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Hindu Girls’ Conversion: Rinkle Kumari & I..!


Many people have been asking questions that why I am writing on Rinkle Kumari and what is relation with her? Hers case is being solved, no need to write on her. Do we have only Rinkle Kumari’s issue? Why do I tweet on twitter for her? Do I want get publicity? Who are supporting you? What are names of foreign hands? 
Please! Stop to write on Rinkle Kumari’s issue.
These all are questions being asked to me.

This time, I have chosen again Rinkle Kumari’s issue for writing, not giving answer to respond all questions but maybe I want to write my inner anger and pain on plain page, telling story of injustice, in the court of Queen of justice.

I don’t know why I am choosing Rinkle Kumari? I am fully aware that have no blood relation with her even have bitter-experience douches in the line of blood relations.

This is not necessary that only blood relatives are best, sometimes blood-relatives become horrible for us.  So, I have no blood-relation with Rinkle Kumari, but yes … of course I have one relation with her which is international relation is called humanity, love and stand by justice.
Since my childhood, I have been seeing violation of rights and rejection of right to live.
Where I was born? That land is called Sufi and land of tolerance. My inheritance Indus (Moen – jo – Daro) civilization had not created any weapons, but they introduced, fly with love-wings, dance on beat of love and recite for love, a land that had has soul of love and long experience of tolerance.

They never ever attacked and had not snatched others’ rights. That’s mine civilization, we can not move against our civilization and traditions those have soul of love and humanity.
When I read books such type of stories I am being introduced when music is like religion and Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Poet of Sindh who talked about Ladies who all had love and walked for searching her beloved (Sassui). Did he tell that why lady loved and left her home? In fact, common people who have no degrees of high standards, they still regard and love those characters. A Land, where people recite Bhagwanas (Randha & Kirshan) both did not get married. It is true that pure spirits and energies don’t follow worldly deeds, but here given example is purpose to remind them that people who don’t care about marriage ceremonies when both hearts love each others, we have that land of civilization.
We all love and for me she is Davi of soul, Meeran Bai who had no relation with Kirshan but common people didn’t harm her, even still people are remembering her.  Nowhere any extremist acts in past-world. 

What a secularism!!!

And when I was a child, my mother whom I call my second God on earth, she always teaches me; philosophy of life in the light of tolerance and love. She taught, love has no colour of discrimination and humanism is big religion.

My birth-city Shikarpur (City of Sindh) I have rarely seen religious discrimination because my family has been good relation with Hindu Families. Now I go in deep and think about any extremist – religious incident, can’t remember because it was not happened.

When my third or fourth class fellow said, hey don’t talk her, she is a Hindu. I used to share my whole day activities with my mother, while cocking my mother was listening our stupidities and funny stories but when I shared, my friend was forcing me, not to speak with a Hindu Girl. I have remembered how much Ami did anger and said, never do it in your whole life. We all are equal, no difference regarding religion.

My inheritance and history are full with secularism, I am proud of them that they have given us most beautiful world, not only in past pages but in present when I worked as Trainer/social activist, got chance for visiting whole Sindh, I have seen and met grass-root people; those are living under-poverty line but their thoughts are secular.

Sharing these experiences, wanting to sketching real picture of society, how is it being changed?
When I was reading news regarding Rinkle Kumari at first stage I thought it is private matter that is being publicized in media because mostly newspapers were reporting in doubt.

Rinkle’s issue; I read news that Rinkle Kumari was slapped in the local court and some of writers and politicians of Sindh, calling it Love-Fair. That time Supreme Court was interested in Waheeda Shah’s slap than I wrote news analysis that it is not Love-Affair, fact is, it is kidnapping in the name of forcibly conversion. Then, I started investigation on this case. Some people tried to stop me that don’t jump into this case, go on different issues. Why are you presenting yourself as different journalist, cannot you see that Rinkle has love with Naveed Shah? I asked question him, I am woman and can read eyes of woman that whether she is in love or not.

That time, my famous line was, when you can not read eyes, how is possible you can understand words?
I talked to Rinkle Kumari’s uncle Raj Kumar and read reports all newspapers of Sindh, watching TV and social net works, my most favorite Tweeter, and facebook etc. Many newspapers were avoiding reporting on this issue and our national media was sleeping, still I have questions with them that why attitudes are changed in case of Rinkle Kumari and Dr. Shazia Khalid incident happened during Dictator Musharraf’s era.
Even on social net works, none did single tweets on Rinkle’s issue during first days. I am thankful to USA man who did up voice on Hindu girls, and then finally our electric media rubbed its eyes and started talk on this issue.

