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Imran Khan's Rally

Talking to Waziristan & Seeing to D.I Khan Imran Khan: Jana tha Waziristan Pahunch gaye D.I.Khan Samjh Gaye na..!


All Politics is local Politics, this is very popular sentence in the world of politics. Even if you don’t talk on local issues, will not able to hold umbrella of politics.

We can see famous Politicians who stood by common people and issued their genuine problems.
Common people is heart of politics, if you don’t have heart of public, hardly you can make even place of sitting chair on the ground.

Understanding stratum of Politics and Art of Politics is not easy task. You ought to know historical and political consciousness of this region as Politics of South Asia, has different historical process of politics.
Sadly, nowadays politics is becoming business though pages of past, they tell us politics was part of state and public interests but things now have been changed and entering into worst place.

When you are become famous on social net works or TV channels then you consider yourself as politicians this is what style has adopted in arena of politics that can bring benefit for self-interests.
While politics is an ambassador of state; where state to state and issues and matters of people would be solved on the politics-table.

People should understand importance of politics, not to count it as business card. Sometimes, nations face to trouble situation when they have vacuum on ground of politics.
In Pakistan politics is Orphan, therefore few immature minds are being prepared to bring in politics because hidden hands want to complete their interests on the shoulder of weaker people.

Mr. Imran Khan is thrown on the political-chess-game by hidden hands and he has not tough competition in politics. He is trying to get only popularity and luxury middle class public gatherings (Jalsas).
He thinks, he has degree from Oxford and opposed to United States, as Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did, hence; he would become like Bhutto (s). Unfortunate, He is neither become Bhutto (s), nor even simple can create his own political ideology. He has American – Drones phobia and sympathy towards religious conservatives’ minds.

We can see his walking on politics-path where you hardly see him to speak on public matters. He always jumps into those issues where can get international popularity. We guess, according to him All Politics is international media hype (popularity), maybe he wanted to see himself as Hero of Pakistani Politics Film, but … but his confused politics’ script is making him unpopular among poor people of Pakistan.
He beats drum of sovereignty of country even he has not talked on Balochistan’s problem. Missing persons of Balochistan are more than 14000 and not only this people are receiving their beloved dead bodies.
Roads of Balochistan are empty and dropping ashen of sorrows, while walking people can find out dead body and people cries loudly, here is …. Here is …. His dead body.

Does it not violation of sovereignty of country and violation of human rights including international laws? Why Mr. Khan reminds song of ethics on Drones? Here I would clear one point that criticize on Mr. Khan’s opposition on Drones, does not mean we are fully agreed with policies of drones, although we have another view on drones on Pakistan. Therefore, it should be cleared for readers.
Mr. Khan knows if he opposes Drones attack, he can get attention of international media and especially White House (United States).

For example we can agree for a while that he has strong policy for opposing drones attack and keenly wanted to see solution of war against terrorism. OK…Fine.
Some questions are raising and need to answers. If Mr. Khan has own policy against Drones, then why foreign groups are helping him? If he is willing to solve problem of war against terrorism, on which agenda he wants to see solution? Though, he does have compassion for Taliban and conservative groups.

We have not seen him pro-people. On one Call, he can change his policy and stance. If one person who has not straight forward policy, how could that one bring change?

On 7th November 2012, DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan accompanied by 30 US campaigners, British head of legal lobby and thousands of supporters Saturday on a defiant march to South Waziristan Agency to protest against US drone strikes.
The convoy hopes to proceed to Kotkai village in South Waziristan but reached at Dera Ismail Khan, as reported in newspapers of Paksitan.

Imran Khans said, “We have given our message – it has gone across the world,” he told supporters. “We have succeeded in raising this issue. We came here to raise this issue; we came here to take a stand against drones.”

On the call of military Mr. Khan had changed wheel of March to Dera Ismail Khan. While embarking on 440km drive from Islamabad to Waziristan, he was singing song of Peace Pact with Taliban, when he count not accomplish his aim of rally then he changed his statement that we have given message across the world on Drones.

It means, before his rally, was world unaware and did not know that there is issue of Drones? It is funny that Mr. Khan did not say single word against extremists even rally seemed Election Campaign.
Now Pakistan’s Politics becomes issues politics that give publicity.

When I read about his rally, one Indian song came in my Mind that is, Jana tha Waziristan Pahunch gaye D.I.Khan Samjh Gaye na..! Means Talking to Waziristan and seeing Dera Ismail Khan.

Imran Khan’s politics is not against policies of establishment; he follows its script and thinking without permission of pro-religious groups, can not get into room of power that is reason his whole policy is confused. If he wants to do politics, ought to understand that All Politics is local, not popular issues based politics that promotes temporary publicity, nor can make place among poor people.

Mr. Khan needs to understand this land historical and political consciousness and must come out from mysterious phobia-ism against powerful states.

Published in Bolan Voice Magazine on October/2012

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