Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The Company of Extremism

We know well, how can state rules on the people through religion and trying to be imposed its undemocratic policies on people. From History to at present time, we have been seeing that common people have been victimizing and never get justice.

Because, culprits are used name of religion and on other hand state claims to be safe guard of religion that might reason; culprits get license in the name of religion. Pakistan has long timeline history of murders and its feet go to camp of extremism.

It’s horrible for us that people of this country are living and dying here.
Though, extremism has given benefits to undemocratic minds and they have ruled on people without check & balance. Pakistan is being treated like Market, instead a Country. Market always has products and goods, none can apply rules in the shadow of ethics, hence to impose rules which will be helped out to sell out its products, unfortunate; all things have tagged of extremism.

Pakistan had first martial law in Lahore on 6th March, 1953 against the Ahamdis. It was not only martial law but it was to put a stone in this land for ruling over the people in the name of religion.
Democracy and Justice are beautiful words but they all work when people are treated as Citizen, not like property or animal-cart.

Company of the extremism was introduced by establishment and General Zia ul Haq pasted name of Mujaahideen than he planted hatred seeds of extremisms in Punjab. Mujaahideen are sent from here. Then, what should we anticipate that these kinds of steps can be ensured democratic values.
In the name of religion, is the policy of establishment for suppressing citizen of own country and we can see what is happening in Balochistan?

No one is able to speak out for Baloch people because it could be counted into against religion and country.
Company of extremism benefited Dictator Zia ul Haq but also it has given more profits to Dictator Pervez Musharraf who adopted policy Kill-kidnap and rule and this company of extremism has provided shelter to undemocratic people and thugs. Pervez Musharraf did change only name of the company and written Taliban for soothing a west block though its policies as have worked as in era of Dictator Zia.

When religion becomes policy of state and state holders trying to be applied for their own interests after than disaster will come out. Nowadays in Pakistan people cannot get justice but are being killed in the name of religion. Pakistan’s first independent Judiciary is also failed to put culprits into jail.
Still, the company of extremism is producing extremists’ mind. Lashkar-e-Jhangi has strongholds in Punjab and everyone knows where they have safe houses but state cannot find out them. The company of extremism always plays its rule to encounter other things.

If hidden hands want to throw out the fragile democracy, they can bring new face with painted religious colour from existing company. Therefore, none asks them even a single question.
In Pakistan, recently blasts have increased and state is failed to capture militants. From January to February 99 blasts have been reported in 2013.

In Balochistan, Lashkar-e-Jhangi banned organization is freed to walk and kill anyone and agency is unable to arrest them but same agency can hold operation on villages of Balochistan.

Why lashkar-e-Jhangi is being moved to Balochistan? This militant group attacked twice at Hazara People, in January where 81 people were killed and 121 were injured in a Car Bomb Blast in Quetta in 2013 and second attack on February, 84 people were killed and over a hundred people wounded. Banned organizations are promoting sectarian violence and this might be happened that company of extremism is thinking that if they lead sectarian violence in whole country and especially in Balochistan to encounter there freedom movement, it would be more dangerous because case of Balochistan will not be lessened by Baloch common people, their people are disappeared around 14365 and over 700 hundred have been killed during recent years.

If the company of extremism, thinks that to send an elephant of sectarian violence can encounter its opponent or fragile democracy, they should think that one day elephant of sectarian violence can be ruined whole country and then company of extremism will be unable to safe even itself.

The company of extremism gives benefits its projects but how long will it work?
Real holders of the state must think that people of country are not goods, nor animal-cart, now should be stopped to apply policy of company of extremism.
Company of extremism cannot work any more and one day it has to be ended.

Editorial published in Bolan Voice English Magazine on February, 2013. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why did Dictator General rtd. Musharraf select the day on 24th March for his returning?

History & People still remember all…!


