Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The Company of Extremism

We know well, how can state rules on the people through religion and trying to be imposed its undemocratic policies on people. From History to at present time, we have been seeing that common people have been victimizing and never get justice.

Because, culprits are used name of religion and on other hand state claims to be safe guard of religion that might reason; culprits get license in the name of religion. Pakistan has long timeline history of murders and its feet go to camp of extremism.

It’s horrible for us that people of this country are living and dying here.
Though, extremism has given benefits to undemocratic minds and they have ruled on people without check & balance. Pakistan is being treated like Market, instead a Country. Market always has products and goods, none can apply rules in the shadow of ethics, hence to impose rules which will be helped out to sell out its products, unfortunate; all things have tagged of extremism.

Pakistan had first martial law in Lahore on 6th March, 1953 against the Ahamdis. It was not only martial law but it was to put a stone in this land for ruling over the people in the name of religion.
Democracy and Justice are beautiful words but they all work when people are treated as Citizen, not like property or animal-cart.

Company of the extremism was introduced by establishment and General Zia ul Haq pasted name of Mujaahideen than he planted hatred seeds of extremisms in Punjab. Mujaahideen are sent from here. Then, what should we anticipate that these kinds of steps can be ensured democratic values.
In the name of religion, is the policy of establishment for suppressing citizen of own country and we can see what is happening in Balochistan?

No one is able to speak out for Baloch people because it could be counted into against religion and country.
Company of extremism benefited Dictator Zia ul Haq but also it has given more profits to Dictator Pervez Musharraf who adopted policy Kill-kidnap and rule and this company of extremism has provided shelter to undemocratic people and thugs. Pervez Musharraf did change only name of the company and written Taliban for soothing a west block though its policies as have worked as in era of Dictator Zia.

When religion becomes policy of state and state holders trying to be applied for their own interests after than disaster will come out. Nowadays in Pakistan people cannot get justice but are being killed in the name of religion. Pakistan’s first independent Judiciary is also failed to put culprits into jail.
Still, the company of extremism is producing extremists’ mind. Lashkar-e-Jhangi has strongholds in Punjab and everyone knows where they have safe houses but state cannot find out them. The company of extremism always plays its rule to encounter other things.

If hidden hands want to throw out the fragile democracy, they can bring new face with painted religious colour from existing company. Therefore, none asks them even a single question.
In Pakistan, recently blasts have increased and state is failed to capture militants. From January to February 99 blasts have been reported in 2013.

In Balochistan, Lashkar-e-Jhangi banned organization is freed to walk and kill anyone and agency is unable to arrest them but same agency can hold operation on villages of Balochistan.

Why lashkar-e-Jhangi is being moved to Balochistan? This militant group attacked twice at Hazara People, in January where 81 people were killed and 121 were injured in a Car Bomb Blast in Quetta in 2013 and second attack on February, 84 people were killed and over a hundred people wounded. Banned organizations are promoting sectarian violence and this might be happened that company of extremism is thinking that if they lead sectarian violence in whole country and especially in Balochistan to encounter there freedom movement, it would be more dangerous because case of Balochistan will not be lessened by Baloch common people, their people are disappeared around 14365 and over 700 hundred have been killed during recent years.

If the company of extremism, thinks that to send an elephant of sectarian violence can encounter its opponent or fragile democracy, they should think that one day elephant of sectarian violence can be ruined whole country and then company of extremism will be unable to safe even itself.

The company of extremism gives benefits its projects but how long will it work?
Real holders of the state must think that people of country are not goods, nor animal-cart, now should be stopped to apply policy of company of extremism.
Company of extremism cannot work any more and one day it has to be ended.

Editorial published in Bolan Voice English Magazine on February, 2013. 

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