Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shadow of unregistered Madrassas and Jacobabad Blast in Sindh!


Whilst writing on Jacobabad Blast incident has been passed 15 days, Sindh government is celebrating its victory in local government election, opposition party has called a strike against Sindh government. Everyone is busy at his/er own business. If someone has remembered an anguish of Shia community’s people, are only themselves Shias.

They are mourning and mourning for years. Who cares about them?
Let me write here, our federal government is worried about Saudi Princes should be allowed for hunting; has government shown such kind of seriousness towards National Action Plan?
Another side, Sindh government wants keenly to remain in power and Mr. Imran Khan who pretends himself as a champion of Change, these all awami governments and changers have not remembered Shia community which was blown up on 23rd October, 2015. These all have their own issues, Shias are not their matter.

If Shia community matters for them, why does not it reflect from polices or actions?

Was it first blast on Shia community in Pakistan and Sindh? Of course, Not!

State may not pay attention to list of Blasts in Sindh, we can recall them that from January to 23rd October 2015 bomb blasts numbers 23 and people had been killed 101 and inured 188. If we pay attention to list of blast bombs in upper Sindh which has sequence numbers that 29th January, 2015 Thull, Jacobabad, 30th January, Karbala Muala Lakhi Dar Shikarpur, 12th February, Dilmurad Jacobabad, 15th May, Kolachi Ghotki, 6th June, Jacobabad, 23rd August Khalid Brohi Sukkur and now bomb blast in Jacobabad.

Government knows the sensitivity of threats, how could government not manage security? Especially, upper Sindh is under threats, where was tightened security in upper Sindh when government provided security in Karachi, why not for other cities of Sindh?

Before Jacobabad blast, in Bolan Balochistan had already bomb blast incident. Upper Sindh’s border is connected with Balochistan especially Jacobabad and Shikarpur, are closed. How official officers ignored it!

Coming on Jacobabad Blast, I would turn a picture of situation which can show the reality that why does it happen?

Sindh has unregistered Madrassa which are freely working in Sindh.

In July, 2015 one Sindhi newspaper published news on the condition of anonminty, “Apex committee presented report that 48 Madrassas (24 in Karachi and 24 in different cities) have linked with terrorist groups in Sindh. Sindh has around 9 thousand, 590 Madrassas and registered 6,503.” How many have unregistered Madrassas been banned, yet? Have federal and provincial governments taken seriously report on Madrassas, presented at Apex Committee?

People have not seen any action from government apart from a silence. Government has put its hands on eyes and singing song “All is well,” ignored realities cannot turn situation into normal.

Worst educational system has given an opportunity to religious clerics who are playing with people. I have still remembered words of man who shared me that “What do you except from poor persons? People have no hope … Sindh’s political will is going to weak. Extremists are not only killing people, peep into Sindh; they are murdering our politics. People are helpless, these Molvis are offering them monthly amount in order to send their children to Madrassas. Is government unaware of it? Who runs and permits those (Madrassas)?”

Sindh has also another problem which is being neglected, problem of IDPs (Stranger) in Sindh, many numbers of people are getting ID cards and settling them in cities as a Pakistani Citizen. No one knows who are they?

On 15th March, 2014 Larkana Dharmshaal was set on fire, when I phoned local journalist and asked him about incident; he shared me that Temple was not torched by locals, indeed, it happened when strangers who are living here they created such kind of situation.

Including, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah admitted that “at least 15 militants had attempted to enter Sindh as IDPs were arrested, reported on 22nd July, 2014.”
No matter, IDPs should come for short time but under the umbrella of IDPs and unregistered Madrassas, militants are coming. Government must look at them that who belongs to whom?

I wanted to share scenario of situation in Sindh. Government’s ignorance or you can name as you want!

Sindh is going in dire straits. Extremists are getting their positions; we know the realities what is happening in Shikarpur and Jacobabad.

It is a not only a Blast in Jacobabad. Please, lift the veil on the face of situation; you can read a message that they (extremists) are coming and have built their safe havens to destroy the peace of Sindh.

People know Sindh’s Sufism is stronger but when governments fail to protect their people and then terrorists easily come and kill innocent people.

National Action Plan has not strongly implemented in Sindh. Despite Karachi operation results, government is unable to eliminate extremist groups.

If NAP has strongly put into practice in Sindh, why unregistered Madrassas are working, who has given permission to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) works under the name of Ahlesunnat?

It is beyond me, one political member is unacceptable whose ideas are different, cannot work freely, but terrorists and banned organizations are openly working.

Jacobabad blast is a result of federal to provincial governments’ failure policies.
Shia community may remain silence hence its injuries cannot be healed unless state stands up for them.

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