Thursday, February 28, 2013

Editorial: Missing Persons.

Take Money – No Justice II

Missing Persons of Balochistan


Balochistan is put into unrest situation since decades, what should be solution? Still, Pakistan government and establishment are looking confused to giving any kind of key answer. Instead of solving problems they add on military operation in Balochistan.

Nowadays Baloch people have had learnt from their injured-past and broken-present. Sadly, as Baloch people should be supported by Pakistani; they have received only SILENCE and IGNORANCE that makes them strange among citizens.

No doubt, few voices have arisen and picked pen up on issues of Balochistan but in larger amount Baloch people are being treated as alien.

In Balochistan, more than 25 journalists have been killed since Musharraf Era, have we heard strong voice for them? Even journalist communities haven’t talked on it although slogan of journalists without border always is chatted but in case of Baloch Journalists; lines of borders are being snatched.

Not only in case of journalists; Baloch citizens are getting dead bodies on daily bases.

Balochistan is bleeding and when they search missing persons who are being missed from Dictator Musharraf’s period and numbers of missing persons are more than 14000.

Supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing case of Balochistan even though decision of Supreme Court has been changed Prime Minister of Pakistan but on Balochistan’s matter people cannot see any bold decision only Dates upon Dates, for time being people might happy to see that Supreme Court is doing something for Baloch but on ground realities things are very much changed.

 Common and victim families all are awaiting for decision and Baloch people have realized that Supreme Court can walk in Balochistan and be able to issue fire-statements those can be taken high place in Media. Victim families want justice, not paper statements.

Balochistan needs solution and system of state is unwilling to deliver to Baloch people.

Supreme Court hasn’t done any thing for families of missing person. Agencies of Pakistan take oath in Supreme Court and then said that they don’t have an idea about missing person even don’t know about death-bodies those are founded out on the streets of Balochistan.

If establishment of Pakistan is failed to recognize, who kidnapped and is killing, so how will people get to know about their people?

It means agencies are incompetent, if it is not and they are very much capable then they know well about missing persons and dead-bodies but unable to accept Bitter-Truth that missing persons are under the umbrella of agencies.

Since many times, have been writing that Baloch people will never accept even one penny on their beloved’s dead bodies.

When establishment has been denied that they have no idea about missing person after than why Government is giving advertisements in newspapers and offering ransom to victim families.

Government had given around 30 names of Baloch people who have been murdered. Still, establishment of Pakistan can’t understand, Balochistan people will never give up and have been receiving bodies in blood and homes are empty.

If government is able to shake its sane approach, should see real solution of Balochistan.

 Is establishment proving that Pakistan’s courts are unable to give justice and give money to them? Then, why have built up large building of courts when justice is sleeping and money-bank runs on the streets and government and agencies are beating drums and chanting, Take Money – No Justice but common people are saying Give Justice – No Money.

Baloch people are not in market for selling their beloved and all things can’t be settled on money-tables. If establishment or Dictator Musharraf accepted war against terror, not because they were willing to finish golden coin of extremism but they were known that peanuts will as come as in era of Dictator Zia ul haq.

Therefore, now stop imposing thinking of establishment on common people. People have refused to accept amount.

 We don’t know whether Pakistan government and establishment can stop hurting people whose eyes are already filled out in tears.

At least, Supreme Court must take suo moto and see that how fragile government is indirectly selling out justice. One thing has been cleared that missing persons and dead-bodies all roads lead to the establishment. 

Let’s see whether Supreme Court is going to take suo moto on it and will be able to pass orders or only fire-statements for newspapers and media.

 Pakistan government and establishment ought to decide, how to handle problem of Balochistan because Balochistan is not a market where establishment comes and purchases people.

 Editorial published in  Bolan Voice Editorial Magazine in January/2013 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rinkle Kumari Case: A Heart of Stone..!


Rinkle Kumari on 11 March 2012 at Karachi Press Club. Photo online

This Day 24 February, a girl who was kidnapped and then in the name of sacred word, forcibly converted to another religion.
I don’t understand that why religion must be changed if girl/boy gets married? Religion is personal faith but still people are using coin of religion for their own personal interests.

When Rinkle was kidnapped, in fact it was an attack at Sufism of Sindh on this land that has had soul of Sufism. 

It was very sad that as people should have reacted but they didn’t support because A man who was involved in whole case, Mian Mitho he has closely relation with establishment and MNA of People’s Party, even he runs Dargah (Religious Place) therefore, none could ask him that why were you supporting Naveed Shah?  

So far, after one year people felt and now started to supporting this case but it is too late, when Rinkle was needed help, all zip its lips and we were crying that come out with Binding Black Ribbon on 18the April, 2012 because Case might not be come in favor of Rinkle, and Chief Justice Iftkhar Choudhery’s order proved that she was not allowed to go with her Mother.

It was very easy to kidnap beautiful girl if she belongs to Hindu religion, just to declare that she has converted her religion, after than no one has dared to ask him that how and why girl wanted to convert her religion? 

On Rinkle Kumari case, religion was used openly even though it was kidnapping and she was raped but she didn’t get even a single wave of Justice.
I am not here to say detail story of Rinkle Kumari’s Case, sharing two links: Rinkle Kumari's Case and  Mr. Jinnah! Rinkle is not free to go her home either.
Since 2012 we have been writing lot and crying that Rinkle Kumari is kidnapped, raped and then forcibly converted to Islam.
Unfortunate, cold role of Human Rights orgs. Government, Selective Media + Judiciary didn’t support a girl who wanted to go with her Mother.

Rinkle Kumari's Uncle Raj Kumar while protesting
It was her Uncle Raj Kumar who stood up and said Enough is Enough

Hindus are indigenous people of this land; sadly state of Pakistan threw them into box of minorities.
The entire citizens of State are equal in the Eyes of Law..!
I would ask them, where is justice for Rinkle and other Hindu Girls who have been kidnapped in the name of forced conversion.

Why did and do we support Rinkle Kumari’s Case?
Before answering this question, tell me if your child kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to another religion, would you sit silently and taking cup of Tea? No, Never and not at all. You will have to stand up and try to stop injustice because Injustice is disease and it makes us prisons.

Supporting Rinkle means to stop misusing of religion and forced conversion but people could not understand it after Rinkle Kumari’s case and when she was refused to allow with her Mother, many girls were kidnapped as like Manisha Kumari, Moomal Meghwar, Sunita Mehshwari, all kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam, not only this 5 years old Vijanti Meghwar raped, these all case happened in 2012.

A heart of Stone of Justice and Human Rights organizations, none spoke of for them however nowhere single voice is for them.
Where were women’s rights voices? It is very painful to write that Pakistan Judiciary and Media are selective approach, you can see honor on Sharukh Jatoi’s Case but one minute or day you won’t be able to see voices on Hindu girls and including Chawk incident Case when three Hindu doctors were killed.

As I conducted only poll survey on Rinkle Kumari’s case and people voted around 1,049 and supported that she should be allowed to meet with her Mother and culprits must be punished. We don’t know, how and where is Rinkle?

Today, 24 February 2013 has knocked at our doors and reminding us that on this day ( 24 February 2012) a girl was kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to another religion but A heart of Stone of your judiciary, state, Human Rights have not listened her broken voice when she was crying for her mother.

Rinkle Kumari Case should have received a Golden Heart but Rinkle and her Mother got a heart of Stone in their hands that caused of injustice and culprits got license in the name of sacred words.