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Fifth-Operation on Balochistan! Turns into Black Hole..!


Since 1948, Balochistan has been remained at the gun point of Operation. Our senior journalists/writers and by now we have been writing on Balochistan’s hard situations.
While writing question knocks at the door of thoughts that why do not they learn from history? Indeed, they have learnt that they have not learnt from History.

If anyone had learnt from past mistakes, would not have moved wheel of operation on Balochistan. Sadly, we are seeing the momentum of wheel of operation that is caused of violation of Human Rights.
If we turn the pages of 1973 constitution which tell us about good laws and human rights protection, after reading Pakistan Constitution when we peep into Balochistan; it gives us another worst scenario of Human Rights.

The military operations and their purposes are still questions. If establishment thinks, they want to ensure peace and to solve problem of Balochistan then why don’t they apply rule of table-talks?
Establishment of Pakistan is same that works with US at War against Terrorism at a same time military of Pakistan appreciates table-talks with Taliban. Taliban are non-state actors but for them, Table-Talks are acceptable.

When sane class demands from Establishment of Pakistan that must talk with Baloch, then its demand has been rejected and statesmen are telling us that Baloch nationalist groups have put guns against state. Baloch are not non-state actor, nor willing to impose their demands at gun point.

If they chose path of mountains, we should rub our memory that Baloch are forced to choose path of mountain by five Military Operations held on Balochistan. We should not forget when Baloch Leaders came down on mountains in 1960s. How state behaved with them?

Five Operations are not a Joke if anyone is feeling pain for Kashmir; they must realize that Balochistan is burning because of oil of war.

Dictator General Prevez Musharraf’s Bloody Policykill-Kidnap & rule” has added fuel to the fire in Balochistan. Since Era of Musharraf, people of Balochistan are missing more than 14000. According to report 600 missing persons’ dead bodies have been founded on the roads or streets of Balochistan, “360 Baloch killed in 2010 and 297 killed in 2011,” as reported.

Though, Supreme Court of Pakistan has heard Missing Person Case and Supreme Court just issued 160 Orders during its 68 hearings, even after Supreme Court, Balochistan has not received any positive result .As usual Empty Promises by weaker-governments and Now Empty Orders by Supreme Court.
Including Freedom of Expression is threatened at the war as result murder of 25 Journalists of Balochistan since Musharraf period to till now.

Despite the hard situation in Balochistan, state should have followed soft policy. Alas, State again repeats its mistake and has driven wheel of operation on Baloch in area of Mashkay on 25 December 2012.
25th December, A day of Christmas and birth day of Founder of Country Jinnah, when whole nation was celebrating joys and were passing to wishes with each other. On the same day Balochistan was facing fires of operation on 25th December, 2012, Baloch children were sitting on the roads instead of sleeping in warm beds.

Media and social activists have always ignored issues of Balochistan. They are as repeating mistakes as in 70s Era when whole Media was singing song “All is Well” in East Bengal. Time rang bad signal and said “All was Unwell”.

Balochistan is crossing operation and situations are making hard decision. This Operation on Balochistan is going to turn into Black Hole if this finally happens, no one would return them (Baloch) even on Table-Talks.

Real Power Makers of State must decide that where should stand on Table-Talks or weaponry-Tank? Fifth Operation on Balochistan  turns into Black Hole; can statesmen stop it to turning into Black Hole?

Published in BolanVoice Magazine on December/2012

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