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What has PPP done for Sindh?


Whilst writing the article, I have been asking to myself that would people understand what we want to say or put our writings in the box of blames because to tell truth becomes very hard, none is ready to listen to it.
If you go and share single news, people will reject it. And without investigation, they used to say that this news is fabricated. So, they never accept realities.

 We understand that gig of power politics has no place for common people; moreover, power politics is itself worst exploitation. Unfortunate, in Pakistan power politics runs in the name of save-the-country.
Poor people are being treated as like animals, first people had hopes for their better living style but all hopes were dashed on 27th December 2007 when Ms. Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated and politics turned into Orphan-politics.

Nowadays, common people are hopeless. We know that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was unable to do the best for people during her short tenure, but at least she never dashed hopes of the people.
If you want to see hopeless eyes, go and peep into poorest homes where people are breathing without saying single word and no one complaining anything, it seems; they are looking for nothing.
When nations reach this stage where only sorrows are walking everywhere then be assured that majority of sorrows are gifted from the failed-state.

Hence, our country is going through fifth season of Election, all politicians are promising that they will change living style of common people. Big promises in short time of Elections. Promises those cannot be filled out in power politics.
In Sindh, the situation of politics is not changed. Same faces with oldest script for the broken-people of Sindh.

Ministers of the PPP are returning to their homes as they have completed their tour of Power Politics. People gave them vote because they lost their beloved leader Benazir Bhutto. Poor people sent them with heavy mandate in the parliament, with hopes that they may remove the dark-shadow of dictator Musharraf.
What did PPP do for people? I am confident that ministers of PPP who walked in power they never accept their mistakes and will start to count historical record of development but the people of Sindh are strangely looking at PPP and asking that for which Sindh, PPP has done work? Development work doesn’t seem in Sindh.

Former CM Qaim Ali Shah said in his speech on 12 March, 2013 that “Sindh Government had provided 165,000 jobs to the people on merit. Benazir Youth Development Program (BBSYDP) we have provided technical training to140,000 youth and of these more than 30% have been able to get employment. Sindh Government further added, over 100,000 women have been given interest-free micro credit. Even, 7000 houses of flood affected people constructed
The 2010 floods dislocated over 7 million people in Sindh and in 2011; an unprecedented rainfall affected 9.2 million people. Government provided relief; recovery and provided Rs. 41 billion on account of Relief, and Watan Cards during 2010 and 2011 disasters, reported on 12, March 2013.
The overall budget of Education was increased from Rs. 80 billion in 2007-08 to Rs. 111 billion in current year, said Qaim Ali Shah. More than 4 million children receive free textbooks every year and over 400,000 girl students receive fellowship allowance annually. On Health, Sindh Government budget has been increased by 400% from Rs. 5.2 billion in 2007-08 and grown to Rs. 22 billion in 2012-13, as reported.”

This above paragraph has taken from former CM Qaim Ali Shah’s speech, while reading his speech for a while we all can put our hands on hearts and would be able to say, PPP has done lot of work and has done historical development work which cannot be seen as it may historical work and it has some specialty which will not be seen through common people’s eyes? Wait... don’t be a fool…! Ground realities are totally different than speech of Mr. Shah.

Sindh has faced two big flood-rain disasters if now PPP members had time, must visit those areas where flood and rain damaged half of Sindh. Infrastructure isn’t built, from schools to hospitals--all buildings washed away in water of flood and rain. Mr. Shah was coding Watan Card in fact it was Coffin card, how many real victims have received? Instead of poor people should have received, cards were distributed among favourite’s people, yes long queue of the poor people which received sticks of policemen and promises by officers that you can come tomorrow and get Watan Card.

Can Ex-Sindh government showed good infrastructure on the ground, except on papers? People never accepted from dictator Musharraf because they know well that dictators can destroy the country but PPP was voted by people in the love of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. What did PPP do with people’s vote?
No doubt, PPP has completed five years tenure and they are saying that it happened because of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s policy of reconciliation, her policy was in the favour of the poor people and ruling party PPP adopted policy of pacification to its coalitions partners, especially in Sindh PPP was pacifying MQM even they did not care about common people. If policy of reconciliation was adopted in favour of the people, perhaps they may have gotten sympathies from the people but they didn’t do anything for the people.

While, it seemed that Sindh government was run by another person. Today PPP ministers never agreed on this fact but reality is they violated real spirit of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s philosophy of reconciliation. In five years, the PPP was trying to save Power, not power of people though Benazir Bhutto always tried to save power of people because she knew consciousness of history and the people. If she threw out from the government, the people’s strength would save her that is reason still she is alive in the hearts of public.
So far, the PPP government, while completing its power, has lessened people’s strength. Common people didn’t ask that the PPP government must have made golden houses for them; at least the government should have helped them to show sympathies.

During flood-rain disasters, none visited people who were dying. Sometimes sympathies, can work but the PPP government was too busy in major development works, instead of visiting the poor people and showing kindness.

Still, I have remembered one “lady who lost her home and sitting alone in flood affectees’ camp, she was saying that I didn’t blame anyone, that water has snatched my home and killed my children. Why do I ask to government? They are big people and never come to us. We had only Benazir Bhutto, if she was alive, she would have come to us. Now she left us alone, and then she was silently weeping and kept silent.”
Sindh Government has failed to deliver to the people. Sindh government even could not save children who died due to measles virus. If Sindh government claimed for health facilities, why didn’t save lives of children who died of measles virus? Then, what about 15,000 schools are closed, as reported.

People have no health facilities, no education and no shelter. Surly, Sindh government has done work on papers but in Sindh where common people are living, they wanted to know that for which Sindh, PPP has done work. Just go by feet and visit to people’s homes then anyone can know that the poor people has received, nothing.

If PPP goes to Sindhi People, will they have any thing where can gain trust? Maybe, Mr. Shah and his invisible real decision-makers, during his government; still think that they have done work for Sindh but in which Sindh common people are living, have not seen any work. We don’t know at least what type of work Sindh government has done which is not seen by common people.

If former ministers of PPP start election campaign must show that Sindh, where they have done work. Bilawal Bhutto should go on foot and see the condition of Sindh where people has received nothing only then he can realize that on the paper development has been done and on the ground is worst condition of common people. Possibly, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto may ask that for which Sindh, You (PPP ministers) have done work?

Originally Published in TheFrontierPost What has PPP done for Sindh?

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