Sunday, July 22, 2012

Editorial: Pakistani Media! Lords of Journalism..!

Freedom of expression is right for everyone, this reciprocated slogan becomes tradition of world of writing and Journalism. People get right to express their thoughts and live according to their own beliefs. If freedom of expression gets sanction then growth of mind would be dead. It is necessary for each society how do they lead freedom of expression?

Freedom is responsibility, it is hard job; especially in case of Journalism because through writings we feed in mind of society. We can build and un-build opinions, this is Journalism how will they inform the society?

Unfortunately, Journalism is going to become Capitalist-Journalism (Cap-Journalism) where day by day deliberately or un-deliberately we are following foot-steps of powerful class that wants own interests and now powerful class has gotten tool of Journalism. Somehow, Journalism is being brought by richest class. It was unfeasible, unless Journalism is forcibly converted into glamour – media.

When Journalism has forwarded its step on TV Journalism, after that things become change and seeing TV Journalism’s remote control is being controlled by hidden-powerful hands. Those can issue NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) for issues what should not / be broadcast, no doubt TV Journalism, in some context, plays positive role but those Channels which are powerful and accountably in court of public and world of Media Ethics.

Those are thought, they are not accountable and have license to insult everyone then it is not type of TV-Journalism.

In Pakistan, TV-Journalism is juvenile; sadly to write that don’t have information regarding Pakistan’s sensitive issues as like provincial issues. If anyone takes issues without understanding of historical background, then problem would be raised.

Talk-Show TV seems monkeys – shows, where all just throw its blame on each others. How is it possible that immature talks could be delivered healthy perspective among public?
As we have been seeing that electronic media is become biased, instead of taking issues in the light of journalism; these are verified and being taken NOC.

No doubt, our state is controlled state and our journalism whether in print or electronic media are being controlled by real power makers of Pakistan, those are sacred and unquestionable.

But Print-Journalism has held media ethics and spirit of journalism. In case of electronic media, is totally part of glamour kit, and when voice of journalism walks like cat-walk after than we can not be hopeful that issues would be discussed as those should be.

We can understand that TV-Journalism has its own problem and has question for its live on, that reason they need numbers of advertisements and ranting-scores, which channel is more popular and not?

By such attitude, you can not imagine for real voice of journalism. Recently, in Pakistan has season of GATES, after five seasons, now it has increased to six season of GATES, mean Corruption, so far people of Pakistan have seen from Mehran-Gate, NRO-Gate to Media-Gate. People did not get shocked, only passed remarks that ohhh….You too, Brutus?”

Electronic Media – anchors were started blames on themselves and some anchors tried to explain that it is not like that story, in fact, the real soul of story was this and that.
The matter is not, why have they done like that? Question raises, how are we holding our responsibilities? When electronic media takes charges it’s on-air; it is obviously they are charging, not only on-air timings, but script also that how would talk?

Things are being glamorized and controlled also seriousness in journalism seems less important. Being a journalist must/should be realized significance of problems, but if electronic media thinks regarding gigantic power-makers that what and how will they react? Second hand, Journalism is unsafe, here bullet is cheapest than life. So, fears of gigantic power-makers and threats to life, has given self-censorships; unless state passes order for censorships, Employee of journalism imposes self-censorships.

And if we see behind the picture, we can be seen, lords of Journalism, those are unquestionable, you cannot ask them questions. They have right to speak and throwing blaming words and by these attitudes, they think, they are only loyal; Lords of Journalism, be able to do anything.

They are worried towards solving problems and have authority to protect sovereignty of Pakistan; it seems they are journalists along with arm-forced to walk on borders?

Pakistan’s journalism is divided into two parts one is regional level and second is National (Urdu-Media) and national electronic media has rare interests towards regional level, because of this attitude other provinces people don’t relate themselves with national media.

We believe, Journalist is only a person who calls Wake-Up (Jagetay Raho) to public, regarding coming into problems, they must give their opinions and deliver issues whether are related at capital level or small city of Balochistan, all news must be equally treated, if news are not equally treated and get discrimination then problem will be arisen.

Discrimination always brings itself horror result and we are seeing discriminated wave in journalism, that is reason immature attitude is caused of problems and Journalism has received Media – Gate.

This time peacefully and peep into our inner that are we Journalists or Lords of Journalism? How do we  justice with Journalism? Don’t make Journalism as Glamour Journalism, let it remains as Journalism.

Journalism is only tool that is; can make minds of society when maker of society show its irresponsibility, then how and where can lead society?

At least, should not harm slogan of freedom of expression. This is not only slogan, in fact, real soul of truest path of world through ink of Pen.

Published in Monthly Magazine Bolan Voice:

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