Saturday, December 22, 2012

Editorial: Gaza: Your Brother is dead..!


Middle East problem is getting worst time to time instead of it should be solved but unfortunately we see war among Israel and Palestine. On November 2012, week battle fought between them. What they have received in last? After killing each other people. According to report, “The recent fighting between Israel and Hamas and armed groups in Gaza took place from November 14 to 21, 2012. It involved unlawful attacks on civilians by both sides. At least 103 Palestinian civilians and 4 Israeli civilians died during the fighting, reported in Human Rights Watch organization.
This is not first time, fighting have started between both parties by claiming ownership on land of Gaza.
Why Gaza – West Bank is very important for Israel and Palestine? If you control main route that leads you to hold your feet on Palestine even can easily involve in politics of entire Middle East.
Hence, conflict between Israel and Palestine is being coloured by religious minds or capitalist class.
They know well that in the name of religion, this war can long be led and to be made people very crazy bye use of this tool and war becomes holy and emotion of people to be drove.
But crux matter is not like that as they are painting religious colour on the wall of Middle East.
One school of thought saying if Israel and Palestine conflict would be solved, then foreign power makers have no need to stay on land of Middle East countries. While sitting on conflict – boat of Israel and Palestine to float in Middle East.
All game mean is making business and its price has to be paid by innocent people of Israel and Palestine, though Palestinian people are suffering more than Israelis.
Israel’s common people are beautiful; sadly their government policy towards Gaza’s citizen of Palestine is.
Historical background is given proof that Israelis are real son of soil Jerusalem but on the other hand we cannot hide our face that now Palestinian also owns this land.
For instance, if conflict did not solve, who will be more suffered? Can leaf of history forgive us that each decade we slaughter our children because the want of Gaza Land? Cannot we make peace between both nations?
Muslim Countries should let-off to colour of religion. This dispute religion doesn’t talk about conquer or offering sacrifices of innocent children. This chapter is must be closed and need to sit on table-talks for solving conflict: Israel and Palestine.
We are not in position to afford any weapon state, if this world becomes weapon world and everyone start putting gun at people after then we will be sent alive in the hell, don’t need to wait for Hell & Heaven after death. Such kinds of conflict are promoting numbers of weapon and nuclear arms.
Palestinian suffers in Gaza and this bitter truth knows everyone. World should not give excuse for anger, and then same anger can be exploited in the hands of power makers, who want to see their own agenda.
World have to listen sorrow of Palestinians, besides Muslim countries should also remove negative impact of Israelis among their people. On the row of hates, problems will be fallen. Do we need to solve problems or let them drop? Question needs an answer.
When, our ears hear voice that Your Brother is dead. What ought to reaction, know victim well when their houses have been dismantled and dead body of sibling is on the street?
Gaza problem, must be solved otherwise it would be gone in worst position and people of Israel and Palestine to be paid heavy price. Before we pay heavy price, should solve to this conflict that can be caused to kill smiles of innocent people.

Published in English Magazine Bolan Voice on November/2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Heritage of Sindh

So, Was Jawaharlal Nehru right?


Subcontinent has had oldest history of places. It would not be harm if I write that this region is known regarding its beautiful historical places. It is our privileged, our forefathers had made very beautiful work on this earth but we people do not know how to save our forefathers’ work.

What is reason? Do we not know what importance of historical places is? How it plays role in development of nations? History is soul of nations, without history each nation is like Idol or nation has no feet.

History is backbone of nations because of healthy past nations can move in present and future. I don’t want to give lecture on importance of history, people have knowledge that how historical consciousness plays role in our ideas.  Maybe I am trying to convince or telling those people who are already convinced or known.
Perhaps, one thing most of people might not know that when subcontinent was going to divide it was not division of people but it was division of historical places as I always write that partition of subcontinent was biased, later we saw and are seeing that how did people force to leave their homes?

It did not only happen with families but with the passage of time, religious biased or extremists thinking start to attacking on historical places.  
In Pakistan, regional means small provinces’ historical become or counted as Kafir blasphemer.  It really gives harm history of Sindh, Balochistan and khyber pakhtunkhwa.

In Sindh we can see how all historical places those are related with Hindus, are going to vanish or demolish. Sadly, government performance was and is Zero yet.
Government has taken swear that they will never listen, see and speak, If they speak in favour of public interest, probably they think that it goes against democracy, thus they do not want to talk about public and historical places.

We have been writing and informing to Sindh government that kindly pay attention on historical places they are dying and to be made with dust.

Sindh has rich historical places as Indus Vally (Moen Jo Daro) but if anyone has bit time they must go and peep into Moen Jo Daro, that becomes Orphan place and none is ready to take its responsibilities for saving. Recently Sindh has been facing flood-Rain disaster since 2012, because of rain and flood disaster historical places have been damaged.
Roopa Mari – Place ( Roopa was Mother of Chaneser and Dudo, famous historical character of Sindh) is totally broken. 
Great Makli graveyard, to be converted into graveyard.  Marui and Umer place (Famous story of Sindh) their place is ruined. Raja Dahir Place is also ruining. These places are seeing  people of this land and might they tell themselves that who says only children of people are orphan but it happens with us (Historical Places) as we are orphans and none will has ability to stand up for us and save, we are here for you and not to allow you for dying.  

