Friday, November 22, 2013

Save heritage means providing path of existence to coming generation!


Civilization is the soul of nations; you are nothing if you do not know the language of art. When you are born on the earth from that moment your relationship is bound to culture.
Our forefathers/foremothers gave us beautiful civilization and it is our obligation to save their souls. Being as the heir of the Indus Civilization, people should and must support Mr. Bilawal Bhutto’s initiate to protect our lost souls of this land.

Unfortunate, neither is government paying attention to historical places, nor our common people are interested in protecting them. Sense of ownership is going to be eroded, why is it happening? However, once again voices are raising to protect the cultural heritage that is dying. We need to save them and we have been writing on issues that government and people must come and save the historical places.

If we look around our society even people are not taking care about ancient places. Thus, ancient places are not only old buildings; indeed they are our mirror in which we can see ourselves. I have remembered lines of thinker who writes that “if people do not care about their history and heritage then you will see death of that people. If you do not save your past, you are unable to survive in the present.”

Sindh is not only a province but it has cradle of Indus Civilization that is the Diamond Crown of land. People of Indus Civilization, had worked beautifully when other parts of the world were trying to learn art of living and our Dravidian (People of Indus Civilization) made civilized city of Mohenjo-daro.

What does Mohenjo-daro think of itself to have been dying everyday? Let me share with you that Sindh has many historical places are shrouded with dust. Does our civilization mix with dust?

Now, young energetic leader Bilawal Bhutto is coming up with an idea (Save our cultural heritage) and doing work virtually. Those leaders who understand the importance of history, they know how to deal with on-going problems and abnormal situations of the country. 

Mr. Bilawal Bhutto is calling for to save the cultural historical places and providing platform, people from across the country and even out of the countries can give suggestions and help. One help-hand can save the soul of history. Can we give our helping hand to it?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lilee Bheel! Is Sorrow of Mother not listened?


Mourn and Sorrow both have as story as they had for their ages. I do not understand that how I should give words to another sorrow of a mother whose daughter has been kidnapped on 5th November, 2013 in
Shaheed Benazir Abad, previously known as Nawabshah District of Sindh, Pakistan.
Eyes of state are incapable of seeing the mourn of mother, her heart is weeping and begging that “Please give me my daughter I will leave Pakistan, our daughters are not safe here. What a tragedy, indigenous of people Indus civilization, now to be counted into box of minorities, is it justice of History?
Photo: Mother Raazi Bheel while protesting and in small picture is Lilee Bheel. source Daily Ibrat Newspaper
I have been closely analyzing the cases of Hindu Girls from Rinkle Kumari to now current case of Lilee Bheel, all girls have been kidnapped in the name of religion, raped and forcibly converted to Islam. What have courts done with these cases, yet?

Whilst writing, let me confess that I live in a country where dictators can take over the power and kill people, awami leaders and breach the constitution and legislative power. Dictators came in the power in the name of being safeguard of this country and on other side ill-minds can kidnap the innocent girls, in the name of religion. Courts of justice are unable to ask or punish them because crimes are done in the name of …!

Reading newspaper of 5th November, 2013 and came across news, tells me that once again another girl is kidnapped, her name is Lilee Bheel. A man who kidnapped her, his name is Mehrab Marri. Her mother’s name is Raazi Bheel and she was sitting in the middle of the road, mourning that thugs can forcibly convert her to another religion.
Local Police has refused to register their case. Shall I ask that, is police there only to protect criminals? Why are we receiving different meaning, everyday, of justice and institutes of law enforcement?
Courts can grant bail to the Ex-dictator Musharraf whose hands are involved in crimes but queen of justice doesn’t ask single word. Courts do not listen to the case of Hindu girls and, on contrast, allow thugs to take them.
Local Police is refusing to file the case. Comical! At least, if state of courts cannot do justice, then file their FIR on a single page but poor people are not receiving this justice to get their cases filed either.

Hopes never die. Again, some hearts are listening to the voice of poor people in the desert.

Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Patron-in-chief PPP who took immediate initiative and following other people tweeted in response of this burning case.

However, strange people are asking that “what can Mr. Bilawal Bhutto do in case?” Well, cannot they listen to his voice who is taking notice though this is the duty of incumbent statesmen and courts? He is paying rapt attention to these cases with his pragmatic approach.

According to Sindhi saying, “our people use to saying that do not come but give call to us when you find us in trouble, your voice is enough that someone is there for us.” Whereas Poor people of Pakistan know that Justice is not for them but some voices must be there.

I have no idea, whether Lilee Bheel would be back to her home or not. As I have bitter experience of previous cases, when all Hindu girls had been kidnapped and courts did not allow them going with their parents.

I am only thinking of a mother whose destiny was not to sit in the middle of the road and while mourning, to call her daughter that Give me my daughter back but it is the injustice of this state that has made such kind of situation. Is Sorrow of mother is not listened? I leave this question to the statesmen and queen of justice, may they answer!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bhooro Bheel: My Lord, no suo moto for Sindhis but it was Bilawal Bhutto who took notice…!


