Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fatima Bhutto

Sooth:  Is Fatima Bhutto entering in arena of Pakistan Politics?


Once again messages on cell phone and social networking got warm on news of Fatima Bhutto that will she join or not in Politics? When I heard/read news she will contest  general  election.

After news she has left commit on Twitter that “@fbhutto : Tribune story exists only in the galloping imagination of the author. It is obviously, wildly untrue.”

It was not new news for me because we all have been analyzing such kind of news regarding Fatima.  When my younger sister asked about this news, I could only comment that some news have no reality but sometimes news are being developed or generated for making warm atmosphere and wanted to see reaction of public that how will pubic react?

Personally, as we believe or have an idea that Fatima will never join politics because she has revolutionary approach and she knows well controlled politics in Pakistan. A lady who lost her family and still swimming in tear of sorrows, she knows if my soul is injured because of blood-controlled-politics of Pakistan, thus she is hardly to sit with those people who are bad actor of politics in assemblies.
If she joint politics then it would be compel led to joining politics. So far, she does not want to see herself before mirror of ruling politics, even yes of course she may be willing to work for poorest people and contributing in public politics through her writings.

She is making her own ground instead of jump into oldest room of politics, it can be happened that she wants to empty seat of politics for her beloved Brother.

Well, Fatima Bhutto has rebel thoughts and anger on power politics of Pakistan, she has many rock-hard things for rejecting to join politics though her views are somehow, is correct.
Nowadays Pakistan is going to enter five season of election, and news would be raining on people time to time as same news regarding Fatima Bhutto, she would contest upcoming general election.
She will not if she is being forced to join then it can be political decision but personally she does not want to run in arena of politics of Pakistan.

If people are worried that why does not she join or will she join? One senior person shared views that why establishment is going to open door of fight among Bhuttos as we had seen between Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, now it must be stopped. If anyone wants to join politics then let  her/him but do not make fake-statements that to be caused of misunderstanding in public. And a coded word of Fatima Bhutto’s article, Enough is Enough, added unnamed person.

Sooth is, she will hardly join politics, a system that cannot justice with her father’s case. How would she enter in controlled system of politics? She has own way of walking on edge of politics.
She always refuses and hates dynasty-politics then would she join that place which she doesn’t want?
Elections are at door of politicians and news will be being made or converted into another shape for making warm water of politics.  

I do not understand why people of Pakistan, want to jump into politics? Politics doesn’t mean to sit on seat of assemblies but politics means, to work for people and country. Thus, on the earth we have many ways of work for our people as Fatima does work of art of writing; she is in politics with pen of ink. It is more powerful than controlled/contract based politics.  Isn’t it?

Sooth of politics of Fatima is this that she is in politics through writings  but not like oldest style of Pakistani power politics.

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