I would say that Asia Bibi was at least lucky that she has had many voices for her but in case of Rinkle Kumari, Asha Kumari and Lata Kumari, none was/is able to talk on her. Maybe after assassination of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer, Civil Society and activists become afraid?

So far, some voices were coming up as Ms. Nafisa Shah – MNA of National Assembly of Paksitan Ms. Marvi Sirmed and Ms. Beena Sarwar, and also from India Mr. Rakesh Lakhani and Mr. Sunil Dixit. Honestly it was not enough as Pakistani society should have reacted, they did not.

I went to Sindh High court on 12 March 2012 for reporting, what did I see? Rinkle Kumari was not daughter of richest man and big leader or high profile; she was simple poor girl that was reason that media, politicians and civil society ignored her.  Surly, some parties were present during hearing like PMLN and Nationalist parties but not more. Perhaps, others had more important work as like taking cup of tea, having lunch or shopping than Rinkle Kumari’s case.

In court, Rinkle Kumari was strongly captured by three ladies, one was police woman and two were looking private women and many gun-men were in court.  Before hearing case, I was standing at main door of court room while I was looking at girl who was covered with Hijaab, suddenly police men cried that give side … give side …. Rinkle Kumari is coming and her mother and family members were crying. It was very painful moment; voices were weeping and asking for justice.

Before coming to Sindh High Court on 12 March, 2012. A press conference was held at the gun pint from Rinkle Kumari, it was very strange and victory of truth because 11th  March 2012 conference was totally different from passed 17 days statements were given by Mian Mitho and Naveed Shah.
After 11 March press conference no excuse remained that Rinkle Kumari is kidnapped in the name of forcibly conversion to Islam.

Thus, Sindh High Court seemed pressurized and sent Rinkle Kumari to the Panha Shelter House under the strict statements that she is not allowed to meet anyone, until 23rd March, 2012. While hearing case, Iqbal Hydeir showed his doubt that how could we believe that she is Rinkle Kumari, her face was covered with Hijaab. When Rinkle revealed her face and removed Hijaab, at that moment all were become Idol, an innocent and younger girl silent and hers eyes were speechless. I was seeing her directly because I got main place for reporting.

After hearing remarks of case, judge called her in his chamber, reported in The Frontier Post newspaper

After few days I phoned to Panah Shelter house where I talked to Maleeha lady who was main responsible of shelter house, conversation between Maleeha and me.
Hello: May I talk any person? Who are you? I am Veengas (Journalist). Whom you want talk to? Actually … well …hmmm is there any responsible person whom I can talk? Yes…Please wait a while, sure. Hello: who is? Hi: this is Veengas – Journalist. I want to know about Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari, if you don’t mind; can I talk her?
Maleeha: No …Never…you can not. It would be violation of Sindh High Court.
Veengas: Ok … at least, can you allow me only one or two minutes for meeting with her. Maleeha: Please Madam, we are unable to do it.
Veengas: if you are unable then at least can you let me know about her that how is she now? Maleeha: She is perfectly all right.
Veengas: Strangely and loudly asked, what…? She is all right. Maleeha: I have knowledge about psychiatrist and understanding well human psyche. You people don’t worry she is fine and happy.
After calling to shelter house, questions were running in my mind that  how is possible, when a girl has been kidnapped, tortured and raped at local police station and lady is saying she is perfectly all right, I myself replied; She (Maleeha) is not all right.

Regional newspapers were reporting and journalists discussed that now what would be happened at Supreme Court on 23rd March, 2012.
Rinkle’s uncle Raj Kumar was saying that I am sufi man, if she wanted to merry any person; we would have allowed her but this case is kidnapping case. Why don’t you people get believe it? Why has media biased role towards us? Our girl has been kidnapped and stones of blame are throwing at us, why? Because we have up voice and this time we are not let downing our right for justice even my life at risk and I may be killed.

Another side of case, Journalists who have arisen voice for Rinkle Kumari, all were/are at risk. I personally got instructions that now must be slow down pen because I have been writing at regional and English newspapers on such cases like missing persons of Sindh, Balochistan, Shahbaz Taseer and Asia Bibi but now on Rinkle Kumari, have been writing and calling it Kidnapping in the name of forcibly conversion to religion that’s why writings are unbearable.
Today I have to write that on Rinkle Kumari’s case secular, Sufi and democratic class was silent. They had not talked as they should be.

