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Who to own these elections!


I always say, you can predict for Pakistan that you cannot predict for Pakistan. And some people were proved wrong us when they said that these elections might go in the hands of undemocratic. It didn't happen, election held on the time and all people kept their eye on election; who will loss or win?

On 11th may Pakistan was going to make its history on the chapters of election after long time election were held according to constitution and one elected government is going to be handed over power to another elected government. At least now people are happy that election held.
Unfortunate, this time spirit of election was not alike as it should have.
First terrorism threats threw on the ground of election campaign and those all threats where selective threats for three parties ANP, PPP and MQM very oddly that why only three parties? It might have two aims, one: these three parties are secular and anti-extremism but if these three parties are against terrorism, why could not make strong policy against terrorism? Banned-organization came up with new tags with names in society even neither three parties did support Hindu girls who forcibly converted to Islam, in Punjab Ahmedis and Christians faces troubles when saw public protest from these parties in support of non-Muslims?

So, what have these three parties done (Brothers)? Why terrorists were threatening them? Second doubt, while threatening them, hidden hands wanted to give election ground to selective parties and take out PPP, ANP and MQM from scene of election.
Due to selective threats ANP, PPP and MQM were unable to campaign moreover ANP was taking dead bodies of its party members and PPP preferred to remain around four walls as they were not in mood to take risk, it was martyred Benazir Bhutto who made her history through risks and won hearts of people. Poet Habib Jalib wrote once for Benazir Bhutto that "dartay hain bandooqon walay aik nehatti larki." This time PPP was not in mood to take risk…? On other side, other parties were holding Jalsas and enjoyed election campaign. What a picture of Election some parties were allowed to dancing in Jalsa and some parties were not allowed…!
While, after selective threats message was cleared up that this time, selection to be held in the name of Election. Election remained on TV channels, it seemed as Election is Electronic-Election, not for People Election.
People were singing songs of free and fair election by the same token three parties were not allowed to take active part in campaign. Two days before election, Ex-PM Yousif Raza Gilani's son Ali Haider Gilani was abducted on 9th May 2013.

None asked that why and how did it happen? Instead of the people should be asked about this incident but his son did get less impact on TV media.
Do people believe even then election had peacefully process? On the ground realities picture of election was bloody which cannot be called historic election.
Pakistan had elections in the past and results of those elections as like Election - 1988 (PPP) 94 & Islamic Democratic Alliance (IJI) 55, Election - 1990 Islamic Democratic Alliance (IDA) 106 & People's Democratic Alliance (PDA) 44 Election - 1993: Pakistan People's Party (PPP) 86 & Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) 72 Election - 1997 : Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) 137 & Pakistan People's Party (PPP) 8 (results have been taken from and in 2008 PPP 124 and PML-N 91 at National Assembly.
Strangely Mr. Nawaz Sharif, whenever stepped in power he got heavy sword of mandate as this time he too has heavy sword of mandate. Meanwhile, the PPP which ruled, now it can hardly give tough time to the PML-N, however, when the PPP came to power it did not enjoy heavy mandate in 80s. Late Benazir Bhutto fought against Zia though her government was thrown out and after her assassination her party came to power that had walked along with its partners even then did not deliver to the public.
So far PPP's tenure ended up and now other parties are coming in which passed orphaned-election. Ms Yasmeen Mangi (Political Activist) commented on "Elections that it didn't seem election, it is orphaned election when you have no Wali (Leader) in our entire life we have not seen such kind of election, nowhere you found protection for the people. Orphaned Election was being held. If you created orphaned atmosphere you would get results, what it is now people have with complaints."

No doubt, this time voters turn-out was not enthusiastic, nor public fully participated but the result of elections remained shocking as in Sindh where people are angered at PPP's performance for example in upper Sindh PPP's candidates won other side of picture, ANP wiped out in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, people can understand that ANP had not worked for its province but they were not able to win even single seat, it is un-understandable.
Regarding Balochistan, mostly people say that voters turn out remained 10% while according to a journalist (Balochistan based) "Irshad Mastoi shared his views that if you want to see on real bases, voting turn-out remained between 3% to 5% he gave example that Mir Abdul Qadoos Bezinjo (PML) got 544 votes and in his area registered votes are 57666, a person who got 1.18% he is also on list of minister-ship."
Election commission of Pakistan will not accept it that many areas were under the fire and polling stations were closed as it is not reported largely.

Interesting point is, son of Khair Bukshsh Marri, Nawabzada Jangez Khan Marri (PML-N) contested election from Kohlu ( a place of Marri and it is well-known scared place for nationalists) election was held peacefully in Kohlu than other areas of Balochistan were unwell on 11thMay, 2013.
I am recalling words of Khair Bukhsh Marri that he uttered in an interview this newspaper, he strongly opposed election system and said no vote and in his own area his son got 5094 votes and in his area registered votes 38824. Unnamed person shared that Nawabzada Jangez Khan Marri is in line of CM-ship for Balocistan. Will he sit on CM-ship's seat?

Nowadays, after 11th may 2013 some voices are complaining against rigging in Karachi. Does that imply in the other parts of country live some holy cows hence there was no cases of rigging?

Unfortunate, orphaned-election has left its mark on Pakistan; it is country of nations, not a single nation though it did not happen during the past elections as it happened now. People should think that what orphaned election has left for people. What should we hope when our country held orphaned election now it is turn of the coming government that will they give good sign or orphaned election's result would make more challenges?

Published in The Frontier Post Who to own these elections! May/22/2013

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