Saturday, December 22, 2012

Editorial: Gaza: Your Brother is dead..!


Middle East problem is getting worst time to time instead of it should be solved but unfortunately we see war among Israel and Palestine. On November 2012, week battle fought between them. What they have received in last? After killing each other people. According to report, “The recent fighting between Israel and Hamas and armed groups in Gaza took place from November 14 to 21, 2012. It involved unlawful attacks on civilians by both sides. At least 103 Palestinian civilians and 4 Israeli civilians died during the fighting, reported in Human Rights Watch organization.
This is not first time, fighting have started between both parties by claiming ownership on land of Gaza.
Why Gaza – West Bank is very important for Israel and Palestine? If you control main route that leads you to hold your feet on Palestine even can easily involve in politics of entire Middle East.
Hence, conflict between Israel and Palestine is being coloured by religious minds or capitalist class.
They know well that in the name of religion, this war can long be led and to be made people very crazy bye use of this tool and war becomes holy and emotion of people to be drove.
But crux matter is not like that as they are painting religious colour on the wall of Middle East.
One school of thought saying if Israel and Palestine conflict would be solved, then foreign power makers have no need to stay on land of Middle East countries. While sitting on conflict – boat of Israel and Palestine to float in Middle East.
All game mean is making business and its price has to be paid by innocent people of Israel and Palestine, though Palestinian people are suffering more than Israelis.
Israel’s common people are beautiful; sadly their government policy towards Gaza’s citizen of Palestine is.
Historical background is given proof that Israelis are real son of soil Jerusalem but on the other hand we cannot hide our face that now Palestinian also owns this land.
For instance, if conflict did not solve, who will be more suffered? Can leaf of history forgive us that each decade we slaughter our children because the want of Gaza Land? Cannot we make peace between both nations?
Muslim Countries should let-off to colour of religion. This dispute religion doesn’t talk about conquer or offering sacrifices of innocent children. This chapter is must be closed and need to sit on table-talks for solving conflict: Israel and Palestine.
We are not in position to afford any weapon state, if this world becomes weapon world and everyone start putting gun at people after then we will be sent alive in the hell, don’t need to wait for Hell & Heaven after death. Such kinds of conflict are promoting numbers of weapon and nuclear arms.
Palestinian suffers in Gaza and this bitter truth knows everyone. World should not give excuse for anger, and then same anger can be exploited in the hands of power makers, who want to see their own agenda.
World have to listen sorrow of Palestinians, besides Muslim countries should also remove negative impact of Israelis among their people. On the row of hates, problems will be fallen. Do we need to solve problems or let them drop? Question needs an answer.
When, our ears hear voice that Your Brother is dead. What ought to reaction, know victim well when their houses have been dismantled and dead body of sibling is on the street?
Gaza problem, must be solved otherwise it would be gone in worst position and people of Israel and Palestine to be paid heavy price. Before we pay heavy price, should solve to this conflict that can be caused to kill smiles of innocent people.

Published in English Magazine Bolan Voice on November/2012

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