Friday, November 22, 2013

Save heritage means providing path of existence to coming generation!


Civilization is the soul of nations; you are nothing if you do not know the language of art. When you are born on the earth from that moment your relationship is bound to culture.
Our forefathers/foremothers gave us beautiful civilization and it is our obligation to save their souls. Being as the heir of the Indus Civilization, people should and must support Mr. Bilawal Bhutto’s initiate to protect our lost souls of this land.

Unfortunate, neither is government paying attention to historical places, nor our common people are interested in protecting them. Sense of ownership is going to be eroded, why is it happening? However, once again voices are raising to protect the cultural heritage that is dying. We need to save them and we have been writing on issues that government and people must come and save the historical places.

If we look around our society even people are not taking care about ancient places. Thus, ancient places are not only old buildings; indeed they are our mirror in which we can see ourselves. I have remembered lines of thinker who writes that “if people do not care about their history and heritage then you will see death of that people. If you do not save your past, you are unable to survive in the present.”

Sindh is not only a province but it has cradle of Indus Civilization that is the Diamond Crown of land. People of Indus Civilization, had worked beautifully when other parts of the world were trying to learn art of living and our Dravidian (People of Indus Civilization) made civilized city of Mohenjo-daro.

What does Mohenjo-daro think of itself to have been dying everyday? Let me share with you that Sindh has many historical places are shrouded with dust. Does our civilization mix with dust?

Now, young energetic leader Bilawal Bhutto is coming up with an idea (Save our cultural heritage) and doing work virtually. Those leaders who understand the importance of history, they know how to deal with on-going problems and abnormal situations of the country. 

Mr. Bilawal Bhutto is calling for to save the cultural historical places and providing platform, people from across the country and even out of the countries can give suggestions and help. One help-hand can save the soul of history. Can we give our helping hand to it?

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