Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lilee Bheel! Is Sorrow of Mother not listened?


Mourn and Sorrow both have as story as they had for their ages. I do not understand that how I should give words to another sorrow of a mother whose daughter has been kidnapped on 5th November, 2013 in
Shaheed Benazir Abad, previously known as Nawabshah District of Sindh, Pakistan.
Eyes of state are incapable of seeing the mourn of mother, her heart is weeping and begging that “Please give me my daughter I will leave Pakistan, our daughters are not safe here. What a tragedy, indigenous of people Indus civilization, now to be counted into box of minorities, is it justice of History?
Photo: Mother Raazi Bheel while protesting and in small picture is Lilee Bheel. source Daily Ibrat Newspaper
I have been closely analyzing the cases of Hindu Girls from Rinkle Kumari to now current case of Lilee Bheel, all girls have been kidnapped in the name of religion, raped and forcibly converted to Islam. What have courts done with these cases, yet?

Whilst writing, let me confess that I live in a country where dictators can take over the power and kill people, awami leaders and breach the constitution and legislative power. Dictators came in the power in the name of being safeguard of this country and on other side ill-minds can kidnap the innocent girls, in the name of religion. Courts of justice are unable to ask or punish them because crimes are done in the name of …!

Reading newspaper of 5th November, 2013 and came across news, tells me that once again another girl is kidnapped, her name is Lilee Bheel. A man who kidnapped her, his name is Mehrab Marri. Her mother’s name is Raazi Bheel and she was sitting in the middle of the road, mourning that thugs can forcibly convert her to another religion.
Local Police has refused to register their case. Shall I ask that, is police there only to protect criminals? Why are we receiving different meaning, everyday, of justice and institutes of law enforcement?
Courts can grant bail to the Ex-dictator Musharraf whose hands are involved in crimes but queen of justice doesn’t ask single word. Courts do not listen to the case of Hindu girls and, on contrast, allow thugs to take them.
Local Police is refusing to file the case. Comical! At least, if state of courts cannot do justice, then file their FIR on a single page but poor people are not receiving this justice to get their cases filed either.

Hopes never die. Again, some hearts are listening to the voice of poor people in the desert.

Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Patron-in-chief PPP who took immediate initiative and following other people tweeted in response of this burning case.

However, strange people are asking that “what can Mr. Bilawal Bhutto do in case?” Well, cannot they listen to his voice who is taking notice though this is the duty of incumbent statesmen and courts? He is paying rapt attention to these cases with his pragmatic approach.

According to Sindhi saying, “our people use to saying that do not come but give call to us when you find us in trouble, your voice is enough that someone is there for us.” Whereas Poor people of Pakistan know that Justice is not for them but some voices must be there.

I have no idea, whether Lilee Bheel would be back to her home or not. As I have bitter experience of previous cases, when all Hindu girls had been kidnapped and courts did not allow them going with their parents.

I am only thinking of a mother whose destiny was not to sit in the middle of the road and while mourning, to call her daughter that Give me my daughter back but it is the injustice of this state that has made such kind of situation. Is Sorrow of mother is not listened? I leave this question to the statesmen and queen of justice, may they answer!

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