Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am a book and I am not a terrorist..!


Pakistan and its rulers want to solve problems! If government thinks for solutions to problems, then where are the actions? We do not see any kind of action that goes in the favour of people.
Balochistan is burning but Mr. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif sings song of Talks with Taliban even messenger Sami ul Haq of Talks (for Peace Talks between Taliban and establishment …means government) was read by PM Nawaz sharif. 

Strange…! Task of peace-talks is given to father of Taliban ~ he will go to his children and after then call them (his children Taliban) for peace talks. What are conditions set for talks? What is in mind of Mr. PM Nawaz Sharif? None knows.
Government has only one issue that is only Talks with Taliban. When will Taliban and Government offer sweets of peace talks to each other?
Government must peep into the conditions of Balochistan that has been burning for its ages. Family members of missing persons are in long-march for seeking justice, thus government has closed its eyes and turned its face from the agony of missing persons. 
On 12 January, Chakar Baloch child was killed and his tortured body was found in Turbat. Provincial government seems utterly helpless to cope with the case of Chakar Baloch and Dr. Malik Baloch is merely to perform his duty through lip service. At least, Balochistan government is doing something than nothing.
Such kind of attitudes by rulers cannot solve the problems instead it is caused to be increased the problems.
Who runs the Balochistan? Let us write, who is controlling the command of Balochistan? If government is incapable of solving the problems and public feels that government is reading the written-script then people must ask that who the real controller is.

Government claims to be real power maker as it is real power maker is Government PML-N after then why government has applied undemocratic step to raid on students hostel Attashad Degree College in Turbat. Government cannot ban terrorist organization in spite of starting Talks Show with them and attacking on the hostel of students. 

Where government must show its power, they are nominating father of Taliban for peace talks and when government ought to act peacefully and let student study, they are declaring reading material as terrorist literature!

According to report, “The recovered material included separatist leaflets, banners and posters. The books include Nehru and Gandhi’s biographies as well as books about Baloch separation … and a Frontier Corps (FC) spokesperson claims he was brainwashing students to conduct acts of terrorism in the country.”

Another hand Baloch Student Organization Azad spokesperson condemned and said “The books that the Pakistani state calls as terrorist literature are available at bookstores in Lahore and the other cities of Punjab.”

People know well and read on the wall mentioning hatred slogans by extremist groups. Have not statesmen read slogans on the wall of Punjab against non-Muslims? We do not remember that a single man of this state has ever gone to and raid on that extremists group. 

Books and literature now are being counted as an act of terrorism...! Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahtama Gandhi Ji’s books when come in the list of terrorist literature? Is government going to draft another act of declaring the distinguish between Holy literature and unholy literature? 

Government’s operation wheels should move towards Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, not to the hostel of students where innocent minds are getting education. Government has forgotten to see difference between Terrorist and Book. Nehru and Gandhi’s Books even literature which give healthy thoughts, never come in the line of terrorism but government is committing mistakes as rulers always did and do, however, PML-N government and agencies men are trying to say that Taliban are friends and books are terrorists. 

Enough, government has failed to provide best libraries and educational system, hence rulers of country raid on the hostel of students where students are reading books and many of them have read used-books, those students who cannot afford high prices of books.
And government is declaring their books as terrorist and reading literature is called as act of terrorism.
Books are called as terrorists while statesmen can raid on our libraries because our bookshelves have thoughts and ideas of beautiful minds. What a joke! 

Reading literature comes under the act of terrorism ~ Thank to Government and its guard men those are letting us know that what should be read and what not?!

Now, It reminds the lines of a young voice that “we can let the world know that our Books say, “I am a book and I am not a terrorist.”

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