Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Umerkot incident (Two Hindu Brothers Killing) tells…!!


Injustice and unfair treatment are not new issues in our country. Criminals commit crime, government issue statements, human rights activists hold placards to raise voice for justice (on selective issues) and we journalists, reporters, editorials and piece of writings on the pages of newspapers or loudly cry on TV Channels, even beating the drums on social networks, some people endorse tweets on Twitter and also like on facebook (Strange, how can anyone like problem?). Later, all these things shift on the track of another issue. Everyday we have problems and condemn them in the same way.

Pakistan has been high rank in violation of Human Rights, still cannot maintain the law and order, nor protect the rights of people.
Sometimes, we have to re-think that does our government know the ABC of Human Rights?
Though, government is on back of horse and riding a state. Unfortunately, they may know how to ride the horse but they are failed to govern a system.
Rulers know all issues of people, yet they are pretending to be an innocent. Sometimes they are even bad actors that they do not how to act like an innocent.

People are being treated as they are not the part of this land. Especially, Non-Muslims, personally I hate to write or to call a person with a tag of religion but I am helpless when I see crimes in the name of religion and when I read the news that police was standing silent and mob burnt the houses of Ahmedis in Gujranwala.

We have long list of Hindus who have been crossing the narrow streets, they are sons/daughters of this soil and what are they getting? Go and ask mothers who have lost their daughters because their daughters had been kidnapped and converted to Islam, Go and see the Old Temples of this land which were destroyed and burnt, finally Go and condolence with families whose beloved were gunned down.

And justice? I am a journalist and have to control my emotions but let me know, when you have abnormal system, the state within the state and none is ready to listen to the voices that begging for justice as once Rinkle Kumari, begged for it.

Take a deep breathe … state is an immature and it needs time to develop its system. How much do they need time? How many will people have to loss their lives and beloved?
At least, tell them a specific time. Can government give a timeline to reduce such kind of crimes, especially which are being committed in the name of religion?

So far, Sindh is forcibly pushed against the wall of extremists as extremists are being settled in Sindh. They have intention of conquering the land. Therefore, they are also making troubles to indigenous people of this land. Hindus are neither community, nor minority but they are being called a community and minority as the law says. Has the state ever followed the law in the case of human rights?

I have been writing on the problems that Hindus are facing and also on extremism whose seeds are being sown in Sindh.

Nowadays, situation has turned into worst when religious factor is involved.
We can take an example of Thar where is majority of Hindus, there hidden hands are trying to disturb the peaceful society.
Madrassas are being developed in Thar even political party leaders are helping them to promote their motives. Hindus are unsafe and are unable to register even a single F.I.R.

On 31stJuly, 2014 Thursday night at 9:30 two Hindu brothers Heera Lal Malhi and Ashok Kumar were gunned down. Killers opened fire at them and their office was nearby police headquarter said Jai Parkash Moorani.
On social networks, rumors were shared that behind this murder, PPP minister Mardaan Ali Shah is accused to being involved.
Regarding to this rumor, Mr. Moorani did not seem to be agreed and he said that before 6/7 months many Hindus had been kidnapped and were freed on ransom, therefore no one can commit a mistake when they know that Malhi community is present in majority. This is a criminal case; even their shops are located in the main market of the city.

Unnamed source said that “Hur people 80% are involved in criminal activities and 20% are involved those who are strangers. Even, Shahs (People) play their role as a dealer if anyone kidnaps a Hindu.  Police is deaf, dumb and blind in such cases."
Hur people have religious influence that’s reason none is incapable of speaking against them.
We still remember the 5years old little girl Vajinti’s case when PML-F’s person was involved. Moreover, Sindh Government constituted a team for investigation. Did she get justice?

I tried to approach politicians who are trying to solve this current murder case. I talked to "Mr. Ali Mardan Shah Minister of PPP, whose name is being raised in the case. He rejected a rumor and called oppositions are playing game on case by accusing him. He said that I have been elected in the area where this murder case happened. How is it possible that I will harm the people of my own area? They were like my children who had been gunned down.
I did visit the family whose was bearing the loss and would bring criminal to justice at any cost, said Ali Mardaan Shah."

"Mr. Lal Malhi MNA PTI said that he could not blame anyone. We want justice and killers must be arrested. He criticized the Sindh government that Chief Minister is helpless and whole Sindhi areas are divided among feudal lords and influential persons even Chief Minister of Sindh cannot ask them for anything.  He further said, Ali Shah claimed that he had freed Hindus from kidnappers. I asked him, could he let us know, how did he get free Hindus and was anyone (Kidnapper) arrested? Thar is a desert and if killers and kidnappers commit crime, they cannot hide themselves in Jungles because here is no any Jungle except desert. So, these criminals get shelter in Autaqs, said Lal Malhi.
When killers killed two Hindus on that day SP and DSP both were not present and SHO was not on the duty even people tried to call on emergency number, they didn’t respond the calls."

"On the question of Hurs involvement in criminal activities, he said that I would recall a statement of Hur’s Pir Pagara who said that we would protect Hindus but what is happening, here. Parties have criminals but they do not trouble to people money or extortion. But they try to pressure on Hindus for their vote. In the case of Two Hindu Brothers, elder brother tried to run, killer followed and fired at him until it was confirmed, whether he was dead or not, said Lal Malhi."

Actually, they want to force us for leaving our land and shift to India, many people want to go because they have no safety but some poor people cannot afford passport fees that’s reason they are bearing injustice and living in unsafe and fearful conditions.

"He further added, PPP Co-Chairman took notice of this case and constituted a committee of ministers that had come and promised for justice. Let’s see what will happen? We will never keep silence, said Lal Malhi."

"Mr. Giyanchand Essarani PPP minister said, this is not a new issue as a Hindu, we are facing problems but our government is raising voice for them. We have suspended SHO and doctor both were not present on the duty and within one week criminals must be arrested and they will be brought to justice. Unfortunate, our Hindu people do not register F.I.R that’s reason we are unable to arrest criminals but in this case, anyhow we will arrest criminals. To one question that why are people not filing FIR? Do you think that they, maybe, are afraid of and no security assurance might be reason that they do not file F.I.R. Giyanchand Essarani showed his agreement at this point that people are afraid and have no security. We are trying to solve problems, on this current case, we will get result, said Minister Essarani."

Will this case get justice? Let’s see and wait. We should not forget, Umerkot’s case has left message on the wall “People are unsafe.” Can government read this message on a wall?

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