Friday, August 17, 2012

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Will Pakistan be freed from Polio disease?

World is entering in new phase day by day and it is on edge of advancement. When World (NASA) has reached on Mars and some people are still saying this medicine is Halal and that is Haram.
Question is who will decide Halal and Haram? Does it authority have only to Taliban and Mullah who pass Fatawas? Why does not Supreme Court take sue Motu on it?

In Pakistan, people saw when extremist groups had opposed using electroacoustic but with the passage of time, time proved and now more electro-acoustic are used by religious people than common public.
Things are neither religious nor non-religious, they only fill-up the gap of necessity. Unfortunately, most of people do not leave tiny issue and start doing dirt politics that is only cause of harm to people.
Aftermath 9/11 we have analyzed that in the name of war has been started by Taliban and how many lives have been quelled, not only this in fact most of people are suffering in Afghanistan, FATA, Tribal areas and including world also suffer.

If Taliban wants to fight with western countries especially America, why are they using poor people as their tool in war? Have they felt ever that how much people are suffering?
Not only this but they have applied their anger on children too, when announced and warned for stop Drone attacks, if Drones are not stopped , children would not be allowed to get Polio drops in South and North Waziristan, around 200,000 children do not have access to Polio vaccination.
What is Polio disease and how it works? “Polio (poliomyelitis) is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. It invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis in a matter of hours,” according to Polio Eradication.

Pakistan is undeveloped country and has suffered also faced many problems. Problems can not be solved unless whole country participates for solving problems.
Polio disease exists in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.
Pakistan has atom bomb and claims to be powerful state but have they realized that power makers are spending huge amount of budget on weapons but they are unable to save their kids from disease and now Pakistan stands on list of Polio disease.

If we look at the data of Polio cases, from 2000 to 2012, we can realize that we are still standing in same position.

A news item can possibly be sent us back to age of stone if 200,000 children are vaccine by Polio drops.
Local Taliban and Pakistani warlord Hafiz Gul Bahadur banned polio vaccinations in the northwestern tribal region of Waziristan to protest against US drone attacks. He condemned the vaccination campaign due to start on Monday, as a cover for espionage.
Ban on polio would put 240,000 children at risk in northwest Pakistan, if a vaccination campaign didn’t start by the coming week.

“There is a possibility that we may have to skip the polio campaign in North and South Waziristan, because we are not getting clearance from the army and nor  the situation is conducive,” a government health official told AFP reported in Daily Times newspaper on July/14/2012.

Then WHO and UNICEF organization were attacked in Karachi. “The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF are deeply saddened by the killing of Mr. Muhammad Ishaq, a local community worker supported by WHO, who was part of the polio eradication initiative in Pakistan, reported on July/24/2012.”
There threats forced to government and Polio team for step back and Polio campaign has been postponed.
Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa health department has decided not to carry-out anti polio immunization campaign during Ramazan ul Mubarak and instead launch the three day campaign from 10th September, reported in The Frontier Post, on July/26/2012.

According to Editorial of The Frontier Post “it was in 2007 when the United Nations Children Fund was about to declare Pakistan a polio-free state. More than 173 Polio cases from 15 districts in the country were officially reported during 2011, and this year in 2012, it is understood to have gone worse than the past since no or little precautionary measures are being taken. A majority of the cases were found in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

The World Health Organization also said on Sunday that polio virus had been found in sewage water samples collected from Gadap and Baldia towns in Karachi. Sewage samples from Sukkur, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Lahore have also shown presence of Polio virus. Pakistan has reported a total of 27 Polio cases this year, including 13 from Fata, six from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, three each from Sindh and Punjab and two from Balochistan.” On August/7/2012.

Not only this, but young ambassador of Polio eradication Aseefa Bhutto is keenly willing to End Polio in Pakistan, but she cannot do anything except meetings in the chamber of four-walls or making statements and leaving messages on Twitter. Though, she does want to triumph over Polio. Things cannot be in her favor after Taliban threats and a report said that expired polio drops had been vaccine to children of Pakistan.
“Dera Ismail Khan: Over 3,000 children – below the age of five years – have been immunized with expired Polio vaccines in Shakai Valley, about 30km north of Wana Bazaar in South Waziristan Agency, an official of the political administration has revealed, The Express Tribune on June/25/2012.”
3,000 children got expired Polio drops; it means we would have 3,000 ill children in future. There would be many cases regarding expired vaccination which are not reported or ignored to be reported.

On one side, Taliban puts guns on children’s shoulder and not let them to access to Polio vaccination and on another side government officers also show recklessness and do not care about their duties to children.
Who will help and End Polio disease?
In Waziristan, Polio team is not supported by Army; even they have not gotten single clearance by Army.  According to Army officers that they are winning war on terrorism.  If they are winning then why do not they give clearance and start campaign in Waziristan?
If such treatments had been given during Dictator Musharraf’s Era, we would have seen supportive voice from Army.

How issues and genuine problems covert into revenge politics, none sees that this is loss of children. Opposition parties think that if there would be high numbers of polio cases, we can count in failure of PPP. That is reason we have not listened single voice against ban on Polio in Waziristan, 200,000 children are at risk.

Imran Khan Politician has been found being worried for Drone attacks. Now would he explain that how does he see drone attach on Polio vaccination by Taliban and why does he not speak?
Nawaz Sharif wants to see Pakistan without Corruption but he has not cared for Polio disease and did not warn for Long March in Waziristan. Maybe he does not want Pakistan without Polio disease and in his view ban on Polio is not crime and corruption.

