Friday, May 30, 2014

Report: The girl who lost her an eye and the official apathy of government


On Friday 23rd May, 5 years old girl Zahida Shahani was attacked and injured by a cleric with a lock for fetching water from a mosque in Rohri (Sindh).

Police has not been able to detain the perpetrator however police had filed FIR against victim family. Zahida is still under treatment in local hospital as she has lost her eye and is also deprived of proper care and treatment by doctors and their staff. While having telephonic conversation with Akhtiar Ahmad, her maternal uncle, he said that No one had helped them yet and Police had registered FIR against them.

He further said that Zahida had utterly lost her left eye and they were about to replace her defected eye with an artificial one in an attempt to sustain her beauty impression for all her life.

Whereas government have been found with quite indifferent attitude to the suffering of a girl and her family. Zahida’s relative Muhammad Ali had been detained by police and later was released after getting Rs. 30,000 (as bribe) at Rohri police station, said Akhtiar. An accused Molvi had warned Zahida’s family of banishing them from their residency. As police is also found supporting the assailant’s family. No human rights organization had either come at front for getting the criminal to the justice or to assist Zahida medically and financially for her treatment.

According to Agha Naeem Pathan SHO police officer Rohri Police station refuted the blame of receiving any amount for releasing Muhammad Ali. He reiterated that Zahida had fallen down that caused her eye-injury in mosque. On 28 May, 2014 Reporter (Veengas) approached to Ghulam Ali Jumani, (Police inspector and In-charge of Complain centre in DIG office) who inquires into the case, but it was astounding to know his complete obliviousness into the matter.   


On Friday 30 May, 2014 talked to Ghulam Ali Jumani  (Police inspector and In-charge of Complain centre in DIG office) said that yes, boy or molvi had injured an eye of Zahida Jumani and I would recommend that FIR ought to file against culprits. Unfortunate, FIR is still not registered against Molvi as it should be registered earlier. I visited to hospital and now, girl's an eye might better but no doubt, she has serous injury.

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