Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hindu Gril Kidnapping

Once again Violation of Human Rights in the name of religion..!


Moomal Meghwar, she is between 12 to 14 years Old; has been kidnapped and thug name is Ahmed Panhwar, his age is 15/16 years Old.

Moomal and her family labourer at brick labour. Moomal has been kidnapped for around 25 days, hence her family was promised to recover her soon by influential men. 
As usual promises never turn into reality, at last Moomal's father has got nothing in turn, except empty promises.

Before there days, His Father has filed FIR and police is investigating on case. Moomal belongs to Thar and her family works in UmerKot city at Brick Labour.
According to report that still there is no confirmation, has Moomal converted to Islam or not? But this is confirmation; Boy's party is weaker because both are under-aged, said local reporter.

We all have had bitter experience regarding Hindu girls' kidnapping and later convert to Islam, State and Law do not justice to them (Hindu Girls).

Government & Courts do not regard Human Rights Charter and People's protection but now case is under-aged of both parties. Why do not Govt. and Courts take action against this step child marriage and forcibly conversion to religion?

If such kind of wave starts in our society when under-aged children get married  then we cannot protect child’s rights if Government and its institution do not able to respect international Human rights,  then must be honored its own state rules and Laws. 

Main Questions raise, how long will illegal and infringement get shelter of religion? Cannot we stop and condemn it? When greedy people kidnap others’ daughters and forcibly convert to Islam because they know well, if they get umbrella of religion then none can ask them.

We must think and ask ourselves that which kind of norms to be introduced in our society?

We are not hopeful whether Moomal would back home, at least we do hope from Courts and Govt. that they must regard its constitution and Law, and will punish to guilty.

Hindu Girls need protection, will state give them?

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