Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why did Dictator General rtd. Musharraf select the day on 24th March for his returning?

History & People still remember all…!


Once upon Mr. Ex-Dictator Preves Musharraf said for “Shaheed Benazir Bhutto that Benazir Bhutto was very unpopular with Army.” Nowadays he can feel, she is still alive after his attack by bullet on her however still he is very unpopular in public even Ex General rtd. Musharraf who has been collected huge amount during War on Terrorism and having support by Establishment.

General rtd. Musharraf is looking for security even though he has had indirectly security given by his establishment. He said that he provided security to martyr Benazir Bhutto. If he had given security her, who opened fire on Benazir Bhutto?

Not only this, Sindh High court had accepted his appeal in cases of Shaheed Akbar Bugti, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Judges. Mr. Ex-Dictator claimed that he didn’t care about his life and would return to country at any cost.

This is unfortunate of history that thugs and killers will never stand before court. Who will be called him before court? Now Sindh High court accepted his appeal for 15-Days and strangely Supreme Court had not taken sue motu against him. It seems something is happening behind the curtain. Ex-Dictator Musharraf is guilty of people. Now if he is trying to scatter the flowers on his Bloody-Tenure but how can he hide his Bloody – Ruling Period?

24th March, 2013 is a day when Pakistan Election commissions will have to be selected caretaker PM for interim government and on the same day Musharraf is coming, why he had chosen the day on 24th March, 2013?

General rtd. Musharraf had been announced many times dates for coming to Pakistan after then given lame excuses and said Sorry … Sorry but this time his gesture is not as like apologetic. It gives message that something behind the curtains, has allowed him for coming to Pakistan because Political set up is not willing to see interim government on the willing of establishment. Perhaps, establishment is creating Drama of Musharraf’s returning because it has two options: 
"One If political set up may agree on structure of interim government by establishment, Musharraf will be deported from Airport and another If Political set up may not agree on establishment’s plan for making interim government after then Musharrah and Imran Khan both may play fire-Politics on TV channels and chanting for save Pakistan, without them Pakistan cannot be saved."

As General rtd. Prevez Musharraf had got extension for 15-days. During these days tug of war between political parties and establishment for getting power in Government System therefore, Mr. Musharraf & Imran Khan remain to be on scene for creating crucial atmosphere in Political-Election-Arena.

General rtd. Musharraf is man of Army however; army hasn’t put hand off from men like Hameed Gul then how is it possible that army can ignore its Ex-General Musharraf?

But Ex-General Musharraf must remember that to win the hearts of people is an art and now how can he win innocency of people with his bloody hands?

From Balochistan to Sindh, had received dead bodies during his tenure. How could we forget that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was killed in the name of extremism and he had this golden Bullet to fire on Benazir Bhutto..! People still remember all when he appeared on TV and wished on death of Shaheed Akbar Bugti and also when he chanted at Pendi Jalsa on 12th May, 2007 (a horrible day) saying he had shown his power.

Ex Dictator Musharraf is being used by behind the curtain-men, a card (Musharraf) which is very unpopular in people. His returning will remain as Picnic; since he is here to accomplish the plans of hidden hands and nothing else. 

Daily News Review original published in Daily Ibrat newspaper on 24th March, 2013

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