When Manisha Kumari was kidnapped in the name of religion, her father was helpless and talked me over phone that “We (Sindhi – Hindus) have no right to live here, I am helpless that I cannot leave my mother land.” I had no words that what I should tell him?
I always believe in the history and queen of nature that they will bring people to the justice. We do not know that when history and queen of nature will act, while people have state and its queen of justice, unfortunate queen of justice is unable to see cases of victimization in the name of religion that is worst corruption and crime even it is cancer for the state but queen of justice doesn’t willing to see pain of indigenous people.
I have still remember that when Lord of Justice, Chief Justice Iftkhar Choudhary, didn’t give dew of justice, Hindu girl Rinkle who wanted dew of justice.

Our injured hands haven’t received few words of justice, either.
When I heard about Bhooro Bheel’s case I was pretty sure that neither Chief justice, nor any party can talk on Bhooro Bheel's case. 

Well, Chief Justice Saheeb, proved me right that Yes, there is no suo moto for Sindhis. But one young leader who proved me wrong and it was Bilawal Benazir Bhutto, who took notice and his first tweets on this case. At least, people must read this below tweets when he has taken notice though other parties and media didn’t pay attention.
Bilawal Benazir Bhutto quickly responded that 

And then, case came on media newspapers reported it and we people picked pen up on it.
It is a dismay of history; sons of soil are refused to bring to the justice, moreover society that claims and chanting for social liberties and talking against ban-ism, fair enough.
Freedom of Expression should not be locked, would they tell us that where the rights of Bhooro Bheel are whose dead body refused to attend the funeral because religious extremists

Photo: Daily Ibrat newspaper

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Balochistan-Earthquake: Homeless hearts know what pain is all about!


 How does catastrophe look like? This question was asked by a child and his mother just slightly smiled but question needs to be answered even I myself cannot find the answer, yet. When we all are born, living in catastrophe and have not been able to find its answer. Strange, maybe we do not want to accept reality of catastrophe which leaves unending sorrows behind while putting the lives on the ashes of death.

A mother that was incapable of answering her child about catastrophe. Now, she can show the face of mayhem through Balochistan’s earthquake. We journalists live in the world of news and know well that how situation can be turned into its worst phase. News are coming and giving facts regarding the damage in Balochistan due to earth quake.

Sometimes, one thing makes us speechless and in the inner you become helpless, as it happened to me when I saw a picture of annihilated mud-home and few children were leaving that home. Countless people have become homeless. Perhaps, people can say that if you face catastrophe then destruction becomes the destiny. It is very easy to say such kind of words and for a while can give a pause to the criticism but pain of homeless and loss can be felt by those whose souls have been injured.

While looking at the picture of damaged mud-house, I recalled my memories, when a girl was weeping and asking that where is my home? Do we have any home? Is our destiny in homeless? Constantly asking for house, then she stopped weeping, took a deep breath and said you people will never know the sorrow of being homeless. I do not know where is that girl now? If she saw picture of destroyed mud house in Balochistan, now she can surely say that homeless hearts know what the pain of being homeless is! On the earth one thing you cannot compare that’s anguish, hence sorrows have been walking in Balochistan but just now catastrophe has shown the real picture of people living in Balochistan. Natural disaster has done its work and snatched lives along their houses, villages and cities.

None is able to stop the wave of nature but state ought to do practical work, Balochistan is not untouchable province. It needs honest and worthwhile work by ruling party. Baloch people are suffering and especially children who are awfully affected.

How do they feel when they are not receiving relief fund because due to absence of law and order situation around, international NGOs are refrained from going to Balochistan, according to the report? What’s the hell! Which type of law and order is being talked of? When your province has lost its villages where the damage live on, how do you see the existence of law and order on the dead-bodies. 
So, government must wake up and stop giving lame excuses. Many dead bodies buried without their shrouds. Ruling party PML-N pretends to be the powerful government that even cannot provide shroud to their bodies. And we do keep hopes alive that government will help them.

However, are we senseless? Since people know rich rulers never help them. Balochistan has faced powerful struck earthquake but Mr. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is on his foreign trip, Oh I meant it can be said the ostensible foreign trip for democracy. 

When rulers would be asked about the nation, a nation that is crossing the line of disaster and their government is following three best steps of ignored-policy known as “Don’t see, Don’t Listen, Don’t Speak” then all matters will be fine. Of course, it is for rulers, not for the people. While enjoying democratic trip, Mr. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif must know that Baloch people have lost everything in earthquake. Sadly, What Mr. Nawaz Sharif is laughing for? How could he smile on his trips when people are dying and becoming homeless?

