Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cases of Hindu Temples need fair investigation


Sindhi Hindus have been facing trouble for a decade and nowadays Temples are being taken under spell of attacks. It is an official apathy of Sindh government that has proved to have been failed in protecting Hindu Temples. 

Though PPP had formed a committee to protect Hindu Temples, however; it does not seem to be active as it ought to be. On 28th May, 2014 Two Temples Shiv and Khoshal Por were attacked, these kinds of attacks are being made in Sindh.

Sindh government ought to initiate immediate actions against perpetrators. Actions by Sindh government are found less active.

Lately Sindh Police did mark a remarkable work that to arrest real culprits, Sindh police filed FIR against mentally disordered person who is not well. Does Sindh Police in mood either to solve or increase problems?

Police is incapable of arresting real culprits who destroyed a Hindu Temple on May 28, 2014 at Kot Ghulam Mohammad in Mirpurkhan, "police has arrested mentally ill person whose name is Lilo Kohli. 
Police is purposely closing the file and registering FIR against a person who is not said to be mentally fit, as reported." Even, In Larkana, Door of Temple was burnt and police is also not paying attention to that case. 

At least, Sindh Police should be candid while at least registering the case.
We approached to SSP (Mirpur Khas) as he was away from his office to comment on the case. Mr. Jan Muhammad was there who was holding his acting charge as SSP, he initially said that Lilo Kohli was mentally retarded man who could do any thing but after asking more about the case he vehemently refused to talk of it and told to contact SSP in the matter. It was found weird that at first he commented against the accused person and later refused to answer the more concerned queries about the attack on temple.

Sindh MPA Dr. Khatoomal said “Such cases and event are pre-planned but I can not comment on Mirpur Khas case because I was not present in Sindh when investigation was held.”

There is immediate need to take collaborating action between Sindh and Federal Government to prevent the spell of attacks on Hindu Temple and security of minority groups in Sindh. Currently situation is getting its worst phase of events in Pakistan