On 23rd March 2012 Supreme Court ordered that Hindu girls are in pressurized and unable to give statement that is why, they must take time for relaxation and case date was extend till 18th April 2012.
During hearing Rinkle showed her courage and openly said that I know, being a Hindu girl here is no justice for me. You are sending me to shelter house, please don’t send me there. You can not imagine, what is life there? Why don’t you just stay one night at Shelter house than you would be known anguish of living at shelter house. reported in Sindhi newspapers though national means Urdu Media did not report it.

After 23rd March 2012, I did phonic conversation with Raj Kumar who seemed bit relax that decision would be in our favour than I only remarked that not to think that decision would come in our favour because I have doubts, may be decision not come in your support, they can play game and given advice for binding Black ribbon even call for creating pressure on 18th April 2012,

I was thinking of that it is impossible, extremists influenced groups allow to win Hindu Girls’ case in favour of their families. Because incident of Chak incident, one person shared me, “Ms. Veengas, You will see how Sufism of Sindh would be vanished and they have plan, to force on Hindus for leaving Sindh and Balochistan.”
We have been seen attitude of judiciary on Chak incident when they didn’t take sue motu while Chief Justice was emotionally overwhelmed on Waheeda Shah’s case but no interests in Chak incident, therefore how is possible Chief Justice can give justice to Rinkle Kumari?

All eyes and hearts were looking on 18th April, 2012 because it was a day when Pakistan Supreme Court could be made history or repeated history.
In our Bolan Voice Magazine before 18th April, 2012, editorial was written by me on Rinkle Kumari http://veengas. “Mr. Jinnah! Rinkle Kumari is not free to go her home.”

And Chief justice proved that Hindu girls are not free to go their homes. Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary couldn’t see that girls are pressurized and this case is very sensitive but it was not handle, as it should have handled.

An unnamed person told, “One lady was kidnapped from city of Karachi. She was afraid and sitting on the road, while she was weeping lot. We went to her and asked her name. She told, I came here for marriage, unfortunate man sold me and people of that Hawali (mentioned Mian Mitho’s home), imprisoned and I have been facing violation. I am just fled, she was a Muslim Lady.”
Amar Lal advocate in this case who is actively playing role, said that everyone knows Mian Mitho and his crime towards women and non-Muslims, first he kidnaps girl than get married with any young boy and after time gets divorce and than finally that girl will be sold out to other man.” Such kind of horrible incidents have been shared by many people.

Supreme Court did not ask to Mian Mitho that what is your relation with Naveed Shah? Why girls are living in your Hawali (Home)? Although, before 18th April 2012, Naveed Shah requested to Chief Jusitce that he was willing to meet her, Chief Justice replied him that case is clear because girl is coveting to go with her mother. When he had known that girl is willing to go with her mother after than why she was forcibly sent to thugs? Chief Justice didn’t give dew of justice her

Why did not CJ hear case in open trail?

Unless you don’t get justice, injustice will remain but case is not ended. Moreover, newspapers reported that Naveed Shah and four unknown men were continuously meeting with Rinkle Kumari at Shelter House Panha, hence Chief Justice whose sue motu (s) are very popular and whole world saw, when Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary disqualified and sent back home Prime Minister on court containment by Yousaf Raza Gilani.
Supreme Court can see court containment on Prime Minister’s case but not on Rinkle’s case; would not it be double standards, biased or selected approaches, at least what shall we call it?

I don’t know whether Chief Justice had heard views of Asha Kumari’s sister, who was youngest girl and said that whole day we were awaiting for justice and hoping, we may get justice but we were wrong. This Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Choudhary has taken money from thugs.
Many Hindus met and said me, Adi ( called Sister in Sindhi language) RAAM will justice with us but see now his son has been founded out in crime because he did injustice with us and God gives him punish through his own son’s deeds.

Common people don’t think about tricky and fishy games of power but they speak out when see injustice if they get justice or injustice, their inner voice reacts according to situation.
Time and history will prove but after decision many Hindus are fled to India, reason is; Hindus are feeling unsafe and indirectly get threats.
“Mian Mitho and his men are insulting Hindus. His people drove car around the city along with Rinkle Kumari. Has anyone asked that what is he doing? Where is PPP Chairman? If our Benazir Bhutto were alive, she would not have left us. Now we have nothing our children and daughters are dying and raped but no single voice is supporting us. We don’t need sympathies in closed rooms. If government and Supreme Courts can give protection and justice, will think for staying. Otherwise, we are not for dying, for give us and let us leave this land, shared one Hindu young man.”

