Friday, May 30, 2014

Report: The girl who lost her an eye and the official apathy of government


On Friday 23rd May, 5 years old girl Zahida Shahani was attacked and injured by a cleric with a lock for fetching water from a mosque in Rohri (Sindh).

Police has not been able to detain the perpetrator however police had filed FIR against victim family. Zahida is still under treatment in local hospital as she has lost her eye and is also deprived of proper care and treatment by doctors and their staff. While having telephonic conversation with Akhtiar Ahmad, her maternal uncle, he said that No one had helped them yet and Police had registered FIR against them.

He further said that Zahida had utterly lost her left eye and they were about to replace her defected eye with an artificial one in an attempt to sustain her beauty impression for all her life.

Whereas government have been found with quite indifferent attitude to the suffering of a girl and her family. Zahida’s relative Muhammad Ali had been detained by police and later was released after getting Rs. 30,000 (as bribe) at Rohri police station, said Akhtiar. An accused Molvi had warned Zahida’s family of banishing them from their residency. As police is also found supporting the assailant’s family. No human rights organization had either come at front for getting the criminal to the justice or to assist Zahida medically and financially for her treatment.

According to Agha Naeem Pathan SHO police officer Rohri Police station refuted the blame of receiving any amount for releasing Muhammad Ali. He reiterated that Zahida had fallen down that caused her eye-injury in mosque. On 28 May, 2014 Reporter (Veengas) approached to Ghulam Ali Jumani, (Police inspector and In-charge of Complain centre in DIG office) who inquires into the case, but it was astounding to know his complete obliviousness into the matter.   


On Friday 30 May, 2014 talked to Ghulam Ali Jumani  (Police inspector and In-charge of Complain centre in DIG office) said that yes, boy or molvi had injured an eye of Zahida Jumani and I would recommend that FIR ought to file against culprits. Unfortunate, FIR is still not registered against Molvi as it should be registered earlier. I visited to hospital and now, girl's an eye might better but no doubt, she has serous injury.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

No FIR in the case of Zahida Shahani…!


I have been following the cases of victimization, each story has as same as ending nothing news. Poor families are facing injustice in the name of religion and dis-honor (known as Honor).

Government and Policemen both have had extensive record to ignore cases of victimization. Probably, government is very busy in solving the problems of citizens and we people are talking of the fabricated news but if we have eyes and heart in our body and soul that feel the pain of innocent people, then kindly look at the picture of little girl whose name is Zahida Shahani, 5years old, lives in Rohri city of Sindh.
Zahid and his father. Photo credit: Daily Ibrat newspaper

Zahida Shahani ~ Photo credit: Local newspaper
What is matter, Zahida has taken place in media of Sindh? Zahida Shahani’s news came up to media that a molvi had injured an eye of the girl who was fetching water from Mosque.

I talked to Akhtiar Ahmed Shahani who is maternal uncle of Zahida. When I phoned him, he started speaking in Sindhi and complaining that “They (Police officers) are doing totally injustice to us. We have left our home because police was helping a Molvi and his son. We are afraid of them. There is no justice for us. We live in Jungle which is far away from our home.”

His voice was in tears and pain that our ladies and one boy who is youngest, they all are with Zahida.

“In our area, water is not coming and due to shortage of water. Many people get water from Mosque and Molvi sells the water. Our daughter entered into Mosque to get some water, indeed I was also there along with three people. Molvi’s son who works in Mosque, he threw a lock at Zahida’s eye then we rushed to mosque. I took Zahida to hospital for medical treatment and doctor asked us to take her Chandica Hospital and register FIR.” Said Akhtiar Ahmed.

He also complained that Molvi should have spoken us that your girl tried to get water from Mosque and we would stop her for next time but she is a little girl. Is it justice that he injured her eye? Now, she would suffer her whole life.

He continued and said that if Zahid had not lost her an eye, we would have forgiven them. Sukkur doctors said, Eye has been lost. Civil hospital is not giving proper medical treatment and nor paying attention to Zahid’s condition because we are very poor people that doctors have no such care about us! he said.

We are labourer and earning 500 to 600 hundred rupees at daily wages, we are very poor that’s why police is supporting Molvi and threatening us.  Our girl is suffering; we are unable to register our complaint in police. He further said that I beg to government to do the justice with us.”

This is not a new story; we all know and understand that what has been happing at Madrassas and activities of Molvis. A Girl Muqadas, she was raped and killed by Molvi, in April, 2014 though rapist molvi has been arrested.

Why doesn't government adopt its own leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s policy whose first tenure introduced the police regarding Madrassas and stopped an entry of foreigners at Madrassas.

Unfortunate, Sindh government is incapable of introducing such kind of bold policies, nor able to order police that at least, they must register single F-I-R. Do people have no right to file FIR?

Zahid has lost her an eye and Molvi is freely walking in society. Who is guilty and who is an innocent and victim? We know but we all have become insensitive that cannot feel the sorrow of Zahida.

In fact, FIR should be registered against this society and government that have not risen for victimized people.

Zahida shahani, lives in a country where culprits walk freely and victims suffer.