Sunday, January 20, 2013


Fifth-Operation on Balochistan! Turns into Black Hole..!


Since 1948, Balochistan has been remained at the gun point of Operation. Our senior journalists/writers and by now we have been writing on Balochistan’s hard situations.
While writing question knocks at the door of thoughts that why do not they learn from history? Indeed, they have learnt that they have not learnt from History.

If anyone had learnt from past mistakes, would not have moved wheel of operation on Balochistan. Sadly, we are seeing the momentum of wheel of operation that is caused of violation of Human Rights.
If we turn the pages of 1973 constitution which tell us about good laws and human rights protection, after reading Pakistan Constitution when we peep into Balochistan; it gives us another worst scenario of Human Rights.

The military operations and their purposes are still questions. If establishment thinks, they want to ensure peace and to solve problem of Balochistan then why don’t they apply rule of table-talks?
Establishment of Pakistan is same that works with US at War against Terrorism at a same time military of Pakistan appreciates table-talks with Taliban. Taliban are non-state actors but for them, Table-Talks are acceptable.

When sane class demands from Establishment of Pakistan that must talk with Baloch, then its demand has been rejected and statesmen are telling us that Baloch nationalist groups have put guns against state. Baloch are not non-state actor, nor willing to impose their demands at gun point.

If they chose path of mountains, we should rub our memory that Baloch are forced to choose path of mountain by five Military Operations held on Balochistan. We should not forget when Baloch Leaders came down on mountains in 1960s. How state behaved with them?

Five Operations are not a Joke if anyone is feeling pain for Kashmir; they must realize that Balochistan is burning because of oil of war.

Dictator General Prevez Musharraf’s Bloody Policykill-Kidnap & rule” has added fuel to the fire in Balochistan. Since Era of Musharraf, people of Balochistan are missing more than 14000. According to report 600 missing persons’ dead bodies have been founded on the roads or streets of Balochistan, “360 Baloch killed in 2010 and 297 killed in 2011,” as reported.

Though, Supreme Court of Pakistan has heard Missing Person Case and Supreme Court just issued 160 Orders during its 68 hearings, even after Supreme Court, Balochistan has not received any positive result .As usual Empty Promises by weaker-governments and Now Empty Orders by Supreme Court.
Including Freedom of Expression is threatened at the war as result murder of 25 Journalists of Balochistan since Musharraf period to till now.

Despite the hard situation in Balochistan, state should have followed soft policy. Alas, State again repeats its mistake and has driven wheel of operation on Baloch in area of Mashkay on 25 December 2012.
25th December, A day of Christmas and birth day of Founder of Country Jinnah, when whole nation was celebrating joys and were passing to wishes with each other. On the same day Balochistan was facing fires of operation on 25th December, 2012, Baloch children were sitting on the roads instead of sleeping in warm beds.

Media and social activists have always ignored issues of Balochistan. They are as repeating mistakes as in 70s Era when whole Media was singing song “All is Well” in East Bengal. Time rang bad signal and said “All was Unwell”.

Balochistan is crossing operation and situations are making hard decision. This Operation on Balochistan is going to turn into Black Hole if this finally happens, no one would return them (Baloch) even on Table-Talks.

Real Power Makers of State must decide that where should stand on Table-Talks or weaponry-Tank? Fifth Operation on Balochistan  turns into Black Hole; can statesmen stop it to turning into Black Hole?

Published in BolanVoice Magazine on December/2012

Friday, January 11, 2013

Have they misled the case of Vajinti?


I have been asked that why I do write on one case Vajinti. My answer is simple that How should be silent on injustice when it doesn’t treat in the light of Justice.

Injustice is a disease of Society if you are ignoring it, disease will be become cancer. Unfortunate, we have selective approaches because of such attitude, innocent people are unable to get proper place of justice.

One question is raising that why state of judiciary and media don’t see Vajinti? Sindh and Balochistan Citizens of country ask that why we are being treated as alien. Where is our right of justice?

Vajinti case has passed 41 Days since 2nd December, 2012. Vajinti’s Case is still on pending list. What are reasons and how is behind that doesn’t want to see real culprit in the Jail?

This was simple case but misleading of case or gaining self interests on case is caused of complication.

I had talked with main leading official person and uncle of Vajinti.
Vajinti’s Uncle Mr. Phulo Meghwar shared in details of case.
He said that I would share with you words of Sana ulla Abbasi who used harsh words on local police that what have these (Dogs) given me report? It doesn’t make sense. It means this case was mishandled since first day.