Once upon Mr. Ex-Dictator Preves Musharraf said for “Shaheed Benazir Bhutto that Benazir Bhutto was very unpopular with Army.” Nowadays he can feel, she is still alive after his attack by bullet on her however still he is very unpopular in public even Ex General rtd. Musharraf who has been collected huge amount during War on Terrorism and having support by Establishment.

General rtd. Musharraf is looking for security even though he has had indirectly security given by his establishment. He said that he provided security to martyr Benazir Bhutto. If he had given security her, who opened fire on Benazir Bhutto?

Not only this, Sindh High court had accepted his appeal in cases of Shaheed Akbar Bugti, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Judges. Mr. Ex-Dictator claimed that he didn’t care about his life and would return to country at any cost.

This is unfortunate of history that thugs and killers will never stand before court. Who will be called him before court? Now Sindh High court accepted his appeal for 15-Days and strangely Supreme Court had not taken sue motu against him. It seems something is happening behind the curtain. Ex-Dictator Musharraf is guilty of people. Now if he is trying to scatter the flowers on his Bloody-Tenure but how can he hide his Bloody – Ruling Period?

24th March, 2013 is a day when Pakistan Election commissions will have to be selected caretaker PM for interim government and on the same day Musharraf is coming, why he had chosen the day on 24th March, 2013?

General rtd. Musharraf had been announced many times dates for coming to Pakistan after then given lame excuses and said Sorry … Sorry but this time his gesture is not as like apologetic. It gives message that something behind the curtains, has allowed him for coming to Pakistan because Political set up is not willing to see interim government on the willing of establishment. Perhaps, establishment is creating Drama of Musharraf’s returning because it has two options: 
"One If political set up may agree on structure of interim government by establishment, Musharraf will be deported from Airport and another If Political set up may not agree on establishment’s plan for making interim government after then Musharrah and Imran Khan both may play fire-Politics on TV channels and chanting for save Pakistan, without them Pakistan cannot be saved."

As General rtd. Prevez Musharraf had got extension for 15-days. During these days tug of war between political parties and establishment for getting power in Government System therefore, Mr. Musharraf & Imran Khan remain to be on scene for creating crucial atmosphere in Political-Election-Arena.

General rtd. Musharraf is man of Army however; army hasn’t put hand off from men like Hameed Gul then how is it possible that army can ignore its Ex-General Musharraf?

But Ex-General Musharraf must remember that to win the hearts of people is an art and now how can he win innocency of people with his bloody hands?

From Balochistan to Sindh, had received dead bodies during his tenure. How could we forget that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was killed in the name of extremism and he had this golden Bullet to fire on Benazir Bhutto..! People still remember all when he appeared on TV and wished on death of Shaheed Akbar Bugti and also when he chanted at Pendi Jalsa on 12th May, 2007 (a horrible day) saying he had shown his power.

Ex Dictator Musharraf is being used by behind the curtain-men, a card (Musharraf) which is very unpopular in people. His returning will remain as Picnic; since he is here to accomplish the plans of hidden hands and nothing else. 

Daily News Review original published in Daily Ibrat newspaper on 24th March, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where is voice for girl Nanjo Bheel?

20th March, 2013 day was passing same, nothing new and what should we hope from Days those knock at our doors, routinely. Since some days, I have been thinking abput my journalism. When I chose Pen, had thought; could change this society which has had injustice and especially poor people are more suffering than rich people.

I am not here to compare pain between rich and poor, truly language of pain is universe. But poor people who are not only suffering even being ignored by state.
Under the ask, being a poor is big crime and sin, their lives always pass through tough exam. They don’t know what is life? They are well aware what is sorrow? Moreover, they taste salty tears, those drops from their eyes and each night asks to God, Please give us joys, tomorrow.

I have many questions for my God,

When God will give me death-call,

Then, I would ask him,

Why do you give us life?

God, while writing our destiny,

Why did you miss to add joys for me?

Would I not walk on your earth with smile?


My whole life, has passed to search dew of smile,

You know God,

I don’t know how to smile,

And what is love in your world?

