Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why did Imran Khan intend to hold closed-door meeting?


It is very strange to us that why politicians come up with funny talks in the arena of power politics. Maybe politicians don’t have good script for speaking before media or by wage talks; they wanted to have attention of media.

Once upon, people had entertaining politician Former Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani, whose words knows as amusing in world of comedy that degree is degree.
But chapter doesn’t close when we read news that Imran Khan calls for closed-door meeting.

While reading statement of Imran Khan, it seemed that Aslam Raisani has returned.
Does Imran Khan have no information that our foreign policy of Pakistan has been written by the military and without permission of establishment, no one can dare to add single letter of A…B…C in foreign policy.

People understand well, what is status of APC in our country? It doesn’t get result except taking cup of teas and long speeches.

We have doubt that Imran Khan might not read Abbottabad Commission Report, the report tells entire story of foreign policy of Pakistan. Oh, Imran Khan no longer asks regarding Drones, will he not march to former ISI director general Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s house since Pasha's statement on Drones are reported in Abbottabad commission report? As Imran Khan has been against drones and after Abbottabad commission report, he doesn’t seem any more talking against Drones-Attack.

When country makes policies under the shadow of establishment, then why is Imran Khan asking that military should be on same page. In fact, it is already on every page of power.

Probably, Imran Khan has shown his own grief that first they had promised him for meeting and later he was ignored.
Therefore, Imran Khan wanted to be on the same page? 

Imran khan intends to hold meeting with General Ashfaq kiyani and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, then fundamental issues must be discussed but why such decisions among three?
As we know, we have two more provinces that their political figures also there. What about the two provinces of this country Sindh and Balochistan?

If Imran khan is showing his will to know truth regarding national security concerns in closed door meeting, now, why are not other politicians being given much attention for seeking the truth about our failure security plan or strategies?

If that truth or major issues are the agenda of three men’s meeting, however at the same time why government needs to waste its money and time on APC?

On the other hand if media and opposition let them (General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan) to hold track II diplomacy, we know that we will have the press releases of the meeting for the newspapers on the bases of Don’t-See, Don’t-Listen & Don’t-Speak. So, Imran Khan may want this?
Well, he should know that our policies are made on the table of establishment and fragile government is bound to follow them. Imran quoted IMF package. Our country is undeveloped and each government does not willing to serve people but in the name to people power hungers are to serve their vested interests.

Counter Terrorism Policy?

Policy regarding terrorism is always known as matter of strategic policies that are often finalized by military thus are always reluctant disclosed its security agendas.
A country cannot defeat the cancer of terrorism, unless extremists are being fed by their own people.
Why did Imran Khan call for closed-door meeting?
It could be message to Ashfaq Preves Kiyani by Imran Khan that they should give him propriety in the matter of decision-making.

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