Thursday, November 29, 2012

Israel - Palestine

Gaza's Ashes


Under the sky each problem can be solved if you want to search of solution of problem. Whilst writing these lines, I must say that world has not learnt art of solving problems.
We are living an advanced world that has crossed many stages but sadly people’s thinking approach is following foot step of primitive stages of the world.

We all want to win other people but never think for a while that whom we are winning and at which cast to win them?

These all questions are looking for answers but nowhere are single answer except long silence.
Before few days, we saw bloody battle between Israel and Palestine; we all know well older problem in Middle East. One problem which has no solution some people do not want to solve this line of problem between Israel and Palestine because if this line of problem would be solved than what will be left behind for them, who are seeking interests in Middle East.

Kings of world, they know well, to disturb poor people then they cannot ask question; therefore make them busy into their own domestic problems, so it would be easy to rule on them and can be ruled on their minds. It means power of thinking of common people would be remained in the hands of Power Makers.

Nowadays, we live in Modern Age, none can make us slavery but we are wrong we are slaves with new techniques of Modern Age; we are tied with invisible chains and this is worst than stone age slavery period. And Middle East is tied with invisible chains.

Power Politics sows seeds of Wars as they think that by war can be made Peace. This is big and worst joke to the people because weapons have power to kill, not to bring flower of peace.

As we have seen battle in Gaza, I do not code how many people have been killed, rockets being fired or bombing. Maybe world can count dead bodies but can we count sorrows or dropping tears from eyes of people, can we?

OK…Fine. Maybe some of people say that we should not be more emotional but without emotion none will be able to walk on the earth, isn’t it?

I am asking to the world that claims for making peace but when families lost their home in Gaza, one person lost his/her beloved in Israel and not only this Gaza has many stories which are filled with anguish and orphan children are standing on streets, what is running on their minds?

When one child goes to his mother and asks that who has destroyed our house? Why they killed my brother? And when young generation stand and ask to us that why only politics give us dead bodies and destructions? Do we think for them?
When you loss things then our empty hands have only questions because mayhem leaves only bunch of questions.

I have been asking myself that what I should write on Gaza. A war that always leaves ashes among people and we all walk on ashes of war, those reminds us painful moments.
Power Politics has no ears, eyes and feelings that unable to see sorrows and orphaned faces of poor people.
We all are standing out from circle of Power Politics and seeing broken heart in Gaza. This world has medicine for injuries but it has failed to find out finish wave of sorrow. Gaza’s ashes have anguish and whenever people walk their feet touch ashes and they recall sounds of war/battles.
Time has come to us ands asks who will confiscate ashes of war in Gaza?

For now, matter is not whether Gaza is property of Israel or Palestine? Matter is under the shadow of heavy weapons, why innocent people are being killed and their homes are destroyed.
I am pretty sure rich head of statesmen do not understand pain of living without shelter, as this pain exists in Gaza.

I am stopping myself to write more because I know well for whom I am writing? Power Politics that will unable to understand our language and its actions are horrible because whenever feet of power politics moves, they devastate our world or for them who want to change but have no power in power politics. I do not know why I am telling to them who know all than me but they cannot feel pain of sorrow, have no relation with poor people and are unable to smell of ashes of war.

Gaza’s Ashes are only for people and world has words that cannot reduce pain of people. Gaza’s Ashes can not make peace in fact it reminds to all of us what has been happened.
Would we ask ourselves, what are we giving our children when they walk on ashes of war?

Published in English Newspaper The Frontier Post

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