Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Editorial: Akhter Mengal: between Six Points & Power-Chair…!


Power game is not easy task, it is very hard to understand, its zigzag roots. Unfortunately, sometimes people think that they know well circle of power game but they are wrong and leading themselves at wrong path.

Balochistan is not only burning and even also bleeding. Now it is no more mystery, what does Balochistan want? Bitter Truth has come out from volcano of injustice, whether you accept or not, but this is reality that Balochistan has another demands for its own way to their destiny. None can count it in the percentage, because the whole hearts of Balochistan have now changed and it has no more faith, including in Judiciary system.

When anyone faces injustice in his/her own country, they would get hope in their institutes that they may get justice by its decisions, meanwhile Balochistan has neither been getting single line of justice, nor supportive voice which can give them hope that here and there are the eyes that are looking for our justice.

Balochistan is being treated very crucially, instead people need to understand its pain and injured voice; some people start to singing songs of foreigner hands involvement in Balochistan which are making troubles. Even though such type of lyrics have become Jokes, nothing else. Everybody understands, what is happening in Balochistan? 
Thanks to the world after long time that has turned its face to the Balochistan and now have started to hear voice of Balochistan.

Missing persons’ case is having high attention from Human Rights organization of the world. Though Ex-Dictator Musharraf was claiming, no one is abducted and all is well in Balochistan, later fragile democratic government of PPP and its baby partners came over with power but they were unable to handle Balochistan’s situation.

Baloch Families of Missing Persons never stop to raising-up voice for their missing persons and government surrendered and accepted the visit of UN WGIED group, moreover Former Foreign Minister Hina Ribbani did brief situation of Balochistan and group visited Balochistan, too.

Suddenly one of the voices upped in Balochistan and brought vegetables of six points for solution of Balochistan, it was very strange for Baloch people that why this voice has been remembered now when UN team was listening missing person’s stories and had no more faith in judiciary. That voice was Akhter Mengal’s, whose whole politics seems to be confused politics.

What he actually wants? He himself doesn’t understand that where he should stand? When he should have met with UN Team at that time but he put forward his feet towards Islamabad and gave six points, not only this Mr. Akhter Mengal was in confidence that his six points would work like magical stick on Balochistan and then Balochistan be turned into heaven.

Balochistan is not story of fairy-tales, where childish stories could pacify Baloch people. Akhter Mengal could not oppose Ex-Dictator Musharraf and where trying to throw stones at fragile government, it meant he wanted to play a part of opposition party in Balochistan.

If he is very serious towards problems of Balochistan, he must expose real culprits whose hands are involved in bleeding of Baloch people.

So far, Akhter Mengal was beating drum of six points, those haven’t heard positive response from judiciary. And now Mr. Mengal is stepping in Election – 2013, even though Balochistan is bleeding and his Six Points are alone at the road of judiciary.

First Baloch people wanted to know about his Six Points result? Does he still have faith in solving the problem of Balochistan under the umbrella of fragile government setup? Moreover, if by chance he enters into government, will he release missing persons?

These are few questions; Baloch people are thinking and looking for answers. Mr. Akhter Mengal has right to choose any path, first he should be known that what Baloch people feel and think? Under such circumstances, Free and Fair Election is itself big task and Balochistan is not in mood to step in Elections.

State needs to search solution of Balochistan, then can start to talk on Elections. No Baloch is ready for election but Mr. Akhter Mengal wants to hoist-up the flag of Election.

Let’s see what comes next? While picture has been cleared, Mr. Akhter Mengal’s six points have neither discussed on state-table, nor received a token of sympathy.

Once again, he is coming-up with a point of election, will it get result? Because now point of election is in the court of Baloch people, so it is to see that what and how Baloch people will react? When anger movements are in mountains and which are rejecting any step of state and no remain faith in parliamentarian system.

It is history of our country that when people do not want to give their vote, then hidden hands as known “Farishtaas” come-up and cast votes; will it happen same in Balochistan?

Leading question is, is tea-bag of vote is in the cup of election? If Mr. Akhter Mengal sits in the chair of power, he has to solve problems of Balochistan and it is not easy task but he himself has chosen parliamentarian-path, problems are getting more long-winded. 
Meanwhile, his six points didn’t work like magical stick, at this time his one point of election would work as like magical stick?

Published in Bolan Voice Magazine in March, 2013

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