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Violation of Children's rights

 Why you gave me birth?


Aah! Night,
All people are spending their lives
According to their own wishes,
I am standing alone
And looking to (you) the night,
Once voice came in my mind,
Whispery asked that
How do you spend your life?
Oh, night
Could you tell that voice?
Life doesn’t exist at my side,
Why I was sent to the world,
I don’t know an answer of Why?
But dear night,
I wish, one day I could see face of life,
How does it look like? Helena

I was remembering words of Helena when I read news about little three girls who were sold because family had to fill box of bribe of the police, thus these news are not new for us. Every day local newspapers come up with box, a box that tells about violation of human rights and you won’t see sue motu on single case.
Daily newspapers have same boxes along with different faces but same stories of injustice.

I myself asked question, how we could take cup of tea/coffee when our children are being sold and killed.
We claim that we can make change. Really?! Are people honest with their words, even?
It seems, poor people’s world is a like ramp-stage where pseudo humanitarian faces come and doing ramp-walking over poor people’s sorrows, only sake of self-interests.
If it is not like this then would any person of my country tell me that how many have you information regarding case of little three girls?

If this case happened in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, we would have been seen long Marches, holding play cards and chatting against lord-ism.
What a scene, media might have telecasted news on channels and people sitting at homes while watching news and then our faces could be become like monkey’s style after than we people started to mourn and blame at feudal-lords that they are poising our society.

Wait … hold your breath and now ask question ourselves that do we have an Idea regarding three girls?
If rich societies are facing problems, justice must be started to work against criminals and same injustice happens in villages then where are our humanitarian attitudes?

Can’t humanitarian attitudes apply on those people whose lives born in villages? Are they not human?
Unfortunate, three little girls might feel as poetess Helena felt that “life doesn’t exist at my side.”

“On 3rd July, 2013 newspaper knocked on our door and told about the news that three girls have been sold in village Tangwaani, Kashmor District. Police men of Tangwaani asked for bribe to Jabar Bakheraani. Family is poor and unable to pay amount of bribe to SHO Shabeen Abdul Hafeez Chachar. Family members sold their little girls to Abdul Lateef Bakheraani. Girls’ prices were Kalsoom Bakheraani 3 years old 40 thousand rupees, Rabia Bakheraani 4 years old 60 thousand rupees and Mumtaz Bakheraani 5years old, 70 thousand rupees. Meanwhile, SSP Kashmor has suspended SHO and made committee on case for investigation as reported.”

Ahh, little girls were sold around 40 thousand rupees, there prices were cheaper than laptop.
What do you except when government institutes have started to get bribe like this way. I have no idea that has police man ever seen faces of little girls? While asking for amount one lack and 70 thousand rupees.
Pakistan’s grave problem is that it has state within states, then what type of writ you are talking to?
Where government’s own institutes don’t obey the laws, where police get bribe at selling little girls. Can we believe that we have democratic government?

Sorry my dear Pakistanis, when your children are being killed and girls being made material product. Moreover, girls were killed by hands which holding sword of ignorance, too.
These are not only three girls, we have long list of girls, neither girls who got justice even nor voices from women’s rights or human rights organizations.
Once poor old lady told me, “We have pain, injustice, sufferings and no life. We are being as treated as animals.”

Whilst writing column, local newspaper of 3rd July is front of me. I am unable to do anything for these little girls, instead writing piece of words on the page and hoping that sleeping government may take action against local police. When will government take action? I have doubt and have no an answer regarding it.
But now I am only thinking for little girls whose lives sold in the market of dishonors.

How would girls face society, when they grow up? Could they face the faces of society?
However, will police man put off his hand on amount of bribe? What to be happened next with girls?
Girls are paying price because they are made commodity in society. Government’s police guards have turned into vulture and started to eat people’s lives.

Who will take sue motu against these vultures which are sitting on the tree of government’s institutes?
The little girls whose eyes are asking their mother that why are you handing over in strange hands? If we gave you amount, would you allow staying with you? Mother, why you gave me birth? Only for Thousands Rupees!!!

Published in Why you gave me birth? on July/14/2013 in The Frontier Post

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