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Bhooro Bheel: My Lord, no suo moto for Sindhis but it was Bilawal Bhutto who took notice…!


When Manisha Kumari was kidnapped in the name of religion, her father was helpless and talked me over phone that “We (Sindhi – Hindus) have no right to live here, I am helpless that I cannot leave my mother land.” I had no words that what I should tell him?
I always believe in the history and queen of nature that they will bring people to the justice. We do not know that when history and queen of nature will act, while people have state and its queen of justice, unfortunate queen of justice is unable to see cases of victimization in the name of religion that is worst corruption and crime even it is cancer for the state but queen of justice doesn’t willing to see pain of indigenous people.
I have still remember that when Lord of Justice, Chief Justice Iftkhar Choudhary, didn’t give dew of justice, Hindu girl Rinkle who wanted dew of justice.

Our injured hands haven’t received few words of justice, either.
When I heard about Bhooro Bheel’s case I was pretty sure that neither Chief justice, nor any party can talk on Bhooro Bheel's case. 

Well, Chief Justice Saheeb, proved me right that Yes, there is no suo moto for Sindhis. But one young leader who proved me wrong and it was Bilawal Benazir Bhutto, who took notice and his first tweets on this case. At least, people must read this below tweets when he has taken notice though other parties and media didn’t pay attention.
Bilawal Benazir Bhutto quickly responded that 

And then, case came on media newspapers reported it and we people picked pen up on it.
It is a dismay of history; sons of soil are refused to bring to the justice, moreover society that claims and chanting for social liberties and talking against ban-ism, fair enough.
Freedom of Expression should not be locked, would they tell us that where the rights of Bhooro Bheel are whose dead body refused to attend the funeral because religious extremists

Photo: Daily Ibrat newspaper

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Balochistan-Earthquake: Homeless hearts know what pain is all about!


 How does catastrophe look like? This question was asked by a child and his mother just slightly smiled but question needs to be answered even I myself cannot find the answer, yet. When we all are born, living in catastrophe and have not been able to find its answer. Strange, maybe we do not want to accept reality of catastrophe which leaves unending sorrows behind while putting the lives on the ashes of death.

A mother that was incapable of answering her child about catastrophe. Now, she can show the face of mayhem through Balochistan’s earthquake. We journalists live in the world of news and know well that how situation can be turned into its worst phase. News are coming and giving facts regarding the damage in Balochistan due to earth quake.

Sometimes, one thing makes us speechless and in the inner you become helpless, as it happened to me when I saw a picture of annihilated mud-home and few children were leaving that home. Countless people have become homeless. Perhaps, people can say that if you face catastrophe then destruction becomes the destiny. It is very easy to say such kind of words and for a while can give a pause to the criticism but pain of homeless and loss can be felt by those whose souls have been injured.

While looking at the picture of damaged mud-house, I recalled my memories, when a girl was weeping and asking that where is my home? Do we have any home? Is our destiny in homeless? Constantly asking for house, then she stopped weeping, took a deep breath and said you people will never know the sorrow of being homeless. I do not know where is that girl now? If she saw picture of destroyed mud house in Balochistan, now she can surely say that homeless hearts know what the pain of being homeless is! On the earth one thing you cannot compare that’s anguish, hence sorrows have been walking in Balochistan but just now catastrophe has shown the real picture of people living in Balochistan. Natural disaster has done its work and snatched lives along their houses, villages and cities.

None is able to stop the wave of nature but state ought to do practical work, Balochistan is not untouchable province. It needs honest and worthwhile work by ruling party. Baloch people are suffering and especially children who are awfully affected.

How do they feel when they are not receiving relief fund because due to absence of law and order situation around, international NGOs are refrained from going to Balochistan, according to the report? What’s the hell! Which type of law and order is being talked of? When your province has lost its villages where the damage live on, how do you see the existence of law and order on the dead-bodies. 
So, government must wake up and stop giving lame excuses. Many dead bodies buried without their shrouds. Ruling party PML-N pretends to be the powerful government that even cannot provide shroud to their bodies. And we do keep hopes alive that government will help them.

However, are we senseless? Since people know rich rulers never help them. Balochistan has faced powerful struck earthquake but Mr. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is on his foreign trip, Oh I meant it can be said the ostensible foreign trip for democracy. 

When rulers would be asked about the nation, a nation that is crossing the line of disaster and their government is following three best steps of ignored-policy known as “Don’t see, Don’t Listen, Don’t Speak” then all matters will be fine. Of course, it is for rulers, not for the people. While enjoying democratic trip, Mr. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif must know that Baloch people have lost everything in earthquake. Sadly, What Mr. Nawaz Sharif is laughing for? How could he smile on his trips when people are dying and becoming homeless?

I think, Mr. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif does not know about facial language of Diplomacy, if anyone’s country has serious loss and the damage, its rulers do not live smile on Media, nor turn their faces gloomy either. But one should be balanced in having gesture as Facial-Diplomacy leaves message to the world and Prime minister Nawaz Sharif Sb. was passing smiles that means he is no longer worried for his country people. 

If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had known the art of Facial-Diplomacy as Bhutto(s) knew and knows it well. Government’s performance is very poor in Balochistan, people have pretty idea that in the disaster of Balochistan, country rulers would ask the world for funds. Are the rulers (they) are the merchants of catastrophe? However, if Pakistan’s assemblies rich ministers, politicians, businessmen and lords put hands in their pockets and take out money for Balochistan, even money must be utilized honestly for the recovery of ongoing damages in Balochistan then government may not need any funds from foreign countries. 

Bitter truth is that rich people seems poorest to help their people. Who will give money to affectees? None! In fact, merchants of catastrophe, they need such kind of incidents when their corrupt hands can collect more money. Government would ask for funds later funds go into their invisible boxes but hardly money can be used for people. After sometime, common people will collect bricks and start building their damaged and poor houses. 

Think for those who lost their families and homes, now living across the road-side who will give them home? I would leave this question for my dear people. We have homeless hearts, they are sleeping on the road while looking at the sky, and the sky may whisper that do not worry if people of the world do not give you shelter, my huge shelter is always here for you and someone might drop tears from his/her eyes, when they have no more even mud house and become homeless, their lives on the road. So, catastrophe actually looks like them whose lives become homeless. Isn’t it?

Balochistan-Earthquake: Homeless hearts know what pain is all about! published in The Frontier Post on 09-29-2013  


Child at BhitShah - Veengas
I took this photo in which boy is seen listening to Sufi music at Bhit Shah that was published in  The Frontier Post  on 27th September, 2013