The Case Story is that Vajinti was playing with her fellow and one person came to her and said come with me I will give you pocket money and then she was raped. Vajinti’s home and place where she was raped, it was Outaq means lodge of Hashim Mangerio and his lodge is a Gamble. Even though we people face trouble of drinkers and Jawaries (Gamblers), whoever Vajinti came and her mother found blood spots on her clothes. Later, Doctor told us that she is raped.

We filed FIR in police station. As police came and investigated case that time police brought Khoji-Kota means Arson-Dogs. When dogs followed then they stopped at inside of gamble of Hashim. At that time Hashim Mangerio and his Brother-in-law Haji Umer Mangerio who remained Ex-Nazim of Pithoro city, were silent, after than police went to Haji Umer Mangerio’s House, Phulo Added.
He continued his conversion and said, instead of police should have reported whole comments on the place of crime. Police called us and said that sign this 161 statement. We are not foolish. We know, process of investigation, without eye-witnessed statements how is possible that we sign a statement that has been written in police station. Therefore, our family refused to sign that statement.
Police had totally written wrong statement.

First thing: Vajinti said that rapist wore white clothes and police men wrote colour of clothes was blue.
Second: when police and our men were investigating, had found out 9 number size of foot and whom they are declaring culprit means Rano Mallah, his foot size is 7.
Ok we understand that foot size can be changed.
Third: while investigating, footage of Shoes seemed expensive and Rano Mallah is very poor man who cannot afford expensive shoes. The reality is, Rano Mallah uses cheaper shoes.
How and why police tries to involve poor man.

We are asking that when Arson-dogs recognized place of crime then why have not involved Hashim Mangerio in invistigation, shared Phulo Meghwar.

He shared that my elder brother filed FIR to civil magistrate, unless we get DNA report, case should not be filed on any person. But police by passed it and they declared that Rano Mallah is real culprit. Rano Mallah himself said that police has tortured and forced at him to admit crime, he added.

We are facing troubles it is not easy for us that we are fighting this case. We know we will face bitter results. Recently on order of main person, Gamble of Hashim has been bulldozed along with our home wall also bulldozed. We asked them that at least you people give us two days that we ought to arrange set up but they bulldozed. First they offered place of Hashim but we refused to accept their offer. They wanted to change face of case and we know what is in their mind that is why they cannot make us fool.

Vajinti’s uncle Phulo told, we don’t want to see that innocent gets punish. We are looking for real thug.
Why police is coding Rano Mallah name when investigation is not finalized.

He said that Pir Pagara’s men came to us and ordered that we must come to them. We replied that why are you people are behaving as we are guilty. But local-meeting were held and our family members are innocent in Local Meeting with Pir Pagara’s men they asked for name of criminal. My family members said, we don’t know name of real-culprit. We are only asking to Hashim Mangerio that he must tell us culprit’s name who is involved because crime had committed at his gamble. So far, Hashim Mangerio took oath that my family members and I are not involved in this case. We don’t say he himself involved but we are asking name of culprit who stayed at his lodge (Gamble).

Phulo criticized on Police investigation that they misled case since one day. If investigation proves wrong, Riaz Soomro SSP would be questionable or police has taken smart amount from thugs, showed his doubts.

As I tried to call Sana ulla Abbasi many times but he didn’t attend. One Police man Saraj Lashari was indirectly convinced me that Rano Mallah is real culprit. Why police men are putting their words in our mind?

Phulo gave remarks on DNA report that first police missed evidence but our family saved Vajinti’s Clothes. We handed over Sana ulla Abbasi. If DNA report comes out and culprit will get punish. It would be good sign for poor people.
On one question regarding Rano Mallah, he replied that if DNA report says that Rano Mallah is involved, he should be punished.
He said that we have doubts that case will be delayed. He criticized on Sana ullah Abbasi that I have no remain trust in him because he is not sincere in this case.
Phulo shows his doubts that Police will try to involve Rano Mallah as after some hearing of case they can release him.
We people are stand up against injustice and will not let them go easily. Because we want save other many Vajinti(s) that next time no one can harm our little children said vajinti’s uncle Phulo.

I talked with essential source of official that is involved in investigation her case, also indirectly showed concerns that this case is being politicized. Who knows, DNA Test will be come out actual or it may be actual but we are unable to say anything.