I think, Mr. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif does not know about facial language of Diplomacy, if anyone’s country has serious loss and the damage, its rulers do not live smile on Media, nor turn their faces gloomy either. But one should be balanced in having gesture as Facial-Diplomacy leaves message to the world and Prime minister Nawaz Sharif Sb. was passing smiles that means he is no longer worried for his country people. 

If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had known the art of Facial-Diplomacy as Bhutto(s) knew and knows it well. Government’s performance is very poor in Balochistan, people have pretty idea that in the disaster of Balochistan, country rulers would ask the world for funds. Are the rulers (they) are the merchants of catastrophe? However, if Pakistan’s assemblies rich ministers, politicians, businessmen and lords put hands in their pockets and take out money for Balochistan, even money must be utilized honestly for the recovery of ongoing damages in Balochistan then government may not need any funds from foreign countries. 

Bitter truth is that rich people seems poorest to help their people. Who will give money to affectees? None! In fact, merchants of catastrophe, they need such kind of incidents when their corrupt hands can collect more money. Government would ask for funds later funds go into their invisible boxes but hardly money can be used for people. After sometime, common people will collect bricks and start building their damaged and poor houses. 

Think for those who lost their families and homes, now living across the road-side who will give them home? I would leave this question for my dear people. We have homeless hearts, they are sleeping on the road while looking at the sky, and the sky may whisper that do not worry if people of the world do not give you shelter, my huge shelter is always here for you and someone might drop tears from his/her eyes, when they have no more even mud house and become homeless, their lives on the road. So, catastrophe actually looks like them whose lives become homeless. Isn’t it?

Balochistan-Earthquake: Homeless hearts know what pain is all about! published in The Frontier Post on 09-29-2013  


Child at BhitShah - Veengas
I took this photo in which boy is seen listening to Sufi music at Bhit Shah that was published in  The Frontier Post  on 27th September, 2013  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Karachi card & division of Sindh


History teaches us lessons but sometimes disobedient students don’t pay attention to learning of history. While ignoring bitter-lessons of history, the people see childish politics on the stage of Pakistan. Public has been facing problems for decades and those leaders who promised to get the key of solutions for problems after taking oath they have realized that country’s problems are deeply rooted. So, now rulers would understand the ABC of problem later public may be able to see solution of problems.

Meanwhile, Federal government is paying attention to Karachi more than Balochistan, at least PML-N has understood the core of problem of Karachi after taking oath. Well, the government is looking for peace in Karachi. Don’t make us laugh, when rich rulers claim to be the peace-makers.

Whenever, Karachi is being put on fire. Sudden question knocks on the door of many minds that is why only Karachi is facing cats-political fight, within in ten minutes Karachi turns into silent and then firing is started.
Those, who live in Karachi, they have better idea that who is doing? I am Karachi-based journalist; understand that who are behind these all blood-shed. Whilst writing this piece of writing, recalling the scene of closing shops when two handsome young boys were driving motorbike, opened firing in the air and then very quickly people started closing shops it was like movie scene in front of me. At least, who is issuing order them for firing, closing markets and to frighten people?
Worst situation of Karachi has led operation in city with collaboration of federal government. After operation, political parties might feel uneasy though everyone knows that operation is not only solution, the main issue is controlled-power which always makes disturbance in the city. Operation can weaken controlled-power!

My city Karachi is trampled by operation, thus peace is afraid of hands those are part of target killing and to leave horror on the roads.
Would government be able to end exiled-peace? This question needs its answer. However, card-politics has been started and Karachi-card again coming on the table of Karachi-Operation.
MQM plays Karachi card, when they don’t have shares in power, start beating the drums of new provinces. MQM’s control in Karachi makes us think that they are becoming Pir of Karachi where none can do without their willingness.

If a fly dies here, they demand for new province. Card Politics is not in favour of country-interest. Still, Pakistan has burden on its shoulder regarding Dilemma of Bengal. No doubt, the card politics can give head-lines in media but its consequences are seen harder among people. Whether MQM’s demand for new provinces is valid or invalid? Hence, everyone has script to promote their demands. But … But … But before speaking, need to understand political and historical consciousness.

If rulers or party holders don’t peep in the political and historical consciousness then time would make its own decision on the shoulder of common people. Sindh is not orphans’ cake, whosoever comes to make pieces out of it. Before coming on Sindh’s reservation over MQM’s demand, would like to return on MQM as they use to say that we made sacrifices for Pakistan. 

History never lies at least none would disagree with me at this point though being a Sindhi, our evidences and talks are un-listened and avoid to be listened.
Although 11th May 2013 elections result drew the hard line on provincial base across the country. It was Sindh that passed first resolution in favour of Pakistan and wholeheartedly welcome migrated people then gave them its big city, in fact indigenous people of Sindhi-Hindus, they were forced to leave their homeland.
So despite all the bitter fact, where should we put their sacrifices? Those people who migrated to Sindh they were not given the places in ruin areas. Fact, they were settled in cities. If they had lived in ruin areas, they would have turned ruin areas into developed module then it could be said that they developed cities.

