?

Sindh historical sites have been damaging and dying for decades if historical sites do not get attention, then no one can save their soul.

We cannot feel loneliness of Aror, a place which speaks to us but our ignorant attitude has broken its voice. Can we really feel loneliness of Aror? Ask yourself!

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