Oh, yes, you didn’t write even a single word of happiness for us,

Isn’t it, God?  (Helena)

Whether Nanjo Bheel is as thinking as Helena thought. Everyone has own fortune but injustice is not fate, it is worst gift from failed state which is failed to protect own people and crime is allowed under the sacred words.

Injustice is a like Horror-Mirror; none wants to stand up front of it. sadly,  Poor people are standing up for decades. They are being kidnapped and killed, world doesn’t care about them. If high profile people get scratch on their skin, entire world starts to cry and beating drums of Human Rights. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person does this line or Human Rights apply on Hindu girls who have been kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam. Their cases have gotten A heart of Stone.

I am surprised that Political Parties, Human Rights, Activists, and so on all have ignored these cases.

Does it mean, sword of religion is powerful than voices? If people disagree on Drone attacks, why are they silent on innocent girls whose lives, being killed by drone of forced conversion to religion?
I am not here to remind them what should they do or not?

I am voicing up on Rinkle Kumari case as it is preplanned for destroying Sufi Soul of this Land by extremism. After Chawk incident very quickly kidnapping of Hindu girls started and even newspaper reported that 25 Hindu Girls have been kidnapped and labored force at factories in Hyderabad.
No Voice of Human Rights, nor sue motu for them? Are they not citizen of Pakistan?

Hindu Girls who have been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. Photo via Rakesh Lakhani's Facebook.com

After Rinkle and Asha Kumari, Hindu girls kidnapped as Manisha Kumari, Moomal Meghwar, Sunita Mehshwari, all kidnapped and 5 years old Vijanti Meghwar raped in 2012. But black-wind of injustice doesn’t to remain silent; it returns again and kidnapped Sangita Mighwar, does sorrow have any religion? (Original write up in Sindhi on Sangita Meghwar & BadamiBagh incident)

Sindh Government didn’t pass single law to protect Hindus girls, to misuse of force conversion but they had time for passing to increase 60% for poorest ministers of Sindh Assembly. Even, The Speaker of Sindh Assembly blocked bill against forced conversion.

If they had passed single law for Hindu Girls, Nanjo Bheel would not have kidnapped.

Report tells, Nanjo Bheel is 12 years Old Hindu Girl who studies in fifth Class. Her family lives in Kapri Moro – Sindh province, her father name is Bhou Moun. According to her father that influential person Hibat Khan Araien who came with guns at Kolhi Families’ home and kidnapped his daughter. We had requested to police for File FIR but they refused to file FIR and harshly warned us that your daughter had been converted to Islam, now case could not be filed. He further added that Police had threatened him. She has been kidnapped for 15-days, as reported on 20th March, 2013.

Probably, some people think that if there is no FIR, why do pick up pen? If police doesn’t file FIR, therefore no one speaks against injustice? As we all know state within state system. Command of Police is in hands of influential persons, so who can powerful people allow to police for writing FIR?
When Rinkle Kumari was raped in Police station, could police have written down FIR that “Rinkle was raped under our umbrella? What a joke..!!!!!!!!!!

I have doubts that this Nanjo Bheel’s case will never get single voice of Human Rights and Sue Motu.

I knock at the doors through writings that please wake up and help this child who needs your support. What has written in her destiny? We don’t know but we know, she was not born for injustice and being insulted in the hands of any person, in the name of forced conversion.
I am only asking, Where is voice for girl Nanjo Bheel?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Neither Sunni - Nor Shia: Say People Genocide


When you divided land in the name of religion, you would get bloody result and at the present time, what Pakistan is getting bloody result. People don’t know what will happen to next, day by  day people are finding themselves among dead-bodies. Have you realized ever, what people are thinking and where worst situations to lead our people’s psychology?Today, we have extremism, because of poor and footless policies which caused of fire and bomb blasts in our cities. Did we forget first Martial law imposed in Punjab in 50s against Ahmedis?

