Sunday, June 16, 2013

Do you have answers?


What is life?
What is lie?
What is happiness?
How to Smile?
Thus, knowing well living in the sea of anguish, but what is anguish?
Why are people born?
How does flower come out from the heart of earth or flowers are the babies of earth?
How do people know about fragrance?
Why life turns into death?
What is love?
What is hate?
Why has night unending the silence?
Why do you think silence of night is itself conversation?
Can you count tears?
Why wind is blowing and birds are tweeting?
Do birds have feelings of Sorrows?
Why are people fighting?
Why do people write?
What is myth of stupidity and sensibility?
Can we turn sorrows into happiness?
After death, where do people go?

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