Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bilawal Bhutto is under the threats & Musharraf has safe havens…!


We understand well that “All is not well” in Pakistan where dictators remain always dictators, Ex-Dictator Musharraf violated constitution, is involved in war-crimes including Balochistan is bleeding because of his policy kill-kidnap and rule, and Baloch people are being abducted in his tenure; you cannot hear any sue motu against Musharraf.

People are asking yet, Why Taliban was afraid of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto? She was not in Power though Former Military Dictator Musharraf who was claiming that he has launched operation against them.

Ex-Dictator who launched operation against Taliban but they were getting more strengthen time to time, still Musharraf has not answered that What was Osama Bin laden doing at his territory? If he is against Taliban?

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto could have weakened Taliban if she had gotten chance to come over power, unfortunate she was assassinated in the name of terrorism.

Bilawal Bhutto - Online Photo
Nowadays, same old strategies are applied against Bilawal Bhutto, A young man who is not part of practical politics; all old uncles and men are afraid of him, if he comes, he will conquer the heart of people. I would remind one thing that PPP and its team of government has not delivered to people during tenure, poor people are disheartened but people are differentiating between current team of PPP and Bilawal Bhutto.

Question is, why stones of criticism and blames throw at Mr. Bilawal Bhutto, he has not stepped in practical politics. A young man, who has not done anything yet, suddenly all threats and criticisms are raising against him.According to former cabinet minister Qamar Zaman Kaira told that “We can’t expose Bilawal to the real threat of terrorism. We can’t risk the life of another top leader.”

Secular and democratic souls are facing troubles but Dictators never face troubles, as Ex-Dictator Musharraf, who has received security, courts have accepted his bills and not only this even his nomination papers are accepted for NA-32. So, article 62 and 63 of constitution, cannot apply at him?

This is ridicules towards poop people of Pakistan, when dictator is not arrested or disqualified but his papers are accepted. Musharraf is guilty in many cases. It’s strange, no corruption case has opened against him and none can ask to him that where and how have you brought this money?

Supreme Court of Chief Justice Iftkhar Choudhori, is ignoring Musharraf though whole nation is looking at Chief Justice that now where is sue motu and big claims for Judiciary?
Including Muslim League (N) has zipped its lips as they are not living in Pakistan. Even new brand of cold drink of Imran Khan, has forcibly brought in power politics of Pakistan, he is too silent on Musharraf, a man who drone attacked on constitution, Leaders and Balochistan.

No doubt, Benazir Bhutto’s children especially Aseefa Bhutto is tweeting against Musharraf, at least she has courage that she is openly speaking against dictatorship.
Aseefa tweeted that "

If Msuharraf is going to take part in Election-2013, it would be big slip at fragile democracy and judiciary of Pakistan.

One thing has been cleared that Mujahideen are B team of establishment, so how can they go against their Bosses? All threats and Bullets are against Leaders of people. It seems, hidden hands have adopted new strategy of extremisms against awami leaders.
Musharraf is getting safe havens and young man Bilawal Bhutto is being threatened. Do people of Pakistan, understand that undemocratic and dictators are above the law and all Taliban’s threats against democratic people?

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