Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where is voice for girl Nanjo Bheel?

20th March, 2013 day was passing same, nothing new and what should we hope from Days those knock at our doors, routinely. Since some days, I have been thinking abput my journalism. When I chose Pen, had thought; could change this society which has had injustice and especially poor people are more suffering than rich people.

I am not here to compare pain between rich and poor, truly language of pain is universe. But poor people who are not only suffering even being ignored by state.
Under the ask, being a poor is big crime and sin, their lives always pass through tough exam. They don’t know what is life? They are well aware what is sorrow? Moreover, they taste salty tears, those drops from their eyes and each night asks to God, Please give us joys, tomorrow.

I have many questions for my God,

When God will give me death-call,

Then, I would ask him,

Why do you give us life?

God, while writing our destiny,

Why did you miss to add joys for me?

Would I not walk on your earth with smile?


My whole life, has passed to search dew of smile,

You know God,

I don’t know how to smile,

And what is love in your world?

Oh, yes, you didn’t write even a single word of happiness for us,

Isn’t it, God?  (Helena)

Whether Nanjo Bheel is as thinking as Helena thought. Everyone has own fortune but injustice is not fate, it is worst gift from failed state which is failed to protect own people and crime is allowed under the sacred words.

Injustice is a like Horror-Mirror; none wants to stand up front of it. sadly,  Poor people are standing up for decades. They are being kidnapped and killed, world doesn’t care about them. If high profile people get scratch on their skin, entire world starts to cry and beating drums of Human Rights. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person does this line or Human Rights apply on Hindu girls who have been kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam. Their cases have gotten A heart of Stone.

I am surprised that Political Parties, Human Rights, Activists, and so on all have ignored these cases.

Does it mean, sword of religion is powerful than voices? If people disagree on Drone attacks, why are they silent on innocent girls whose lives, being killed by drone of forced conversion to religion?
I am not here to remind them what should they do or not?

I am voicing up on Rinkle Kumari case as it is preplanned for destroying Sufi Soul of this Land by extremism. After Chawk incident very quickly kidnapping of Hindu girls started and even newspaper reported that 25 Hindu Girls have been kidnapped and labored force at factories in Hyderabad.
No Voice of Human Rights, nor sue motu for them? Are they not citizen of Pakistan?

Hindu Girls who have been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. Photo via Rakesh Lakhani's

After Rinkle and Asha Kumari, Hindu girls kidnapped as Manisha Kumari, Moomal Meghwar, Sunita Mehshwari, all kidnapped and 5 years old Vijanti Meghwar raped in 2012. But black-wind of injustice doesn’t to remain silent; it returns again and kidnapped Sangita Mighwar, does sorrow have any religion? (Original write up in Sindhi on Sangita Meghwar & BadamiBagh incident)

Sindh Government didn’t pass single law to protect Hindus girls, to misuse of force conversion but they had time for passing to increase 60% for poorest ministers of Sindh Assembly. Even, The Speaker of Sindh Assembly blocked bill against forced conversion.

If they had passed single law for Hindu Girls, Nanjo Bheel would not have kidnapped.

Report tells, Nanjo Bheel is 12 years Old Hindu Girl who studies in fifth Class. Her family lives in Kapri Moro – Sindh province, her father name is Bhou Moun. According to her father that influential person Hibat Khan Araien who came with guns at Kolhi Families’ home and kidnapped his daughter. We had requested to police for File FIR but they refused to file FIR and harshly warned us that your daughter had been converted to Islam, now case could not be filed. He further added that Police had threatened him. She has been kidnapped for 15-days, as reported on 20th March, 2013.

Probably, some people think that if there is no FIR, why do pick up pen? If police doesn’t file FIR, therefore no one speaks against injustice? As we all know state within state system. Command of Police is in hands of influential persons, so who can powerful people allow to police for writing FIR?
When Rinkle Kumari was raped in Police station, could police have written down FIR that “Rinkle was raped under our umbrella? What a joke..!!!!!!!!!!

I have doubts that this Nanjo Bheel’s case will never get single voice of Human Rights and Sue Motu.

I knock at the doors through writings that please wake up and help this child who needs your support. What has written in her destiny? We don’t know but we know, she was not born for injustice and being insulted in the hands of any person, in the name of forced conversion.
I am only asking, Where is voice for girl Nanjo Bheel?


  1. يار ايترو به مسئلو ڪونهي جيترو ڍنڍورو مچايو اٿئو... ڪرڻ وارا ته شدد پسند آهن ئي آهن توهان ته رحم ڪيو... دنيا ۾ هر جڳهه تي ائين ٿئي ٿو هتي هڪ ملن ٻيو توهان جهڙن ڪجهه شدد پسند صوفن اچي مسعلو ڪيو آهي... ملاڻ ته سڌرڻا ڪونهن ٻيلي توهان ئي ڪجهه سنڌن ۽ سنڌ تي رحم ڪريو... جنهن کي مڃيو ٿا ان جي واسطي جي ڪنهن کي نه ٿا مڃيو ته ان نه مڃڻ جي واسطي ئي رحم ڪريو........ جي ڳالهه وڻي ته مڃجو نه ته مهرباني ڪري ان تي بحث نه ڪجو... ڪن پچي پيا آهن اهي ڍنڍورا ٻڌي ٻڌي منهنجا ڀاءَ..

  2. پنهنجون فلاسافيون ڏيکارڻ لاءَ نوجوانن کي ٻيلي گمراه نه ڪيو.... جيئن امر جليل جهڙن توهان سان ڪيو آهي... هڪ دوست چواڻي ان پوڙهي کي ته هاڻي هلڻ گهرجي

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  4. بس هاڻي توهان جهڙن ڪامريڊن جي لاءِ ڪنهن طالبان کي آئوٽ سورس ڪرڻو پوندو.. ڪري سڀني کي الله اڪبر... ڪجهه سنڌ تان بار لهي ... گهڻي ٿي واويلا ابا هاڻي...

  5. Veengas,
    Got this blog through my journo friend Radheshyam. I am moved after reading this. I read it twice and felt like sharing some of my thoughts with u. Please don't ever think that the issue u have raised and concerned about will go unheard. The only thing is that it will take time...and ur choice of pen is not wrong...pen is mighter than any sword ever raised by anybody in this world. We just need to think on a proper line to find a way out. I am reposting this blog on my FB account....and if u think i can be of any help, pls write to me....

  6. Hello @Varsha Welankar:

    Thank you for your such a nice comment. I am in agreement with you that "Words can change the world if they have brave souls" I need help, Please up voice on these issues as Human Rights & State are sleeping. we need to awake them. That's why need more voices if you can up this issue it would be great help. you may contact via Email I will forward email to Radheshyam, you can get from him. Thanks :)