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Music Concert held at US consulate - Karachi

Rain of the music in the hot weather…!

Bended 328 & The Sketches performing - Photo via US consulate

You can win hearts of the people by music if you want to imprison any state or people, use your irony weapons and to destroy living style of societies, by it you will never ever win hearts of the people but yes, it is ruthless way to apply at innocents people.
Why world was created? Have we ever thought on it? If we start to think on this question, would never harm world of people.

World has different types of people, some people want to dancing on the music of rain and very rare people seek to bulldoze peaceful society at their own footless thoughts, these people are unable to understand the art of dancing at the melody of birds even not to understand innocence of nature.
Nature that has real music when people get to know about nature of music, she/he may know fragrance of the Life.

Once late poet Shaikh Ayaz said that "Each man is a melody."

When state-art, keep following path of Music between state to state all problems will get solution because Music is form of tolerance and it has language of love and peace, instead of weapons or given and taken agreements will never solve problems, later all problems go on the pending-table after time problems again come out from graves.

Truly, world will have peace if each statesman follow the wave of music and to knock doors of hearts, not doors of money-begs.
World ought to give ears to the real voices for peaceful society. Nowadays, when Pakistan has hot-politic-talks in arena of power, common people are facing load shedding in hot summer, extremists' threats for stopping polio drops, provincial assemblies are wearing new cloths for new government is entering but on the other hand our country's Big City of Karachi, had rain of music in the hot weather. This city hasn't only target killings but voices of music, are under the sky. 

US consulate general Mr. Michael Dodman with Musicians,
Photo via US consulate

A music concert was arranged by US-Consulate, Karachi on 25th may, 2013. It was beautiful invitation from US consulate, Karachi that has started Music diplomacy between statesmen to statesmen. Before, going into details of Music concert. We would add one thing, US consulate is working very hard on many things and especially they are focusing at culture things and to generate discussion on socio-politico-economic topics for betterment of the Pakistan.
On 25th May, 2013 US consulate arranged event of Music, especially music group was invited from USA "Blended 328 with guests "The Sketches" from Pakistan.

As above we shared words of poet Shaikh Ayaz that each man is a melody and these two groups were melodies which traveled to the US consulate and played the guitar of people's hearts.
Both groups have different background of culture and none can deny that both have one international culture and relation of music which has only one language, is Music.

American rock band Bended 328 has faith in "Country Music for the World" when played music, on the ground all young people were happily dancing and enjoying the music of Bended 328 and scene went change when The Sketches music group came on the stage and presented Sufi music with guitar.

Bended 328 and The Sketches both sung Sufi song, it was interesting when Bended group were singing Sufi song with The Sketches, and two countries were presenting peaceful and loving gesture from the stage.
Enthusiastically, Bended 328 rocked the old people, too who were sitting on the chairs but while listening their music they were moving hands, it was interesting and joyful moment that people enjoyed and at that moment they locked their worries and allowed to fly wings of music.

And The Sketches, tuned on Sufi Music people who didn't understand language but when The Sketches sung Sufi song, young people were dancing and other people were silently enjoying Sufi Music.
Rock & Sufi came on the stage with modern-look that touched hearts of people.
At music concert, some well-known voices shared their views on Music Concert as US consulate general Mr. Michael Dodman shared thoughts that "During my time in Pakistan, I have enjoyed hearing many Pakistani bands from traditional quawali music to Noori who performed right here on Daniel Pearl World Music Day. Strengthening people to people ties is one of my highest priorities as Consul General. I have seen how people come together when sharing music and culture. He further added, Today, I could not be happier to introduce the American musical tradition of Country and Western with the band Blended 328. They are great musicians but also represent not just American values, but values that we all share. Their theme "Country Music for the World" welcomes all people to join together. I have enjoyed Pakistani's legendary hospitality and am pleased that Blended 328 can share with you a bit of American hospitality as well. I am also happy to welcome the Pakistani band Sketches who will join Blended 328 at the end as well as kick of the event tonight," said Mr. Dodman. 

Bended 328. Photo via US consulate

Ms. Kristin Haworth (Cultural Affairs Officer) shared her views, "As Blended 328 says, country music is really music for the common man. It emphasizes universal values like family, faith, and hard work that are shared in both Pakistan and in the United States. Blended 328 to come up with a great performance together at the end. It's so clear that we have much more in common that we have differences - the music proved that." 

At music concert well-known writer and columnist Ms. "Bina Shah was also present, Bina commented; she thought it was great fun, presenting two types of music together: American country and western, and Pakistani Sufi-rock fusion so that everyone of all cultures could enjoy on the common ground of music. I was especially happy to see all the Access program children invited, who were able to dance and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Blended 328 and The Sketches are doing the best kind of cultural diplomacy, by sending a message of peace, tolerance and diversity. She responded on one question culture diplomacy that cultural diplomacy can't work unless it is hand in hand with political diplomacy - there has to be effort on all fronts, otherwise it can seem insincere."

The Sketches, best Singer Saif Samjo shared his views about "Music Concert, It was really great event and we performed with Bended 328 group. Music has no language when we performed in Sindhi and Siraiki languages, many people were unable to understand but they were dancing on music. In such live concerts you get live feedback and it is amazing for us.

Saif Samjo - The Sketches Photo via US consulate

Saif Samjo said about Bended 328 that we worked together and performed, too. While rehearsal songs we learnt a lot things though he appreciated Bended 328 Music group. He said that US and Pakistan relationship will be strengthened if we bridge cultural-music diplomacy, music is beautiful language and its communication is beautiful and healthy. You don't need to understand script but you will enjoy its melody. We all people belong to different version of culture but our music culture is common and understandable among people. 

He commented on Sufi Music that Sufi music is being listened in small cities and villages but in big cities it is not common. We are playing Sufi music with modern-look but traditional Sufi Music has long life and it will never be ended, even I am not sure about our own modern-style of Sufi Music whether it will have long-lasting, Saif Samjo commented.
He added that US consulate should be broadened its program and to bring in small cities, where common people are Sufi and to love music without any interests. If they spread such kind of program, it would send message of peace and love to the indigenous people of land. As I shared that Music is communication people to people, Sufi music is globally language, said Saif Samjo."

Mr. Richard Silver (Spokesperson U.S. Consulate General) shared his "personal experience when he arrived in Pakistan just before Ramazan began last year and decided to join the fast for the entire month. During that period, his Pakistani friends taught a great deal about Islam as well as the Sufi traditions that are strong there. Silver said, I love traditional Sufi music as a celebration of the spirit, an unbounded expression - a vast gateway inviting all to enter. When adding the modern elements of guitar and fusion music it for me demonstrates the universality of Sufi tradition and makes it even more accessible to people of all countries. He is passionate for Sufi music and loves it. Further adding that I look forward to sharing with people in the United States the beauty and richness of Pakistani culture and the importance of our friendship as people as well as nations."

Melody of rain of music remains in hearts of the people, on the earth only music is beautiful road where people can walk with peace and love. Pakistan and US relations will be strengthened if both countries bridge cultural and music diplomacy. 

Published in The Frontier Post Link Rain of the music in the hot weather...! on 9/June/2013

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