I wanted to share case-story with all of you. As we have doubts that little child case may be closed in files with the ribbon of politics. Does State have justice for Vajinti? Why her case is misled since first time?

Rinkle Kumari’s Uncle Raj Kumar left remarks that in Pakistan, minorities don’t have right of justice. (He left his comments on my FaceBook-Page, news review on Vajinti that published in Daily Ibrat)

Questions need to be answered but again question raises who will answer these questions? Does anyone have courage?

Despite the storms of immature power politics and injustice, will her case get justice?   

A child girl has been looking for justice for 41 days.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Child Rape Case

I am Sorry My Dear Child Vajinti.


I don’t know why I am writing today and for whom I am writing? Once again I looked pictures of little Vajinti. On 2nd December 2012 she was raped that time she was 6 years Old. What should I write on her? Oh, should I ask queen of justice that Please take her suo motu as Bina Shah Writer/Columnist asked that where is her suo Motu?  

As I know very well attitude of Justice towards Hindu Girls from Rinkle Kumari to now Vajinti, not only this let me write attitude of Justice towards Poorest people of this land.

I am recalling that when I was a child, one man always brought picture-Film and we all family children ran for looking that Picutre-Film, though people never talked or walked within few minutes Picture-Movie ended. Then, Children used to ask him, why your movie ended in Minutes and man replied Oh, This is Picture-Movie.  And My Mother told about it that Picture-Movie is not a real it is just photo gallery which called Picture-Movie.

Sometimes I strongly feel that queen of Justice is the partner of richest people and Human Rights are like Picture-Film for poor people.
Same as Poor people are being looked Human Rights-Picture-Movie that is not real and it seems to be fooled people in the name of Justice and Slogans of Human Rights.
If I am wrong, show me how many organizations have come out and up voice against forced conversion or this little child Vajinti?
It could be two reasons that Our Human Rights Orgs. Have not come out because they have not heard voice of Vajinti or poorest people are not important? Probably they are very busy.

While writing I am recollecting words of poor lady who told me that my daughter “We are Poor, and we don’t have any support. We are sent in the world for death.” These things Dreams and Rights are not related with us.”  I cannot forget that Lady and Sorrows in her eyes.

Beautiful world of Books and History tell me, look, you will have one day heaven on the earth and all people will be lived equal. When I open door of home, I see this world is not as Books and History told.
All people have own psychological approaches and class status complex. They wanted to see Equal society but remained aloof from poor people. Just Drama…!

Well come back on Vajinti.

Vajinti was raped. It is not a Joke for a while did you think how her psychology turns into shape? How would she walk in society? Has she forgotten horrible incident or will she be able to forget that rape-incident?

Result of DNA Test is about to come. Question is, will DNA Test be based on honest result? As one essential source shared with me that we have doubts in DNA Test because result can be changed as we know our sytem. Other Source shared that a man who has arrested Rano Mallah, he is not actual culprit even Police and Hashim Mungrio forced at him for admitting crime. WE are asking for Fair investigation.  Official source un-named told me that this case has turned into politics and you and I, we all know what will happen when cases get ribbon of politics.   So far, let’s see what is going to be happened with Vajinti Case?

So, The file of Vajinti’s Case will be closed with ribbon of politics?

A State that has independent Media but they have no time of Vajinti case, A State that has Human Rights but No single human rights for Vajinti  and A State, has independent Judiciary that is more powerful than Parliament even Judiciary has no time for taking suo moto for our little baby Vajinti.

My Dear child Vajinti,

I am sorry we are unable to do anything for you. We can write and colour the blink pages, yes we put our thoughts on pages but our writings cannot be shaken big people. They are biggest people; it will take time to look at us as we are smallest people.

You are living in a State, it has all system which is required for any state but it has no time for us (Vajinti).
Sorry Vajinti, we are failed to give you flower of justice that a flower of justice can be given smile on your face. Ahhh, we have not given single smile to a child who was raped and now living in pain. But we are claiming that we will bring change.  Whom we are making fool?

Look, at Vajinti this is not a single case but this case gives message us that Injustice is walking in the society freely and no one can punish it.

Therefore, let’s go and see picture-movie of Justice and Human Rights, it will be ended in minutes and in last your hands remain Empty.  Temporary Joys can’t fill place of real joys.

And Vajinti needs real joys of Justice.