One Hindu Journalist who belongs district Thar shared me, around 100 families are about to leave Sindh. I asked him, would you tell me what is reason? He sadly replied, what is reason? Our daughters, wives, sons, business are not safe; we have requested for protection from government but nowhere has seen response. You cannot imagine, for three years we have not been celebrating Holi in Umerkot or Mithi (I am unable to recall proper city name), while sharing incident for not celebrating Holi, some Muhajirs by cheating they added scared words in Holi colours than situation became worst after that incident, people investigated and proved that this act had been done by Muhajirs.

No doubt, Rinkle Kumari, Asha Kumari and lata and also 26 Hindus girls who have been kidnapped in the name of forcibly conversation All cases are not solved and ur champion of Human rights have closed its eyes on this sensitive issue, probably they think that this is not issue of Human rights. They might have own definition of Human Rights.

Still, these cases are on pending in the court of Queen of Justice when they will get justice, don’t know?
People, who have faith in history and queen of time, definitely will do justice with victimized innocent people.
What is my relation with Rinkle? Why only Rinkle’s case? It is not only a girl Rinkle but in shadow of Rinkle’s case, is big injustice and raped and kidnapping of this secular Land. We are crying for justice that will be able to save purity of secularism and Sufism on this land. We are not here to see insulting of innocents girls and ladies from Asia Bibi to Rinkel Kumari in the name of sacred lines.

Now, time has come to give full (.) stop to injustice and violation of human rights in the name of religion. Enough is enough.

We born for life, not for death and why is making hell in Pakistan? Because, few scared walls, feel that their self-interests can not be run; if all people get justice and wind of democracy.

Don’t make mistakes, if earth will raise its voice, none can be stopped it. 
Let people live their lives according to their beliefs and dreams and make heaven on the earth for people.

Published in Monthly Magazine Bolan Voice:

Division of Sindh, Pakistan made on agreement among states!


Pakistan movement was started under the umbrella of religion, mostly people do not agree at this point that Pakistan’s agitation based on discrimination, how was possible; when you sketch line of discrimination with ink of religion and kept hope that you would be made peaceful land, where all religions live together!

People ask me that what is the problem with Pakistan’s problem? My answer is simple, stratum of problem is, no implantation on an agreement of 23rd March, 1940, it was an agreement among states and because of that agreement and passed resolution in favor of Pakistan, by Sindh Assembly after than Pakistan’s idea got mature picture but religious color gave emotion to common people.

source photo: online
If we are not forgotten history of 70s era, East Bengal was crying that Please respect the agreement of 23rd March, 1940 and give us rights but establishment refused and denied to fill out their needs. Then, East Bengal withdrew from agreement of 23rd March, and converted itself in Bangladesh.

We (Pakistan) people have learnt one thing that we have not learnt from past. Rabindranath Tagore wrote said that “The Past has been God’s gift to you, about the present; you must make your own choice.”

Establishment has not learnt from Past, nor able to make choice, even just repeats its old-grave mistakes.
Now slogan of new provinces, has been picked up, we don’t have reservation on Siraiki province because Siraiki province has had its historical boundaries and demand is coming from indigenous people of Siraiki province. It is not needed; same formula can be applied at each situation. We have to analysis things in the light of historical and on reality based background.

General Tika Khan said, “We had problem in Bengal that unable to defeat them but we have just march to Sindh and Balochistan to conquer them and we can defeat both provinces by outsider to settle them.”
History tells that when migration was started that time Late Liaquat Ali khan had fear of Mr. Jinnah, and he knew that if he didn’t make ground in his own favor after than he would not be able to win in election. Deliberately, migrated people were settled in Sindh. Why didn’t settle in Punjab, PukhtoonKhawa and other places?

Sindh has not denied that outsider never came to Sindh. Of course, outsider came and merged themselves in the soil of Sindh; they have not asked that we are separated and now give us separate land.
Why only in case of migration in 1947? Sindh has been hearing demand for Muhajir Province and its division. And this slogan always rises from MQM; (Muhajir Quami Movement) later became Mutahida Quami Movement and now new baby born Mahjir Soba Pakistan.

We are unable to understand that everyone is saying that migrated people had made Pakistan and Urdu language is sacred language, must be applied on provinces of Pakistan, those have already their own Mother Language, can put off hand on their language?!
We have already written that religion was forcibly involved in movement of Pakistan, it was a grave mistake of Mr. Jinnah that he couldn’t remove it, probably he wanted but unable to take out it.