All can feel own personal pain but is there anyone, who will be able to feel pain of these historical places?

If we see in Karachi, Metropolitan City has worst attitude towards historical places. Oldest Hindu places are consciously trying to remove. Why and what are reasons that some hidden hands want to run bulldoze on historical places and temples?
We can see Islamic names on buildings and billboards or contemporary names of politician but we do not see  names of Hindu, Parsi or Christian people who worked and left remarkable historical work.

On 2nd December 2012 Hindu people protested against demolish of oldest Raam Pir Temple at Doli Khata – Karachi. Many families have been thrown out from temple as temple has been demolished and expensive Idol also robbed. One Hindu man shared his views that Ameen Lakhani builder is involved in this case and MQM is supporting him because after demolishing temple, they can build up buildings. Such kind of steps gives us message that Hindu must leave this country and withdraw from our right of living in this country. We are indigenousness people but have no right to perform our religious duties.
Rinkle Kumari's uncle Raj Kumar said that president of Pakistan Mr. Asif Zardari took notice but we have bitter experience of it whenever Mr. Zardari has taken notice, we have not received positive result. So we are not hopeful that Mr. Zardari’s notice will work in our favour but let’s see, what will happen?
They kidnap our daughters, kill our children, and forcibly convert to religion and now demolishing our historical places, what is our sin? Can anyone tell us? he said.

Politicians, Activists, Writers and Social worker all are silent on loss of historical places; they don’t care if historical places are dying from Indus Vally (Moen Jo Daro) to Raam Pir Temple.
Today, we don’t kill our historical places but unconsciously we all are signing on our dead warrant. If we demolish our temples or oldest places it means we break our mirror of our past.
Our forefather did not build such beautiful places that today conservative people load its biased approach and to fire on their art.
If Sindh Government has cultural department then it must show its presences and save historical places of Sindh. We should not wait for funeral of historical places of subcontinent.

Once Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about Moen Jo Daro, in his book The discovery of India that “one day this historical place may be mixed in dust and died.” Had he an idea about extremist/biased attitude towards historical places? 

Now when I see that historical places are dying and from government to activists or public no one has cared about them then I am asking myself that was Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru was right?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fatima Bhutto

Sooth:  Is Fatima Bhutto entering in arena of Pakistan Politics?


Once again messages on cell phone and social networking got warm on news of Fatima Bhutto that will she join or not in Politics? When I heard/read news she will contest  general  election.

After news she has left commit on Twitter that “@fbhutto : Tribune story exists only in the galloping imagination of the author. It is obviously, wildly untrue.”

It was not new news for me because we all have been analyzing such kind of news regarding Fatima.  When my younger sister asked about this news, I could only comment that some news have no reality but sometimes news are being developed or generated for making warm atmosphere and wanted to see reaction of public that how will pubic react?

Personally, as we believe or have an idea that Fatima will never join politics because she has revolutionary approach and she knows well controlled politics in Pakistan. A lady who lost her family and still swimming in tear of sorrows, she knows if my soul is injured because of blood-controlled-politics of Pakistan, thus she is hardly to sit with those people who are bad actor of politics in assemblies.
If she joint politics then it would be compel led to joining politics. So far, she does not want to see herself before mirror of ruling politics, even yes of course she may be willing to work for poorest people and contributing in public politics through her writings.

She is making her own ground instead of jump into oldest room of politics, it can be happened that she wants to empty seat of politics for her beloved Brother.

Well, Fatima Bhutto has rebel thoughts and anger on power politics of Pakistan, she has many rock-hard things for rejecting to join politics though her views are somehow, is correct.
Nowadays Pakistan is going to enter five season of election, and news would be raining on people time to time as same news regarding Fatima Bhutto, she would contest upcoming general election.
She will not if she is being forced to join then it can be political decision but personally she does not want to run in arena of politics of Pakistan.

If people are worried that why does not she join or will she join? One senior person shared views that why establishment is going to open door of fight among Bhuttos as we had seen between Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, now it must be stopped. If anyone wants to join politics then let  her/him but do not make fake-statements that to be caused of misunderstanding in public. And a coded word of Fatima Bhutto’s article, Enough is Enough, added unnamed person.

Sooth is, she will hardly join politics, a system that cannot justice with her father’s case. How would she enter in controlled system of politics? She has own way of walking on edge of politics.
She always refuses and hates dynasty-politics then would she join that place which she doesn’t want?
Elections are at door of politicians and news will be being made or converted into another shape for making warm water of politics.  

I do not understand why people of Pakistan, want to jump into politics? Politics doesn’t mean to sit on seat of assemblies but politics means, to work for people and country. Thus, on the earth we have many ways of work for our people as Fatima does work of art of writing; she is in politics with pen of ink. It is more powerful than controlled/contract based politics.  Isn’t it?

Sooth of politics of Fatima is this that she is in politics through writings  but not like oldest style of Pakistani power politics.