Everyone must realize that children are angels and they must not be physically abused and punished.
At government side, they should realize its grave mistakes in the Polio campaign. Has government ever started investigation on expired polio drops?
In Sindh and Balochistan villages are ignored and mostly villages have not even heard of word Polio diseases.
We need to work hard and aware to people regarding Polio disease.  Pakistan’s all Political Parties should leave their grievances and must be united for End Polio Campaign.

If anyone wants to see Polio Free Pakistan, must be acted honestly.
Polio disease will make disable future of children; do we want disable future of this land?

Published Published in English Monthly Bolan Voice Magazine on July-2012


Is India being God Father of South Asia?

South Asia is the key playing region in coming time in the field of Economy. From South Asia to West can be gotten command on economy and resources of regions, too. World is going to be hub of Economic–Village, it needs to seek mild climate to run its business. Nature of capitalist turns eyes on agriculture, energy resources and consumption points, these three things exist the outsized form in South Asia.
We have seen that each era has own mode of production and exchange, hence those reflected in the respective conditions.

In past time, world had romance of Politics and Public, too where we saw healthy production of thoughts and dew of wisdom.
Repeatedly, World Power Makers have also romance with Economy (Capitalism).  They think, by getting power on Economy can be ruled easily to prolong its hegemony. No doubt, South Asia will play significant role as Economy-Hub.
Who will ride on Horse of South Asian Economy?  In South Asia, Afghanistan is lucrative ground and has spectrum of routs, one is connected Central Asia, then can be with South Asia, too. It leads to get throne of Economy Market.

During British Empire in sub-continent Afghanistan remained as Goat between British and Russia (USRR), everyone wanted to get strong influence in Afghanistan, none had won for gripping command, including yesterday’s Mujahideen and today’s Taliban has found out to fail keeping their hold for ruling in the name of Islam.
Afghanistan has been in the series of war for decades, now they have learnt and want to see bright future of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is on changing phase and clean-up its war of fog because Afghans are keen to see future citizens without wars and guns. They know well that friendship with neighbors must be established and formed, except this no state can move onward.
Who will drive car on shining roads of Afghanistan and will be able to reach the Central Asia, and then South Asian Market. Afghanistan is hardly willing give the pass to Pakistan because establishment of this state still has Mujahideen Policy and thinking of conquer other part of region in the name of religion and besides it, both neighboring states Afghanistan and Pakistan have dispute on Durind Line, too. On other hand, some tribes of Afghanistan don’t have feasible relation with Iran and conflict is still on the base of Sunni and Shia, too.

Afghanistan knows that China enjoys relationship with Pakistan, and China has engaged in various projects operating in Pakistan, therefore it doesn’t seem for China to get free hand entry into Afghanistan. If Global Economic Power turns to America and Russia, Afghanistan would prefer to America instead of Russia.
Afghanistan is feeling like that she is walking along with India. The reason is, “India never recognized the Taliban’s assumption of Power in 1996, (Only Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates recognized the Taliban regime)” reported. Aftermath 9/11 USA and Indian ties got the strongest and India has rebuilt full diplomatic relations with Afghanistan and has provided hundreds of million of dollars aid to Afghanistan for reconstruction and development.
A Research report tells, since 2001, India has offered $1.2 billion for Afghanistan’s reconstruction, hence this state has overt as the largest donor to Afghanistan.
India is playing very significant role in the Shanghai Cooperation organization, which has been pursuing better relations with Central Asia states in energy sector, and it granted $17 million for innovation of a hydropower plant in Tajikistan, and a memorandum of understanding signed with Turkmenistan for a natural gas pipe line.
India knows Art of sustaining power, from Soft Power to Hard Power. By using Soft Power India has won heart of people in South Asia.
Afghanistan likes secular approach of India, and major tribes have enjoyed good relations with this state. Even, Afghanistan and India both have reservation for extremists bolstering point with Pakistan.
Afghan government does not have any concern from India regarding extremist groups. Though, Afghanistan wanted to build better relation with Pakistan and this neighboring state also seeks same. After attacks in Kabul and Haqqani Net Work’s involvement nag had created impediments, consequently both states distances got widened. It is not new thing, however since Dictator Musharraf’s Era; both countries did not have smooth relations.

Therefore, Afghanistan will not be allowed to anyone that can be caused of problem.
India is soft choice for Afghanistan, because Afghan government can export its goods to Indian Market and India has the largest population, this side helps out Afghan government to boost up its market in this region.
India is looking for good relations with neighboring entities in South Asia, and recently has tried smooth relation with Pakistan, it knows that trade with Afghanistan must be maintained normal relation with Pakistan, no one can grantee that how long will normal relations run between India and Pakistan? India understands about it that is why India is about to build a port in “Chabahar in Iran, which among other things could connect to the Iranian hinterland goods to Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan completely,” reported.

USA will also make strong ties with India in this region, because USA finds comfortable room with India than China, and India has had also hard position of relations with China. For America, it is not easy to get command in South Asia completely. God Father of World (America) needs another God Father of South Asia, so far India is lucky coin for USA that USA’s market will reach largest consumer in India and making best friend in South Asia, to protect its interests and would render tough position to China and Russia, too.
India has interlude time of enjoying and earning confidence of American and Afghan governments.
Afghanistan is golden route to lead from Central Asia Countries to South Asia.
In contemporary world scenario, United States and India’s friendship will make new path in South Asia, and world may see best relation between God father of world (America) and God father of South Asia, which can introduce soft borders of South Asia to world premises.

In Pakistan, Martyred Benazir Bhutto had dream of soft borders among South Asian entities and she wanted to build the power of economy, but now situations tilt in Indian favor. India has won hearts of people while using Art of Secularism in the paradigm of Soft Power.

 Published in Monthly Magazine Boaln Voice on July-2012