Saturday, March 9, 2013

Neither Sunni - Nor Shia: Say People Genocide


When you divided land in the name of religion, you would get bloody result and at the present time, what Pakistan is getting bloody result. People don’t know what will happen to next, day by  day people are finding themselves among dead-bodies. Have you realized ever, what people are thinking and where worst situations to lead our people’s psychology?Today, we have extremism, because of poor and footless policies which caused of fire and bomb blasts in our cities. Did we forget first Martial law imposed in Punjab in 50s against Ahmedis?

Since first day, power politics has been using religion for protecting its self-interests. We understand that many people may refuse to accept Bitter-Truth but they must be felt that they have adopted wrong policies and tried to lead people on the wrong road under the colour of extremism.Dictator Zia-ul-Haq used religion for giving sacred wall to his power and planted seeds of extremism under the banner of Mujaheedin in Punjab? While sending Mujaheedin to neighbor countries, would it be possible to have hands shaking of peace with those countries?

I don’t want to blame outsiders, first needed to peep into own fake policies after then we would be able to ask questions to others. Hence, Zia’s Babies (Extremists) later became elephant and then Pervez Musharraf took over the government, though he played double game with western block and own country.

Dictator Musharraf knew well that ex-Mujaheedin and now Taliban; they are Golden Hen for him. So what if he spoke against extremists, in reality his soul is with them. In fact, whole world saw, extremists were stepping up, instead Taliban should have made less impact; moreover banned organizations have come up with new names and agencies are allowing them. If the policies are against extremists, what Lashkar - e - jhangvi and Jamaat ud dawa do in Karachi and other cities of country?

Comically, MQM people were afraid of flood affectees, people who had no shelter and nothing to eat but MQM has zipped its lips on extremists’ organizations in Karachi. It gives us clearly message that powerful side is providing safe havens to them, from Husain Haqqani Network to Lashkar e jhangvi.

Poor people are pushing into sectarian violence. I am recalling words of Benazir Bhutto, while interviewing, she showed her concerned regarding sectarian violence in Pakistan. She might have known that hidden hands would play violence game with different cards during fragile democracy setup?

We are seeing sectarian violence and none is capable to hold control over militant groups. In three months, Pakistan has crossed 100 Bomb Blasts in 2013--although all fingers point Lashkar e jhangvi.

It is strange that Army claims to have Nuclear Power and says, they are capable to fight against anyone, then why extremists group come and open fires at innocent people. Do people think that these extremist groups are more powerful than security agencies and can challenge to writ of government? Or someone is behind them that is the reason they easily walk and trigger the fire for killing people. At least, something fishy and it is beyond to us for understanding failure causes of counter extremism.

Not only security agencies have failed to protect people, on other hand, judiciary which seems to be against corruption; nonetheless is unable to see bloody corruption in the name of religion and has been inflicting harm on Hazaras, Hindus, Christians and Ahmedis. So, crime is allowed in the name of religion? This question, people would like to ask to respected chief of justice.

We understand that these extremists now are becoming like Elephant, one day would ruin whole Pakistan, under its feet.Therefore, we people should be careful while using words, if they are willing to promote sectarian violence by bullets. As they have done in Abbas Town, Karachi on March 3, 2013 that snatched 45 lives and left many injured people.

It is very panic situation that majority of killing is Shia sect which belongs minority in Pakistan. Personally, I disown using word of Minority. If extremists have intention to increase sectarianism, however we people should avoid saying it is Sunni or Shia genocide, by using words these extremists get strength and that is what they want.

Truly, this is people’s genocide. Extremists’ hands want to push people into box of sects. We wonder why are we giving them safe sides and cannot reject their hatred plans and loudly say: Neither Sunni - nor Shia, this is people’s genocide, that’s it.

At a moment, we people have to feel that wrong policies convert country into graveyard and what Pakistan is becoming nowadays.People are born to see life, not for walking on sword of extremism which is killing smiles.

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