Since first day, power politics has been using religion for protecting its self-interests. We understand that many people may refuse to accept Bitter-Truth but they must be felt that they have adopted wrong policies and tried to lead people on the wrong road under the colour of extremism.Dictator Zia-ul-Haq used religion for giving sacred wall to his power and planted seeds of extremism under the banner of Mujaheedin in Punjab? While sending Mujaheedin to neighbor countries, would it be possible to have hands shaking of peace with those countries?

I don’t want to blame outsiders, first needed to peep into own fake policies after then we would be able to ask questions to others. Hence, Zia’s Babies (Extremists) later became elephant and then Pervez Musharraf took over the government, though he played double game with western block and own country.

Dictator Musharraf knew well that ex-Mujaheedin and now Taliban; they are Golden Hen for him. So what if he spoke against extremists, in reality his soul is with them. In fact, whole world saw, extremists were stepping up, instead Taliban should have made less impact; moreover banned organizations have come up with new names and agencies are allowing them. If the policies are against extremists, what Lashkar - e - jhangvi and Jamaat ud dawa do in Karachi and other cities of country?

Comically, MQM people were afraid of flood affectees, people who had no shelter and nothing to eat but MQM has zipped its lips on extremists’ organizations in Karachi. It gives us clearly message that powerful side is providing safe havens to them, from Husain Haqqani Network to Lashkar e jhangvi.

Poor people are pushing into sectarian violence. I am recalling words of Benazir Bhutto, while interviewing, she showed her concerned regarding sectarian violence in Pakistan. She might have known that hidden hands would play violence game with different cards during fragile democracy setup?

We are seeing sectarian violence and none is capable to hold control over militant groups. In three months, Pakistan has crossed 100 Bomb Blasts in 2013--although all fingers point Lashkar e jhangvi.

It is strange that Army claims to have Nuclear Power and says, they are capable to fight against anyone, then why extremists group come and open fires at innocent people. Do people think that these extremist groups are more powerful than security agencies and can challenge to writ of government? Or someone is behind them that is the reason they easily walk and trigger the fire for killing people. At least, something fishy and it is beyond to us for understanding failure causes of counter extremism.

Not only security agencies have failed to protect people, on other hand, judiciary which seems to be against corruption; nonetheless is unable to see bloody corruption in the name of religion and has been inflicting harm on Hazaras, Hindus, Christians and Ahmedis. So, crime is allowed in the name of religion? This question, people would like to ask to respected chief of justice.

We understand that these extremists now are becoming like Elephant, one day would ruin whole Pakistan, under its feet.Therefore, we people should be careful while using words, if they are willing to promote sectarian violence by bullets. As they have done in Abbas Town, Karachi on March 3, 2013 that snatched 45 lives and left many injured people.

It is very panic situation that majority of killing is Shia sect which belongs minority in Pakistan. Personally, I disown using word of Minority. If extremists have intention to increase sectarianism, however we people should avoid saying it is Sunni or Shia genocide, by using words these extremists get strength and that is what they want.

Truly, this is people’s genocide. Extremists’ hands want to push people into box of sects. We wonder why are we giving them safe sides and cannot reject their hatred plans and loudly say: Neither Sunni - nor Shia, this is people’s genocide, that’s it.

At a moment, we people have to feel that wrong policies convert country into graveyard and what Pakistan is becoming nowadays.People are born to see life, not for walking on sword of extremism which is killing smiles.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A man, still in our memories…!

No one killed Mir Murtaza Bhutto Shaheed.


I am thinking how I should start to write on a man who was/is Hero of people. Of course, he couldn’t be Hero of Rich Class but He was a Hero of people who live under the open sky on the streets and passing their lives at poorest home. 

Definitely, I am writing for a Hero and Heroes live in the heart of people, so how is it possible that Hero can be lived around the golden walls? In fact, you are not be able to paint a Hero but heroes come up from the worst situation of society and when a person fights against evils that are called Heroes.

