Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Muhajir Card vs Sindh…!


Immature politics leads to the disaster. Pakistan has been facing the immature politics and getting worst results. While we have had brave political voice of Bhuttos but they were gunned down by coward hands, brave political voices introduced new wave in the world of politics as I always write that Bhutto Family has had played very important role in politics of Pakistan “Bhuttos changed the music of politics and added melody of Awam (Public)”. 

Bhuttos, who changed the picture of politics by sacrificing their lives, even, they could not give the full stop to hatred politics besides they themselves were assassinated and executed in the dark-shadow of hatred self-interested power politics. Where people must learn from mistakes of the past and they are going to commit mistakes. People are repeating dull-activities because they do not want to understand the layer of political consciousness. When will they use their power of mind to get understanding of political consciousness?

Unless they get the understanding of politics, our people are crossing the narrow political-street which gives suffocated atmosphere and nor able to breathe in it. We all are struck and nowhere is moving to betterment.

Power politics creates untidy-system and, in Pakistan, has been remained with dictatorship long ruling that did destroy the political system and pursue the corruption in whole society. At one side, Pakistan had dictatorship ruling which is the cause of weaken state. People should realize our state is being dictated by establishment. Pakistan has no strong democratic process. What should we expect from a state which has been failed to protect its children and incapable of getting access to children for polio vaccine. Despite, people have basic problems, leader of political parties are adding fuel to the fire. MQM knows well, Karachi is upon the table of operation. Even Sindh and Balochistan both have nationalists’ movement. Doesn’t MQM look at Balochistan that is burning?

Whether MQM leader Altaf Hussian is an innocent or he has no idea, what is happening in the country, however, how much Sindhis are very sensitive towards their land! Let me write, Sindh has had anger, they are being rejected as Sindhis while having grief and anger, people of Sindh are first who voted and vote to save country and enhance to keep continuing democratic system. Unfortunate, MQM is playing its Muhajir Card and demands for first the division of Sindh, later separate country and then put sindh into II boxes.
On demand of MQM, there has been enough discussion; MQM wanted to play political game and might try to divert attention on Musharraf’s Trial.

Whatever MQM sought to gain political interests, either they received result of assignment or not? But MQM’s demand has again hurt the feeling of Sindh and restored its injuries of past. After Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, Sindh has lost its hope. If anyone tries to examine the silence of Sindh then it would be grave mistake. Country has already many problems and now, state is not in mood to bear another wave of political movements. Altaf Hussian claimed to accept the mandate of Muhajir (Urdu speaking). 

Although, we know the history of Bengal, when they forwarded back its feet on the matter of language and shown its mandate through vote. At this moment, we must clear a point that during 1947 migrated people now are Pakistani and where they are settled, those people who are belonged to the province. In Sindh, all are Sindhis. If anyone doesn’t own to be a Sindhi, then it is not fault of country. Indeed, this is the misunderstanding and someone’s own biasness that disowns the identity of Sindh. Now, we come at the excuse of MQM that Muhajirs are being neglected. Sindh has had its oldest civilization and its own language but Sindh has declared two language systems in province. Sindhis’ mandate was denied by minority group.

1. MQM has captured major cities of Sindh. Sindhis are forcibly become stranger in their own cities but Sindhis have compromised and have not upped voice of hatred politics.
2. Sindhis have mandate in assembly, due to MQM’s selected agenda, Sindhis’ mandate being neglected.
3. In Karachi, Sindhi language is not being taught although Sindh Government announced for teaching Sindhi Language but it does not work. So, who is above than Sindh Government in Karachi? Schools are not obeying order of government.
4. Sindhis are unable to get admission in Karachi Universities. 
5. Sindhis are labeled as rural domicile. Though, Muhajirs are free to go everywhere, no restriction for them.
6. Sindhis cannot get high position in private sectors in Karachi.
7. Sindhi Politicians do not get coverage on channel as MQM does.
8. Siindhis are still demanding for Sorry from Altaf Hussian on demand of division of Sindh and in reaction Karachi is not put on strike by Sindhis.
9. MQM can speak and demand whatever they want. No one will call them anti-state. If Sindhis ask for their rights, they are declared as “Agent.”
10. MQM’s governor is on the seat of governorship for years and they always remain in power whether dictatorship or fragile democracy. MQM enjoys power.
These are few things that are necessary to share as above.

MQM complained that they are being neglected. At least, MQM must accept Sindhis have compromised lot and at the end Altaf Hussian said, division of Sindh! What MQM wants from Sindh all Sindhis do not ask a single word and obeying its demands? Sindhis are suffering; it is painful that everyone is playing its own political game.

Sindh is neither a card, nor let others play its card on Sindh. Altaf Hussian did not say word of sorry. In fact, many parties of Sindh are on protest hence Mr. Ayaz Latif Palijo called for strike but they cancelled strike call because MQM members and Mr. Ayaz Palijo met in midnight both exchanged each other thoughts and made peace between them, later became Bhai - Bhai (Brothers) Nowadays, Mr. Palijo is giving clarification on canceling strike call. Moreover, one thing has been come up, now Sindhis should think twice on the call of Mr. Palijo, in future because Mr. Ayaz Palijo’s party Qaumi Awami Tahreek has not unzipped its lips on the demand of I and II Sindh. Excuses are giving that we did not want to lead the fight between Urdu speaking and Sindhis. 

When all people are in Sindhis in Sindh, then no question has left behind for fighting among people. It means, politicians are directly or indirectly stamping on the card of Muhajir that MQM keeps in its pocket to play the game! Alas, who is presenting the grief of Sindh? None! If MQM thinks while playing Muhajir Card vs Sindh, would gain political interests and may give space in media but it is marking danger politics and going to lead the nationalist movements. Immature politics card lead into dark-age.

Everyone knows Sindh remains Sindh ~ words cannot divide the oldest civilization of Indus moreover truth won’t turn into lie.
Indeed, it would be cause of weaker system in the state.
Before playing Muhajir Card vs Sindh, must think that people has no strength to see political instability. Now, let them live and to move on the mature political process.

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