People use to see one-sided picture of migration besides picture has also another side which is often deliberately ignored. People always see what they want to see in the picture, while playing with emotions of innocent people is not justice, nor in favour of survival of the country.

Pakistan is not in position to open the door for new provinces in those areas which possess oldest historical background. Pakistan is passing through crammed street of politics. Balochistan is burning as the KPK and Sindh suffer and neglected areas of Punjab that all are in trouble.

Does it make sense for opening lit of new province, when your country has nationalist movements after such slogans can give space to the horse of nationalism and this time finger would be go to the nine zero where they gave wake-up call to nationalism. Sindhi people are very sensitive towards their land if you hurt them by demanding for division of Sindh (New province) people will vehemently reject it. Since Sindhis are already ignored in the running system.

Very sorry…!! But this is bitter truth whether you accept it or not.
In Karachi, Sindhi students are even not allowed to get admission at the universities. Unfortunately, in 2010 during flood worst situation, one of the Urdu newspapers reported that “Sindhis are coming to Karachi.” What do you expect from Sindhis if they read such biased-statements? Sindhis were not going to China, in fact they were shifting from one place to another within their own province and such kind of attitude is always there for Sindhis.

Sindh has suffered a lot for its ages so their souls are injured and shattered by the sword of bloody-politics.
Sindh does not accept the division of Sindh, just put the hand on the heart of Sindh then you would realize what they speak. MQM enjoys its full power in Big City and making itself as stranger in the other parts of Sindh. Thus, they are Sindhis now sadly they do not count themselves. MQM says that they are facing problems. What type of problems, whole power is in their hands whenever they want to put city on the road of strikes, MQM is not deprived and such excuse does not suit them at least!

MQM’s demand for new provinces and for administrative system; If we are not mistaken, MQM just wants to maintain administration in the city. Then, Karachi ought to be divided into five districts whole Sindh will accept it, perhaps MQM may not. Many parties in Karachi want the division of Karachi and to turn historical geography of the city. Why does MQM not agree to the proposal of historical division of Karachi into five districts?

If new provinces are made, then geography would become larger? Of course not! Administrative system remains same and old faces will run the administrative system. In fact, new province in Sindh can mark hard-line especially in Karachi. The Government ought to divide Karachi into five districts and undo the Musharraf’s act because he turned Karachi in one-unit system, only to gain political-interests.
Truly, Karachi’s peaceful solution is in the division of five districts. MQM knows itself well that none will accept demand of division of Sindh. If voices are raised from Gadap and Malir, can state afford bad situation in the city?

Karachi Card is being used to gain power but sometimes it leaves uncomfortable feelings in public. Political parties need to come up with feasible solution instead of adding their part to the problems.
The writer can be reached at Twitter: @veengasJ

The Karachi card & division of Sindh, published in The Frontier Post on 21st sep. 2013 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Aseefa Bhutto & an old lady

