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Editorial: United Nations Mission in Pakistan.

If your child disappeared, what would you do?

United Nation working group on Enforced or Involuntary disappearances visited to Pakistan from 10 to 20 September, 2012.  WGIED visited Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar, during ten days visits, as reported.

While UN mission visiting to Pakistan, some people were crying that it would be violation our sovereignty. We cannot understand that how is possible, if UN any group visits Pakistan, according to law we all are bound to follow law and we must shake our memory that Pakistan is member of United Nations – Human Rights, Pakistan has to abide by charter of UN because they signed it. While signing UN Charter, they did not read what should we do in future?

Then, how would it be violation of sovereignty?

We do not understand that Supreme Court is willing to open Swiss Bank case though President Asif Zardari has immunity but Chief Justice wants to send President of Pakistan to foreign courts, does it not violation of constitution and sovereignty? For instance, UN mission group came for investigation on corruption cases of government then none could oppose but this UN mission came and investigated corruption on Human Rights, which is unacceptable.

UN mission group had come to analysis Human rights violation because since Musharraf’s era, people have been missing no one knows where are they?

Pakistan is a State, not a tiny or crowded plat-form where people come and gone.
A country claims, it is fighting against terrorism, it has Nuclear Power, it has independent judiciary, having powerful army, independent media and also claims that without this country in the region peace cannot be brought.

 So, what is reason? That around 14365 people are disappeared; has sky devoured missing persons or is earth swallowed them?

This does not happen only in Balochistan but people have been disappeared even in Sindh.
Government says only 100 are missing and Baloch people say that more than 14,000 people are still missing, as reported.

At least government has accepted that people are missing.
If some people are saying that none person is missing, they must peep into those houses, where they are found empty and members of a victim family weep silently and looking at door that one day their missing members would knock back at the door.

Former dictator Musharraf’s adopted bloody policy that kidnapped, killed and ruled. He thought that by his bloody policy could be remained in power if world asked him regarding missing persons; he would tell them that they were terrorists.
Time is big judge and it has proved, his bloody policy fired back at institutions of Pakistan, now world asks, what is happening, why people are being missed and killed? Where are voices of Human Rights?

UN mission met with Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar Minister of foreign Affairs, she shared situation of missing persons since Musharraf’s period. No doubt, she has taken a good step.

It was comical gesture when Chief Jsutice Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhry refused to meet with UN mission, it was CJ Iftkhar Choudhry who said that if he gave order then system will not run more, while hearing case on missing persons, he did give such hot-statement.

Then, what happened that he refused to meet with UN mission on missing persons. Does CJ Ifkhtar not know laws of Pakistan? Does he not understand importance of UN mission and its legal status? His refusal has cleared picture and people got to know that what is in his mind and where he stands?

UN mission while listening anguish of missing persons in Balochistan and Sindh, such step has given them a raise of hope that at least under sky some hearts are still ready to listen to their sorrows.

UN mission will be finalized its report in 2013 but they have given conclusion of its official visit; WGEID report is balanced and has given 17 recommendation to ensure Human Rights. Report’s last line says that “it is the duty of the state of Pakistan to take all necessary measure to make those rights effective.”

UN mission visited to Pakistan, they did not violate Pakistan’s sovereignty, in fact some institutions did not meet the delegation, and they have violated charter of Human Rights.

Common people are happy that UN mission came and saw violation of Human Rights, in Pakistan.
We cannot make beautiful country unless there are Human rights. 

We must think of it that what are we doing? Do we have any answer when mother asked that “UN mission conveyed message of a mother to all persons of Pakistan, “If your child disappeared, what would you do?

Published in Bolan Voice English Monthly Magazine in September/2012

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