Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Daughter kidnapped & forcibly converted to Islam.


Kidnapping and conversion to another religion, isn't new. From Rinkle Kumari to Lilee Bheel, have many stories which never got the justice.
Let me write, under the shadow of courts, all girls could not go their homes. I have been writing that if courts do not justice and close its eyes, then kidnapper can easily kidnap girl and convert to Islam. None will be able to ask them, why you commit crime? Culprits must be sent to the jails.
We have another case of Pooja who has been kidnapped and converted to another religion. Here, is report about her in details: 
Girl name is Pooja, she was kidnapped on 16 January, 2014, in district Sanghar~Sindh. Pooja's brother Dileep Kumar said, "On 19 January, 2014, Pooja was supposed to get married, indeed she was very happy. On 16 January, 2014 pooja asked her Bhabhi to go to neighbors, later my wife and mother searched her but nowhere was Pooja, said her Brother Dileep Kumar. Our neighbors did not see her. When she was kidnapped, it was time at noon 12:00. 
Pooja's photo. source: Daily Ibrat Newpaper

He further added, I was searching my sister but did not find her then I thought, I should check her certificates of birth-date from school when I went there and asked for certificates, I came across news that certificates were not there and her birth certificates have been changed. First we wanted to solve matter through traditional way but we could not solve it.

Who is involved in her kidnapping? Dileep Kumar shared, Mohammad Shoukat Rujaheni is memeber of PMLF and a boy Gohar Ali Yousifzai is member of PTI both are involved in kidnapping of my sister. Has Pooja contacted or phoned you? 

Dileep Kumar said, She phoned my mother, first she wept and then suddenly cell phone was turned off after few minutes, they again called us and Pooja said "I am happy, and converted to Islam, at religious Madaras Jamia Binoria, shared her brother.
Pooja's Mother Vashni Baiee and Brother Dileep Kumar.

When I asked him, do you have any doubt that if she might involve or something else? He answered, No ... Never She was happy and wanted to get married with her fiancée. The Boy Gohar yousifzai, my mother called him as son even my all sisters tied 'Rakhi" on his wrist. So, it is impossible if sister does such things. We are worried about her. Don't know where is she? News reported in Urdu newspaper that she is in Karachi and lives at Madaras Jamia Binoria, he told.

He has filed FIR but member of PMLF is involved that is reason no one is helping them.



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