اک درد جو اس کی آنکھوں میں۔۔۔!
آج پھر درد نے دستک دی ہے
کس کو بتائے اپنے درد کی کتھا
ہم جو ہر روز زخمی دل کے ساتھ سوتے ہیں
اور اس درد کا کوئی مرہم نہی
کبھی تو اس درد کو کوئی جلاوطن کرے
کہیں سے خوشیوں کی تھوری سی
بوند لیکر آئے
کہ، آج میرے ٹوٹے ہوئے درد پہ پھر سے درد نے دستک دی ہے ۔ (ہلینا) 
Source: online photo Aseefa Bhutto while visiting Flood affectees Camp
 تصویر کی اک اپنی زبان ہوتی ہے اس کو وہی سن سکتا ہے جس کے سنے میں دل درد کی کشتی پہ سفر کرتا ہو۔ مجھ اس بات کا اندازہ نہی شاید ہو بھی کے آصفہ کی اک بھوڑی اماں کے ساتھ لگئی تصویر پہ کتنے لوگوں نے تھوری دیر رک کے سوچا ہوگا یا پھر روایتی انداز سے فیس بک کی دنیا میں جاکر پسند کے آپشن پر کِلک کیا اور کتنو نے شاید مخالفت میں میسیج دیئے ہوں۔
اسی روایتی انداز کی سیاست ہوتی ہے پر کوئی دل اور آنکھوں کی بات کیوں نہی سنتا۔۔۔!!! میں ابھی تک الفاظ کی دنیا میں خاموش کھڑی ہوں اور سوچ رہی ہوں کے اس تصویر میں جو آنکھیں ہے ان پر کیا لکھوں؟!
اک وہ آنکھیں جس نے زندگی کا طویل سفر کیا ہے اور درد اس کی زندگی کی گود سے کبھی نہی بھاگا صرف اتنا ہی نہی ان بھوڑی آنکھوں نے تو شہید بینظیر بھٹو، شہید مرتضیٰ بھٹو سے لیکر سب بھٹوز  کو دیکھا ہے۔
آج اس کے سامنے پھر سے نوجوان لڑکی آصفہ بھٹو کھڑی ہے۔ آصفہ کے حصے میں آنا والا غم خونی سیاسی تلوار کے سبب ہے جس نے ان کی مما اور عوام سے لیڈر ہمیشہ کے لیئے لے لیا۔
قتل کرنے والے ہاتھ تاریخ کی آنکھوں سے بچ نا پائینگے گر ان کو ریاست کی آنکھیں اندیکھا کر بھی لی تو کیا ہوا۔۔!
مجھے اس بات کا پتا ہے کہ یہ الفاظ پڑہنے کے دوران ہم پر ای بی سی پارٹی کی کیمپ کا ٹھپا لگیا جائے۔  لیکن آپ کسی کو اپنی سچائی بتا نہی سکتے ان کی نظر میں ہم حقیر ہیں پر کیا کبھی انہوں نے سوچا ہے کہ ہم لوگ لفظوں کو بازار میں بیچا نہی کرتے لیکن ہاں اک دل کی صدا سنتے ہیں۔
کیوں کے ہماری خالی ہاتھوں میں صرف دل کی وراثت ہے کمسکم اس پہ تو الزام نہ لگائے۔
مجھ ان الفاظ کا سہارا اس لیئے لینا پڑا کیوں کے ہمارے ملک میں روایتی انداز سے چیزوں کو لیا جاتا ہے اور انسانوں کی سوچوں پہ مہریں لگا کر ان کو اپنی مرضی سے خانوں میں بند کرکے کسی کونے میں ڈال دیا جاتا ہے آپ کتنی بھی دستک دیں وہ نہی سنے گے کہ آپ کیا کہے رہے ہیں اور آپ کی بات کا اصل روح کیا ہے؟
تو میری بات کی اصل روح تصویر ہے۔ اس تصویر میں مجھ کو دونوں کی آنکھوں میں درد نظر آرہا ہے۔ مجھ اس بات کا انداز نہی کے بھوڑی اماں نے آصفہ سے کیا بات کی؟
کیا اس نے اس کو سیلاب میں اپنے گھر کی بربادی کی داستاں سنائی ہوگی اور شکایت کی ہوگی کے کسی بھی حکمران نے مدد نہی کی یا پھر آصفہ کو کچھ اور کہا ہوگا؟
کیا آصفہ اِن غریب لوگوں کے درد کو محسوس کر پائی جن کے گھر اب برباد ہوچکے ہیں اور حکومت کے حکمران صرف بات کرنے تک ہیں یہ لوگ جو اب سیاسی یتیم ہوچکے ہیں۔  
لیکن دونوں کی آنکھوں میں کوئی جھاتی پاکر دیکھے تو یہ کہے سکتا ہے کہ دونوں کے حصے میں آیا ہوا درد اس بےرحم سیاست کی وجہ سے ہے، جو کبھی بھی جلاوطن نہی ہوتا اور کسی نا کسی بہانے سے ٹوٹے ہوئے دلوں کے در پہ دستک دیتا ہے۔

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Known or Unknown but Baloch dead bodies found in Karachi, Why?


Now it is 1:33am Sunday, all people are sleeping in their beds with their dreams. And what is happening in Balochistan when people receive dead-bodies of their beloveds who were abducted. The poor people were/are knocking on the door of state that where are their beloveds?

Do they have well asleep? I am assured that they cannot sleep; when you will lose your beloved then you know what you have missed in your life? Pain of Balochistan has become old story and it receives injuries on a daily bases.

Human Rights organizations from international to state of Pakistan based, all are silent on Balochistan. Those hands are claimed; they are for people and can up voice for voiceless part of world. Unfortunate, they don’t speak up for Balochistan. We have no an idea, why are voices silent?

Dr. Abdul Malik was saying if I got chance, he would change the Balochistan’s situation.
No doubt, none can disagree that Balochistan’s situation is going to change but what kind of change?

First, Baloch dead bodies were detected in Balochistan and right now people can get dead bodies of Baloch in Karachi city of Sindh.

What is Dr. Malik doing? It is very strange, political parties have zipped its lips. At least, cannot political parties condemn and ask government that why are people dying?

Supreme Court of Chief Justice Mr. Iftkhar Choudhary has been taking sue motus and his all orders, increasing in numbers but have not received any single action. If our state chief justice Mr. Ifkhar Choudhary’s orders don’t get result, then who will listen orders of local judges. Is it called independent judiciary?
Dr. Malik’s government has not given solution of problems instead of only making artificial-talks for solution.
Balochistan’s problem is going into deep grave, moreover state may unable to get rob of solution for Balochistan. State and its agencies need to solve the problems, not to add on problems. Pakistan is already in problems of black-hole. State is sleeping, hence people are crying for Human Rights. When will statesman awake? This is big question before us.

