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The Karachi card & division of Sindh


History teaches us lessons but sometimes disobedient students don’t pay attention to learning of history. While ignoring bitter-lessons of history, the people see childish politics on the stage of Pakistan. Public has been facing problems for decades and those leaders who promised to get the key of solutions for problems after taking oath they have realized that country’s problems are deeply rooted. So, now rulers would understand the ABC of problem later public may be able to see solution of problems.

Meanwhile, Federal government is paying attention to Karachi more than Balochistan, at least PML-N has understood the core of problem of Karachi after taking oath. Well, the government is looking for peace in Karachi. Don’t make us laugh, when rich rulers claim to be the peace-makers.

Whenever, Karachi is being put on fire. Sudden question knocks on the door of many minds that is why only Karachi is facing cats-political fight, within in ten minutes Karachi turns into silent and then firing is started.
Those, who live in Karachi, they have better idea that who is doing? I am Karachi-based journalist; understand that who are behind these all blood-shed. Whilst writing this piece of writing, recalling the scene of closing shops when two handsome young boys were driving motorbike, opened firing in the air and then very quickly people started closing shops it was like movie scene in front of me. At least, who is issuing order them for firing, closing markets and to frighten people?
Worst situation of Karachi has led operation in city with collaboration of federal government. After operation, political parties might feel uneasy though everyone knows that operation is not only solution, the main issue is controlled-power which always makes disturbance in the city. Operation can weaken controlled-power!

My city Karachi is trampled by operation, thus peace is afraid of hands those are part of target killing and to leave horror on the roads.
Would government be able to end exiled-peace? This question needs its answer. However, card-politics has been started and Karachi-card again coming on the table of Karachi-Operation.
MQM plays Karachi card, when they don’t have shares in power, start beating the drums of new provinces. MQM’s control in Karachi makes us think that they are becoming Pir of Karachi where none can do without their willingness.

If a fly dies here, they demand for new province. Card Politics is not in favour of country-interest. Still, Pakistan has burden on its shoulder regarding Dilemma of Bengal. No doubt, the card politics can give head-lines in media but its consequences are seen harder among people. Whether MQM’s demand for new provinces is valid or invalid? Hence, everyone has script to promote their demands. But … But … But before speaking, need to understand political and historical consciousness.

If rulers or party holders don’t peep in the political and historical consciousness then time would make its own decision on the shoulder of common people. Sindh is not orphans’ cake, whosoever comes to make pieces out of it. Before coming on Sindh’s reservation over MQM’s demand, would like to return on MQM as they use to say that we made sacrifices for Pakistan. 

History never lies at least none would disagree with me at this point though being a Sindhi, our evidences and talks are un-listened and avoid to be listened.
Although 11th May 2013 elections result drew the hard line on provincial base across the country. It was Sindh that passed first resolution in favour of Pakistan and wholeheartedly welcome migrated people then gave them its big city, in fact indigenous people of Sindhi-Hindus, they were forced to leave their homeland.
So despite all the bitter fact, where should we put their sacrifices? Those people who migrated to Sindh they were not given the places in ruin areas. Fact, they were settled in cities. If they had lived in ruin areas, they would have turned ruin areas into developed module then it could be said that they developed cities.

People use to see one-sided picture of migration besides picture has also another side which is often deliberately ignored. People always see what they want to see in the picture, while playing with emotions of innocent people is not justice, nor in favour of survival of the country.

Pakistan is not in position to open the door for new provinces in those areas which possess oldest historical background. Pakistan is passing through crammed street of politics. Balochistan is burning as the KPK and Sindh suffer and neglected areas of Punjab that all are in trouble.

Does it make sense for opening lit of new province, when your country has nationalist movements after such slogans can give space to the horse of nationalism and this time finger would be go to the nine zero where they gave wake-up call to nationalism. Sindhi people are very sensitive towards their land if you hurt them by demanding for division of Sindh (New province) people will vehemently reject it. Since Sindhis are already ignored in the running system.

Very sorry…!! But this is bitter truth whether you accept it or not.
In Karachi, Sindhi students are even not allowed to get admission at the universities. Unfortunately, in 2010 during flood worst situation, one of the Urdu newspapers reported that “Sindhis are coming to Karachi.” What do you expect from Sindhis if they read such biased-statements? Sindhis were not going to China, in fact they were shifting from one place to another within their own province and such kind of attitude is always there for Sindhis.

Sindh has suffered a lot for its ages so their souls are injured and shattered by the sword of bloody-politics.
Sindh does not accept the division of Sindh, just put the hand on the heart of Sindh then you would realize what they speak. MQM enjoys its full power in Big City and making itself as stranger in the other parts of Sindh. Thus, they are Sindhis now sadly they do not count themselves. MQM says that they are facing problems. What type of problems, whole power is in their hands whenever they want to put city on the road of strikes, MQM is not deprived and such excuse does not suit them at least!

MQM’s demand for new provinces and for administrative system; If we are not mistaken, MQM just wants to maintain administration in the city. Then, Karachi ought to be divided into five districts whole Sindh will accept it, perhaps MQM may not. Many parties in Karachi want the division of Karachi and to turn historical geography of the city. Why does MQM not agree to the proposal of historical division of Karachi into five districts?

If new provinces are made, then geography would become larger? Of course not! Administrative system remains same and old faces will run the administrative system. In fact, new province in Sindh can mark hard-line especially in Karachi. The Government ought to divide Karachi into five districts and undo the Musharraf’s act because he turned Karachi in one-unit system, only to gain political-interests.
Truly, Karachi’s peaceful solution is in the division of five districts. MQM knows itself well that none will accept demand of division of Sindh. If voices are raised from Gadap and Malir, can state afford bad situation in the city?

Karachi Card is being used to gain power but sometimes it leaves uncomfortable feelings in public. Political parties need to come up with feasible solution instead of adding their part to the problems.
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The Karachi card & division of Sindh, published in The Frontier Post on 21st sep. 2013