As my beloved journalist Oriana Fallaci once said, Heroes can be sweet, and yes Mir Murtaza Bhutto Shaheed can be sweet as He is a Hero.

Nowadays, generation clicks internet and sees all things; however do they see real face of our society? Life changes after each minutes and we all are running, not slowly passing life that’s reason, many times we miss dew of life.

A city of Karachi that is running too fast and has jam-packed traffic, not only this but this city has new style of hair and dressing which give well-dressed up generation. Do they know for their real Heroes?

After a long time, I was crossing 70 Clifton/Clifton sides and looking at pictures of Bhutto (s) Family, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Mir Murtaza Bhutto both were killed by Bullets.

A Bullet that changed whole scenario of life and life of Politics. Those, who wanted to kill them; they could not kill because they are alive in the memories of people and heart of History.

Maybe, while reading someone thinks that I am using beautiful words and trying to promote dynasty. I don’t follow Dynasty and even dislike using promotion of family-ism, for this reason I myself have removed family name.

Well, come back on the topic. So we were talking on martyred Mir Murtaza Bhutto, Still I have not forgotten words of boy that I listened before years, who was using ill-words and footless blames on him, Oh! poor boy..! While listening, his immature talks, words of Albert Camus running in my mind when he said that “What is Rebel? When a man says No.”

Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto. Online-Photo

Mir was a rebel who said, No; to the dictatorship of Zial u Haq. What is a meaning of Terrorism? Do people realize before using it for an innocent person. When you go and deliberately give harm innocent people that cause to be huge worst storm in peaceful society, it calls ill-action or Terrorism. It is very easy to use words, need to understanding of worth of words. People are easily using words without understanding of its importance.

If one calls a terrorist dictator Zia, it would be no harm because it is fact that he gave birth of terrorism in the name of Mujaheedin.

Mir was a Hero who refused to accept greedy-power, who rejected bloody steps of dictatorship and who stood up by poor people.

Unfortunate, destiny of life played tricky game with him and his beloved sister Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto was saying that Mir is my backbone and time has proved when he was killed after than his sister was self-imposed exile. When she returned and then she was killed by bullet.

I would not like to jump into current situation of Bhutto family that what Ms. Sanam Bhutto or Fatima Bhutto thinks. No one can measure anguish of anyone.

When I got chance to meet with Sanam Bhutto at Karachi Literature Festival, I didn’t ask any question regarding Politics or her family because I was thinking that unkind-politics has snatched her whole family and what should I ask and how would she answer? When you know, a person walks on edge of sorrows and you ask what or how do you feel it? It means while asking questions, you are adding on sorrows. I preferred to take silence, hence thoughts ran fast and then I could only tell to my inner thoughts that a sword of unkind-power-politics kills people and leaves behind only orphan-hearts. Probably whenever she walks in the city of Karachi, her childhood memories knock at the door of loneliness, however Bhutto Family has suffered, enough.

Today’s people can think what Media speaks and feeds to the society. Would people feel pain of struggle of Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto? Many people are giving different colours on the story of disagreement between Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Shaheed Mir though Arrow of Bloody-Politics has killed both of them but still people don’t count their love as they are only counting numbers of reservations among them.

Now we all can cross road of 70 Clifton, where he was martyred. And carelessly passing remarks that he was that and this? Fact is, he was a Rebel? It would be right, if I say he was a mythological character in politics of Pakistan.

I always call him Che-Mir because he was a rebel character it is painful that his struggle has not received honest eyes which can show real picture. Even in his case when Local Court released all blameworthy persons on 5 December, 2009. If no one killed Mir Murtaza Bhutto, who opened fire on him. Queen of Justice is unable to see, on the other hand people have eyes and asking who opened fire that caused of injuries and then Mir walked away for not returning forever.

A man, still in our memories and road of 70 Clifton reminds us that a rebel heart was killed by Bullet but he is always alive in the heart of poor people and History.