Baloch are still receiving dead bodies, thus such bloody steps have been started from metropolitan city of Karachi. According to Rashid Baloch that from 1st January 2013 to 23rd August 2013 twenty three Baloch were killed in Karachi. Some of names are Haji Abdul Razzaq Baloch (Journalist and Leader of BNM), Mohmmad Pathan Bugti (Political activates), Babu Ifthekaar Baloch (Political activates), Ghafoor Baloch (Political activates),
Ramzan Baloch (Political activates), Umar Baloch (Political activates), Zaheer Baloch (Political activates), Maqbool Baloch (Political activates), Rehman Baloch (Political activates),
Adnan Baloch (Political activates), Haroon Baloch (Political activates),
Razzaq Baloch (Political activates) and Manzoor Baloch (Student abducted from Karachi), killed in Karachi. Even some dead bodies are still unknown.

Known or unknown, we all know one thing is very clearly that Balochistan is bleeding and it needs treatment of Human Rights. UN sent its delegation WGEID it could give only recommendations which are filed in File at the other hand Mr. Akhter Mengal gave Six Points, and sadly even one point wasn’t silent. 

Pakistan Muslim League (N) has its power means government D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y, shall they apply one letter at Baloch people who are looking for their beloveds. Missing persons have been forcibly kidnapped its numbers of missing persons more than 14,000 people.

Government and establishment don’t seem to be solved problem of Balochistan, if they are serious and willing to solve problems then why are Baloch being killed in Karachi?

Baloch political activism is continue in Karachi and many Baloch are living here. When they protest or hunger strike and voice come up on stage of the media or human rights organizations.
In Balochistan, all things are in tight controlled. Indeed, Baloch are working there while having difficulties.

What are reasons of Baloch assassination in Karachi? Some people think that:
·        To suppress activities of Baloch people in Karachi besides encountering Sindhi nationalism, too.
·        To shift steps of operation from Balochistan and giving tag of target killing on Baloch after then state can tell to the world that now Baloch are not killing in Balochistan but they are dying in target killing.

Unnamed Baloch shared that establishment has made Mussalah Difai Tanzeem and this organization is also involved in Baloch assassinations. “Mussalah Difai Tanzeem is operating from Mastung area of Balochistan. Kohli Khan, drug smuggler is allegedly head of this organization. There are involved in kidnapping for ransom even members are issued specific identity cards by agencies of state. Including this organization is paid by the provincial government. They have established torture cells on the highlands of Harboi in Kalat District, as documented in Baloch Council for Human Rights.”

Can Dr. Malik answer regarding Mussalah Difai Tanzeem? Is Mussala Difai Tanzeem paid by provincial government? Why does this group exist and what is the reason behind it? People of state wanted to know about it. At least, Balochistan government must answer regarding Mussalah Difai Tanzeen.

Balochistan is facing turbulence and its conflict is not new. Where is government? If people have government then it should be seen by its work, not by lip service.
Right now, Balochistan needs bridge of human rights, otherwise things are falling. People, who want to see their beloved, not dead bodies. If knocking on the door gives message of death then what would people expect?
Assassination of Baloch must stop whether in Balochistan or Karachi. State must protect and give security to the people, not to tag as Unknown or Known dead bodies.

Do statesmen (Rulers) have ever think that how are people passing their lives when they get news about death of their beloved? 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why did Imran Khan intend to hold closed-door meeting?


It is very strange to us that why politicians come up with funny talks in the arena of power politics. Maybe politicians don’t have good script for speaking before media or by wage talks; they wanted to have attention of media.

Once upon, people had entertaining politician Former Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani, whose words knows as amusing in world of comedy that degree is degree.
But chapter doesn’t close when we read news that Imran Khan calls for closed-door meeting.

While reading statement of Imran Khan, it seemed that Aslam Raisani has returned.
Does Imran Khan have no information that our foreign policy of Pakistan has been written by the military and without permission of establishment, no one can dare to add single letter of A…B…C in foreign policy.

People understand well, what is status of APC in our country? It doesn’t get result except taking cup of teas and long speeches.

We have doubt that Imran Khan might not read Abbottabad Commission Report, the report tells entire story of foreign policy of Pakistan. Oh, Imran Khan no longer asks regarding Drones, will he not march to former ISI director general Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s house since Pasha's statement on Drones are reported in Abbottabad commission report? As Imran Khan has been against drones and after Abbottabad commission report, he doesn’t seem any more talking against Drones-Attack.

When country makes policies under the shadow of establishment, then why is Imran Khan asking that military should be on same page. In fact, it is already on every page of power.

Probably, Imran Khan has shown his own grief that first they had promised him for meeting and later he was ignored.
Therefore, Imran Khan wanted to be on the same page? 

Imran khan intends to hold meeting with General Ashfaq kiyani and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, then fundamental issues must be discussed but why such decisions among three?
As we know, we have two more provinces that their political figures also there. What about the two provinces of this country Sindh and Balochistan?

