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Where is the voice of Dipa Devi?!


Many times, I have written and then rubbed it. I don’t understand what should write and where would go for knocking the door for seeking help because I have been writing on cases of Hindu girls who have been kidnapped, raped and then forcibly converted to Islam.

None single case could see fragrance of justice. If you go and ask them that why didn’t you justice then you would receive message, girl accepted religion. If she accepted any religion as people are saying, why doesn’t she allow be to meet with her family and Mother? Do you have an evidence that girl has own-will converted another religion? It may happen, she might forcibly being converted?
It is very discomfited situation that courts only listen spoken-words but unable to reveal true picture of the case.

Of course, Citizen cannot accept that in the name of sacred words, wrong deeds always destroy innocents’ lives. But … but let me share with you that criminal acts get verification under the shadow of sacred words and state law doesn’t seem take action against them.
Since last year, I am writing that for god’s sake, not to allow criminal acts in the name of religion and to take strongly action against them.
I wrote “we have names of Rinkle, Lata and Asha but tomorrow we can have many names if our courts and government didn’t justice to girls.”
As usual, girls were denied to justice and after these cases we heard Manisha, Moomal Meghwar and Sunita were kidnapped, cases were not being come on Media, moreover; nor Human Rights organizations glanced over cases.

And we people were beating drums of words also trying to awake sleeping minds, please up voice for them, in return received cold-attitude.
Now where are these all girls none has idea. Are they not lives?

After year, again once case has happened but this time case is not reported in media as it should be.
News was looking for reporting that someone ought to come and report it, hence this news was ignored in the amount of traffic of information and we missed news that was looking at to be reported.
When I heard news, one Hindu girl has been kidnapped. Even while interviewing I asked “Mr. Khair Bux Marrri about that girl then his fellow confirmed and said yes one girl is kidnapped.”
I have been continuously searching details about case; unfortunately I was unable to get information earlier.
Because people have fears if they speak of case, unwelcome situations would harm them.
But I was keep investigating news, however; being a journalist it is unacceptable to me that one news means victimized-voice being sidelined because we have no news in newspapers, on TV channels, no cries on it and no more sit in over case.
One news was looking to the society that who will report it?

When I started reporting it, at first step information came that Lila Ram school girl has been kidnapped and second source shared, girl has converted to Islam in Hub.
Then finally, essential source confirmed and shared information, although taken promise that identification not to report because situations are not favorable in Balochistan.
It is strange for me that this case is simple related to Human Rights, nothing to do with state and neither nationalist parties might receive any harm but main source said, you should understand our position. I am not in position to show my name it would be harmful act for me.

I can understand the situation, one case that is not being reported and already situation is unwell in Balochistan then how is it possible for common citizen who shows name on sensitive issues, wanted to know Truth and promised not to reveal name and then asked about the case.
Vital source shared that “Lila Ram is father of Dipa Devi 17-18 years old girl who has been kidnapped on 2nd May, 2013 from Kalat, Balochistan. She went college, later she didn’t return home, thus family got worried and searched her but nowhere was foot-steps of Dipa Devi. Family called her Dipa Devi where are you? Voice didn’t get response.
Since two months her mother is in position of unconsciousness in Saleem Complex hospital, Quetta. Lila Ram’s family has been requesting to everyone, sadly none responded positively.
Even they registered FIR but it is shocked that police has not issued FIR number, besides one police man tried to force at family that they should put off their complain, as source shared.”

After getting details about the case, “I myself phoned to Kalat police station and asked about the case, on 13th June, 2013. Police officer confirmed news that yes; girl is kidnapped on 2nd May, 2013. I asked for FIR details, police officer responded that family has not registered FIR, expect complains. Again asked them, who has kidnapped her? Do you know? Police officer answered, No … Madam, we have no Idea. It shook my mind, I asked him, what? Are you telling me that you don’t know who has kidnapped or gone? Police officer simply replied, yes I don’t know. I continued asking that you are waiting that family register FIR though you know since 2nd May, one girl has been kidnapped but you are not investigating? Why? What you are doing? Police officer responded, Madam Give us time we are investigating on the case and will share details with you as soon as we get information, police officer said.”
In which type of state we are living where girl has been kidnapped, none knows who is responsible? Either this is kidnapping or else? Still FIR number is not given. Where are we going? Shall we call it such situation lead us to Hell?

Though, Dipa’s family is suffering, they may know that will never get justice even let me write, what should they expect when one state institute doesn’t file FIR, nor investigate the case and statesmen have no time to listen voice of mother’s Dipa.

Perhaps, this case gets as ignored as previous cases. Unfortunate, no single voice is for Dipa Devi. Muslims league Nawaz, claimed that they would protect Hindus and minorities. Now anyone ought to go and inform to PMLN that in your government one case has no right to file FIR, either.
Mr. Abdul Malik Baloch believes in Justices for Balochistan. Then, what about Dipa Devi? Is she not Baloch? Has she no right to hug her mother? Doesn’t Lila Ram’s family have right to know about her daughter?

What happens? If they are Hindus, in fact Hindus are indigenous people of this land and have as equal right as other citizens have.
Therefore, I am leaving a question for PMLN, Mr. Malik Baloch and other parties that would you spare time to listen broken-news of Lila Ram’s Family? These people are citizen of Pakistan but have no right to use their rights…!

I don’t know what has problem with human rights organizations. Why don’t they eliminate silent over Hindu girls’ cases? Why Human Rights come up with selective-cases? Are these Hindu girls’ not counted in list of HR org. or they are alien that HR org. prefers to follow words “Don’t See.” We keep hope such kind of selective attitudes must be changed and see all cases equally.
Mother of Dipa is willing to listen voice Dipa Devi, but none has known that where the voice of Dipa Devi is?

If previous cases of Hindu girls got justice, Dipa Devi’s case would not have happened. Though, people have no hopes their all believes go far if you go and tell them, don’t worry you will get justice, they would slightly laugh and then tell you, don’t joke we know well; we will never get justice. Today, Dipa Devi is not at her home and her family including mother all are silently looking at each other and after then look at the door that may miracle happen and Dipa Devi, would say Oh, Mother I am here.

Would it be possible?

While thinking of Mother’s condition, now recalling words of Sindhi poet who said: (Gorah ugh tuon pehene gal taan, yaar asaan ja bhaaj eihe thee, sajanr asaan ja bhaag eihe thee, Neer wahair, aayo chho aan, pehenja pehenja pour eihe thee, yaar asaan ja bhaag eihe thee) translated, “wipe tears on your cheek, oh, dear these are our destinies, beloved; these are our fortunes, why you have come with tears, this is our own anguishes, oh, dear this is our own destiny.”

Maybe, Dipa’s mother would feel such emotion as poet said. So, shall people zip their lips because injustice is fate? Definitely, Never…! Injustice is not fate. Then, where is the voice of Dipa Devi?

Where is the voice of Dipa Devi? on 17June,2013 in The Frontier Post 

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