Friday, November 23, 2012

Editorial: War against Terrorism.

 Age of Holy Bullet..!


Our history, forefathers, contemporary past and we all are at the war. War that has no end yet, time to time it comes at our door and kills our beloveds.

Why don’t we have once upon stories of war? But we are still writing and compiling story pages of wars.
Can people make peaceful world? How is it possible with the gun of war to grab flower of peace?
People have had swords and now guns in the name of sacred words; it is hard to stop them because they would never accept what other people are saying?
Whenever people have led wars on the scared horse and to be claimed that they have to convince world, what they have in their pocket.

Whether people are sent to the world to conquer each other or to fall rain of love on earth?
No doubt, all wars are being led by powerful ruling class and when they need to make large army to defeat other groups, and then they get equipped with religion.

In the name of religion, you can kill more than thousands people, none will ask you; if you ask mistakenly question, then you would be charged against his belief or God.
Wars, they give us graveyards, orphan children in the streets, orphan beloveds at their doors and tears in the eyes.

Who will to conquer or convince others? Those warriors can not be convinced, nor be able to conquered instead storm of wars make chaos and hegemony on others.
By Wars you would rule on people but you cannot win their love. This is simple formula that is not understood by them, who have guns in the name of God and load sacred bullets to kill people that man is gifted on the land by the nature.

We condemn our undeveloped period of history where people killed each other, today queen of history is looking at us and asking still what you people are doing, you are all in cave of war?

After 9/11, world turned against terrorism and said; no one could impose on us their beliefs.
People should have understood that whom they had prepared to be against one country, tomorrow they might stand and coming towards their own houses, too. As it happened on 9/11, In the name of war, few groups wanted to lead ruling on the world.

War is not only solution of problem but sometimes through war you can stop mad rats who want to enter in stranger houses and force people for running on their commands. For leading wars this could be fair enough statement. Do we still need to have solutions that how can world stop loading guns, in the name of sacred words?

World is being forced to enter Age of Holy Bullet, if this horror step doesn’t vanish after then human can not live peacefully. War against terrorism, now must be ended. It has to give full stop if world doesn’t give full stop, later this war might be given full stop to people’s breath.

On the land people need age of love, not to age of holy bullets. Those are killing others and making policies under the shadow of extremists’ approaches, they should think that footless policies are not durable; in fact, weaker policies can be injured themselves.

Innocent children ask us that why do not you put guns into graves instead at our beloved?

Published in Bolan Voice Magazine on October/2012