If Imran khan is showing his will to know truth regarding national security concerns in closed door meeting, now, why are not other politicians being given much attention for seeking the truth about our failure security plan or strategies?

If that truth or major issues are the agenda of three men’s meeting, however at the same time why government needs to waste its money and time on APC?

On the other hand if media and opposition let them (General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan) to hold track II diplomacy, we know that we will have the press releases of the meeting for the newspapers on the bases of Don’t-See, Don’t-Listen & Don’t-Speak. So, Imran Khan may want this?
Well, he should know that our policies are made on the table of establishment and fragile government is bound to follow them. Imran quoted IMF package. Our country is undeveloped and each government does not willing to serve people but in the name to people power hungers are to serve their vested interests.

Counter Terrorism Policy?

Policy regarding terrorism is always known as matter of strategic policies that are often finalized by military thus are always reluctant disclosed its security agendas.
A country cannot defeat the cancer of terrorism, unless extremists are being fed by their own people.
Why did Imran Khan call for closed-door meeting?
It could be message to Ashfaq Preves Kiyani by Imran Khan that they should give him propriety in the matter of decision-making.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Malala Yousafzai

ملالہ یوسفزئی۔۔۔!
تم مجھ سے کبھی یہ سوال ناکرنا،
کہ زندگی کو صلیب پہ کیوں لٹکایا جاتا ہے،
یا پھر ہم سب دھول لیکر اپنے چہرے پہ کیوں لگاتے ہیں
کیوں کہ میرے پاس کیسی بھی سوال کا کوئی جواب نہی
لیکن ھا تم اک بات ذہن میں رکھنا،
جب تم دنیا میں ناحق دیکھو،
تو تم ان کے بیچ میں لکیرین نا کھینچنا،
لیکن ہر درد پہ آواز اُٹھانا،
اور ہر ایک ناحق کے خلاف اپنے پاؤں کو آگے کرنا،
ہماری دنیا میں زندگی صرف صلیب یا چہرے پہ دھول نہی ڈالتے،
لیکن ہماری دنیا میں ناحق کو بھی ڈبو (باکس) میں ڈالا جاتا ہے،
انسانیت کا بٹوارا کیا جاتا ہے،
اور تم کبھی بھی انسانیت کا بٹوارا نہی ہونے دینا۔۔۔(ہلینا)
 پاکستان میں گر کوئی نئی بات ہوسکتی ہے تو پھر وہ یہ کے انصاف اور جمہوری انداز سے حق مل سکے۔ ہمارے پاس ہر روز اور ہر پل ناحق دستک دیتا ہے۔
کیا پاکستان میں عورتوں کے ساتھ ظلم ہونا کوئی نئی بات ہے؟ ہماری اخباریں اُٹھا کر دیکھیں ان میں ہر باکس ظلم اور ناانصافی کی خبروں سے بھرا پڑا ہے۔ اس ملک میں مذہب کے نام پہ ہندوں لڑکیوں کو اُٹھایا گیا اس وقت ملک کی کون سی میڈیا، پیاری سول سوسائٹی یا انسانی حقوق کے علمبرداروں نے آواز اُٹھائی؟ جو لڑکیاں سپریم کورٹ تک گئی ان کو کون سا انصاف ملا؟
وہ مخالف پارٹی والی جو آج اقتدار میں ہیں انہوں نے بلوچستان کی ناری دیپا دیوی کوۜ کون سا انصاف دیا؟
عوام کے درد پہ کسی نے ایمانداری سے آواز اُٹھائی ہے؟ میں یہ سوال پاکستان سے لیکر پوری دنیا کی ہر اس مہذب سوسائٹی سے کرنا چاہتی ہوں جو بڑی بڑی دعوائیں کرتے ہیں۔
جب درد اور ناحق کو امیر ڈبے میں پیش کر کے دنیا کی مارکیٹ میں بیچا جائے تو پھر درد commodity بن جاتا ہے امیروں کی دنیا میں ہلکی سی خراش پڑ جائے تو انسانیت خطرے میں پڑجاتی ہے اور جب غریبوں کی جھوپڑیوں کو جلایا جائے تو پھر عذر پیش کیا جاتا ہے کہ ہمارے پاس ناانصافی اور ناحق موجود ہے ان کو حل کرنے کے لئیے اک بھتر سماج کی ضرورت ہے ہم کوشش کر رہے ہیں کے اک بہتر سماج جُڑ سکے۔
آپ اور ہم کو ردعمل نظر نہی آئے گا اس قسم کے دہرے معیار موجود ہیں اس لیئے ہی ناحق داداگیری سے گھوم رہا ہے۔
اس سارے suffocated ماحول میں کچھ آواز ایسے ہیں جو کوشش کرکے آگے آتے ہیں کچھ آوازوں کو پلیٹ فارم ملتا ہے اور کچھ کو نہی ملتا، لیکن اس کا مطلب یہ نہی ہونا چاہیئے کے اُن مثبت آوازوں کو سپورٹ نہ کیا جائے۔
Malala Yousafzai - photo via online.

