Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Editorial: Religious Freedom USA!

Blasphemy & forcibly convert to Islam!!!
Religion is the belief when human adopts to conquer other people, and then results would be dreadful and unacceptable. Such thing happens in Pakistan; we have been seeing and reading for a long time that Pakistan made for religion, by religion and of religion. From syllabus to National Media (Urdu Media) all speak for religion.
When people of Pakistan are taught with hatred thoughts, how can be built -up peaceful atmosphere in Pakistan?

Unfortunately, Mr. Jinnah could not eliminate extremists’ approaches and Pakistan got religious constitution. According to United States “Department of state”, International Religious Freedom reported for Pakistan, “The constitution and other laws and policies have constrained “religious freedom” and in practice, the government enforced these restrictions. 
The government demonstrated a tendency toward deterioration in respect for and protection of the rights to religious freedom. Report further added that there were reports of societal abuses or discriminations based on religious affiliation, belief or practice.”

Whilst reading reports on religious discrimination by international organization, all are implying that in Pakistan Non-Muslims are not saved, not only this, but including Muslims Ahmadis also declared as non-Muslims, and in Punjab Lahore court has banned Ahmadis for saying “Salaam Aleikum.

Under such circumstances, how is this possible that non – Muslims can live safely? Pakistani establishment has made extremists groups and adopted Mujahideen policy to engraft Kashmir with Pakistan and maintain its rule on people in the name of religion, for example, Dictator Zia ul Haq and his successors rouse religion slogan time to time.

Instead of edifying to people that “Religion is belief and it has got nothing to do with sate’s affairs, but they taught people, religion is our foundation, without religion Pakistan has no future, these extremists thoughts are provoking negative thoughts, besides it criminal minds, try to maintain their business under the slogan of religion because none can ask them, why are you committing sin?

Recently, many Hindu girls have been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam, single question was not asked, and Rinkle Kumari case is best example, a girl was crying to go with her mother but Supreme Court of Pakistan did not bother and nor asked single question to thugs.

It means, people loud the gun and fire in the name of religion, then no one would ask you that why you had committed, Pakistan received two dead bodies, first Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer, and second Minister of Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti.

Under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) does not apply in case of Salmaan Taseer, Minister of Punjab PML-N Rana Sanaullah, spoke against Salmaan Taseer and declared him Blasphemer and said, “He must be killed”. That hatred speech spoke by a minister of Pakistan. We did not see ATA act application on him. People can use religion for their self interests; they come with stone of blasphemy and throw out on Non-Muslims and kidnap their daughters and forcibly convert to Islam.

Pakistan’s Laws are incapable to protect Non-Muslims, even they do not commit any crime but they face retribution of crime that they never committed. United state department of state reported in Religious Freedom, “Government policies do not impart equal protection to members of majority and minority religious groups”.

When Law and constitution are failed to provide safety walls to victimized groups, subsequently criminal minds while committing any crime, they do not have fear of state, and establishment of Pakistan has soft corner for extremists groups.

World of Religions don’t allow to conquer or force to convert, but here we have witnessed that how they are making under sword of religion and to defeat innocent people.

Nowadays, religion, in Pakistan, seems to be built for blasphemy, declares Ahmadis as Non Muslims and forcibly converts to Islam.

Pakistan State ought to read United states Department of state “International Religious Freedom” report, Human Rights Reports and peep through houses; those are forced to empty in the name of religion.

On the edge of sword, you can not win and nor be able to get heaven.

Though religion doesn’t guide for blasphemy and forcibly conversion to Islam, if does not then why it happens in Pakistan in the name of Islam?

Pakistani State would not be able to bring freedom of religion for its people, unless Law and Constitution get secular breath.

Published in English Bolan Voice Monthly Magazine on August/2012 http://bolanvoice.wordpress.com/editorial/

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