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Ex-Dictator Musharraf Vs Article Six


Pakistan has many issues for discussing and each day you will have new issues. Now, what should we choose to discuss? While, our people are starting talks over ex dictator Musharraf, whose case becomes popular among Media persons and ruling class, thus common people which are known as the poor people they know what will going to happen with Musharraf?

As they are thinking, Musharraf's flight will not face bad weather of Article six and his flight to be taken off easily. But our elite class of intellectuals doesn't know about Musharraf's fate and they are jumping in the circle and loudly saying that this is historical case in our history. Musharraf's case seems to be part of wrestling game where Musharraf Vs Article six. Who will win? There is no excuse that if Pakistan is facing grave problems, because of series of dictatorship with its long ruling durations.

Dictatorship has had played its worst rule, its illegal footsteps couldn't control during early days. I am recalling words of Mahatma Gandhi, who writes in Book "Discourses on The Gita" that "The human mind is restless like a monkey and as difficult to control as wind." I am convinced by Gandhi ji who had beautifully described nature of mind. Here, I have intention of writing that words that as like dictatorship has as remained restless as Gandhi ji wrote. Dictatorship's mind is like a monkey and as difficult to control it, thus it is not impossible.

Whenever our GHQ's dictators walked towards house of the ruling power. They started to demolish each thing of the country, although people were not quite capable of identifying about loss that what is happening around them as dictators did artificial make-up on the face of disaster and when these dictators were made say Goodbye, after then disaster comes out with its real horrible face. Finally, people will be able to analysis that what have been happened with them, in the name of save country. Meanwhile, it is not easy that restless dictatorship being controlled by orphaned-people. As it happened in the case of Musharraf, who never threw out by any large movement, however lawyers' movement could make trouble for Musharraf even though such kind of trouble didn't force him for leaving.

It was martyred Benazir Bhutto whose assassination changed whole scenario and then Musharraf threw out of power. While eating grapes of power, Musharraf was unable to realize that what was he doing? Musharraf did worst with the people of this country, now people sing a song that Musharraf was not alone, therefore why only is trailed him? Everyone knows and can understand that he was not alone on the bridge of dictatorship but would anyone deny that all powers were not in his hands? It is strange, elected governments remained fragile and unelected or illegal dictatorships' ruling was powerful (un-fragile). When trail starts against any dictatorship in the rest of world, people don't make excuse to close case file of dictators. For God's sake, to get the dew of sense and understand sensitivity of historical problem of dictatorship in Pakistan, a country has been suffered because its constitution and elected leaders and people are being killed and the law was violated by dictators and their presence time to time in power, caused to weaken. Dictators have given urge to others, when they come in power, would violate law and ethics of politics.

If country had been driven by the constitution, today such kind of words might not have written. Mistakes must be accepted and let all dictators stand in the court of public and before the law. Musharraf's restless mind of dictatorship ruined country and still he has royal house of living. Does it not slap at the poor people whose lives are passing in the jail, without any evidence? It is comical wave, when Musharraf returned to Pakistan that time none spoke, including Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, didn't talked on him. It looked as either PMLN or Musharraf, both are not in country, or we (people) are in other country? I have been writing on Musharraf's returning, is the part of power-game. 

He is not enough foolish. What were reasons, Musharraf was brought to Pakistan? There are doubts that those who might have promised or dreamt him that if country's political situation went in critical condition, you might be president. If it would not possible, then you can clean up spot of cases upon you. On the returning of Musharraf, language of politics changed especial PMLN, whose didn't speak of article six, nor talked against dictatorship. Such scenario sent message that something has been done on the table of someone. Sorry to write that fragile or contract based governments cannot change oldest habits of un-democrat minds, still remote control of government is in their hands whose hands are used to operate it.

Well, all things being done as what they wanted. It is not to be strange that why has PMLN spoken now? PMLN would not have ever spoken about article six but they didn't want to take advantage to PPP, because PPP could have started criticism over PMLN government. PMLN, knew well that if they passed order that Musharraf's trail article under the 6, then who will precede the case? 

A country stands on the bridge of terrorism, problems are flooding and suddenly sensitive problem being generated, then government can make list of excuses and maybe, government might hold press conference like this way that due to this and that reasons, we don't want to see bad situation as we have already problem but don't forget this is first time in the history of Pakistan that PM ordered, Musharraf's case must be trailed under the article six and we have locked the door of dictatorship but conditions are not in favour of country that is why we think that Musharraf can leave for a while and after then government would call him for case.

Musharraf may get the ticket to go abroad. People of country keep thinking, dictators get ticket and elected leader hanged. Article six, may good to appease people's anger. Musharraf Vs article six again one dictator might prove that constitution is nothing before them. Besides weaken institutions, Musharraf's case may not proceed. Who will control the restless dictatorship?

Published in The Frontier Post Ex-Dictator Musharraf Vs Article Six, on July/01/2013 

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