ملالہ یوسفزئی!
جس نے کوشش کرکے اپنے آپ کو بھتر کام کرنے کے لیئے جوڑا ہے اُس کی اس کوشش سے کوئی انکار نہیں کر سکتا۔ ملالہ پہ چلی ہوئی گولی یقینن پہلی گولی نہی ہے اس سے پہلے بھی کتنی معصوم لڑکیوں پہ گولیاں چلی ہے۔ اس جسے کتنی آوازیں ہے جو بھتر سماج جوڑنے کی کوشش کر رہی ہیں۔ ان سب کی کوششوں سے کون انکار کرتا ہے؟!
ملالہ، گر سپورٹ حاصل کر رہی ہے تو اس کو سپورٹ کیون نہی کیا جائے؟ ملالہ کو سپورٹ کرنے کا مقصد کے ان جسی دوسری کوششوں کو سپورٹ کیا جائے کہ وہ سماج میں آگے آئیں۔
ہم سب اس حقیقت سے انکاری نہی ہیں کہ بہت سے آوازوں کو مثبت سپورٹ نہی ملی تو پھر کیا ملالہ کی آواز اور کوشش کو سپورٹ نہ کرنا چاہیئے؟؟؟
سوال یہ اُٹھنا چاہیئے کہ انسانیت کے علمبردار اس وقت باہر کیوں نکل آتے ہیں جب کسی کیس پہ میڈیا کی اسپاٹ لائیٹ پڑتی ہے؟
اس ساری ڈوڑ میں ملالہ کی آواز کو سائیڈ لائن نہی کرنا چاہیئے۔  یہ ناانصافی ہوگی کہ ملالہ کو اس لیئے سپورٹ ناکرنا چاہیئے کہ دوسری لڑکیوں کو پلیٹ فارم  نہی ملا؟
تو پھر کیا آپ کو ملالہ میں وہ لڑکیاں نظر نہی آرہی جو اپنی جگھ پہ اک بھتر سماج کی کوشش کر رہی ہیں؟
ملالہ ہمارے سماج کا حصا ہے جس نے اک کوشش کرکے آگے قدم اُٹھایا ہے ایسے قدم کو سپورٹ کرنا چاہیئے۔
اس سارے ماحول میں اک بات نہی بھولنا چاہیئے کہ ہم جس ملک میں رہتے ہیں جہاں تعلیم سے زیادہ بجیٹ آرمی پہ لگائی جاتی ہے

اور 2.3% تعلیم پہ لگائی جاتی ہے اور تو اور تعلیم پہ توجہ  زیرو پرسنٹیج ہے۔
ملالہ پہ تنقید کرنے والے اس ملک میں اس لیئے بھی ہیں کہ اس نے یو این او میں شہید بینظیر بھٹو کا نام لیا۔ ان سیاسی پارٹیوں کو سوچنا چاہیئے کہ ہر اک چیز کو سیاسی مفاد پرستی کے چشمے سے نہی دیکھیں۔
 اقرار کرنا چاہیئے کہ شہید بینظیر بھٹو کی زندگی اس ملک میں عورتوں کے لیئے inspiration  رہی ہیں، جب کہ سیاسی پالیسیز کو اک سائیڈ پہ رکھتے ہیں لیکن شہید بینظیر بھٹو کی ٹف زندگی سے کوئی انکار کر سکتا ہے؟
ہمارے سماج میں بہت بہادر آواز ہیں جن کو تعلیم کا سہارا ملنا چاہیئے۔
جس سماج میں اسکول بند ہوں، جس سماج میں لائیبرریاں بند ہوں، جس سماج میں بچوں کے ہاتھ سے کتابیں چھینی جاتی ہوں وہاں پہ ملالہ جسی آواز کو ہمت افزائی کرنا چاہیئے۔
گر انسانیت کا بٹوارا کیا گیا تو پھر دنیا جہنم بن جائے گی جہاں پہ زندگیاں جنم تو لیں گی لیکن صرف مرنے کے لیئے۔
ہم سب کو سوچنا چاہیئے کہ ہم سب انسانیت کے لیئے کیسے قدم اُٹھا رہے ہیں؟
ملالہ کی کہانی ایک بار پھر پاکستان حکومت سے پوچھتی ہے کہ آپنے تعلیم کے لیئے کیا کر رہے ہیں؟ آپ کی حکومت نے معصوم بچیوں کے تحفظ کے لیئے کون سے اقدام اُٹھائے ہیں؟ دھشتگردی کو کسے نمٹاجائے گا؟ جب پنجاب کی صوبائی حکومت جمعت الدعوہ کے لیئے بجیٹ رکھتی ہے؟
ہمارے بچے اسکول کسے جائے گے جب اسکولوں پہ تالے ہونگے؟