Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bhooro Bheel: My Lord, no suo moto for Sindhis but it was Bilawal Bhutto who took notice…!


When Manisha Kumari was kidnapped in the name of religion, her father was helpless and talked me over phone that “We (Sindhi – Hindus) have no right to live here, I am helpless that I cannot leave my mother land.” I had no words that what I should tell him?
I always believe in the history and queen of nature that they will bring people to the justice. We do not know that when history and queen of nature will act, while people have state and its queen of justice, unfortunate queen of justice is unable to see cases of victimization in the name of religion that is worst corruption and crime even it is cancer for the state but queen of justice doesn’t willing to see pain of indigenous people.
I have still remember that when Lord of Justice, Chief Justice Iftkhar Choudhary, didn’t give dew of justice, Hindu girl Rinkle who wanted dew of justice.

Our injured hands haven’t received few words of justice, either.
When I heard about Bhooro Bheel’s case I was pretty sure that neither Chief justice, nor any party can talk on Bhooro Bheel's case. 

Well, Chief Justice Saheeb, proved me right that Yes, there is no suo moto for Sindhis. But one young leader who proved me wrong and it was Bilawal Benazir Bhutto, who took notice and his first tweets on this case. At least, people must read this below tweets when he has taken notice though other parties and media didn’t pay attention.
Bilawal Benazir Bhutto quickly responded that 

And then, case came on media newspapers reported it and we people picked pen up on it.
It is a dismay of history; sons of soil are refused to bring to the justice, moreover society that claims and chanting for social liberties and talking against ban-ism, fair enough.
Freedom of Expression should not be locked, would they tell us that where the rights of Bhooro Bheel are whose dead body refused to attend the funeral because religious extremists

Photo: Daily Ibrat newspaper


  1. Sindh is the last bastion in Pakistan to be conquered by Extremism as already all other provinces have been conquered. All the evil powers are now inclined towards Sindh to defeat Sindh's Sufism and Secularism.

  2. Justice must be done in this case. This will decide Sindh's future society design. I hope sanity prevails.