What is history of Urdu –Language and its birth? Those have historical and civilization consciousness must be known it. I don’t mean, Urdu is not good language, I have respect for it but it is not fair that new born baby would be pasted on indigenous languages. For instance, Punjabi, Pashtoo, Balochi, Siraiki and Sindhi, they have land, culture, and own history. How is possible that without going to  another land, they all step back from their civilization because once had fight on Urdu language against Hindi, does it make sense?

Sindh, had faced problem on Language, during Shaheed Zulifkar Ali Bhutto's decade, Sindh got two language provinces though he wanted to make sindhi language as provincial. Few migrated people did not accept Sindhi Language as Provincial, and majority of Sindhis’ demand sent to dustbin.

It was starting point to create worst situation in Sindh. When Z.A Bhutto was hanged, then agitation was boost up in Sindh, and Lyari is a place of Karachi city that resisted against Dictator Zial ul Haq, now question was raising for dictator Zia that how could he encounter PPP and other forces in Sindh.
“I had interviewed to Mr. Hussian Haroon in 2006, on question of formation of MQM, he responded, Mushahid Hussain and I had meeting at Karachi Press Club, I asked him, Mushahid tell me, who made MQM? He replied that of course, General Zia ul Haq made and Ghous Ali Shah had played main role for making MQM.”

Since MQM has created, Sindhi and Muhjir problem has not solved. Whenever PPP comes in Power, MQM demands for Muhajir Sooba. Though, they had full power during general Musharraf era, why did not demand at that time? Why when PPP comes in Power, MQM demands for Muhajir Soba? It seems, they are playing Muhajir Card and hidden hands agenda wins to keep divide Sindhis and Muhajirs.
Why has demand for Muhajir Soba?

In Karachi, Sindhis are not allowed to get admission in Karachi University?
In Big Cities, Sindhis can not speak in Sindhi and Children are not gotten education of Sindhi Language? MQM governor has authority of Universities and Colleges in Sindh, whole power in MQM’s hand.
They can move in Sindh easily, none can ask any question. But in Karachi, Sindhi is being asked for domicile and throw out because they have rural domicile.
"If young Sindhis ask for admission and jobs, to be called nationalist, biased and illiterate, said one Sindhi student."

On which problem MQM or other group is asking for Muhajir Province? If we read rights of refugee, then Muhajir Sooba has no existence, in fact this is the crime against state.
Sindh has had many outsiders but they have merged themselves and during migration, only Urdu speaking did not migrate, other groups migrated too, so now Sindh should give each one piece of Land?!  Was it written in agreement of 23rd March?

One Urdu speaking lady asked me that our families are living in Punjab and many Urdu speaking living in Punjab, but they can speak Punajbi and no demand of separate province and no one asks that Urdu must be applied in Punjab.
Why in case of Sindh that Muhajir don’t speak Sindhi and demand for separate province? 
Instead of giving answer I questioned her; I am asking you that has Sindh asked you leave its big Cities? Have Sindhis hatred you? Then, why don’t they merge themselves in Sindh? She laughed and said, Sorry what can I say?
Now, Muhajir Sooba's map came out, if we look at picture of map, there is 26% Muhajirs and 27% Sindhis, What a funny!!! It means, since 1947, only population has been increased of Muhajirs and Sindhis who already live in Sindh, their population have been increased only 1%!

Group that demand for new province, Who is supporting them? Who gives funds them? And how have they gotten strength that they can easily post banners, written slogans on walls and press conference, all they can do everything and none is asking who are you and where come from?
If any group goes against MQM, will MQM allow them freely in Karachi?
Sindhi proverb is, “ھاڈي منهن مريم ھاڈي zنٹو الهيار” means “where is face of Marium, where Tandoalhayar is.”
In case of Siraiki province, while it has historical background and right of its land of people.
Demand of new provinces; means some minds are thinking for civil war in country because when fake boundaries will be created by distorting historical boundaries then, indigenous people will react. If anyone is thinking about Pakistan formation, for information again, would remind that it was demanded on agreement by states.

Many people say, for purpose of administration, we must make more provinces, if the administration is main cause, so divide Karachi into five division as it was in Past, after than administration system will be settled. And remove order of Dictator Musharraf who made one unite of Karachi, because MQM could be gotten power and reduce influence of PPP in Karachi.

Now, once again voice of new province comes in Balochistan, it is clear meaning that establishment has its mood of divide and rule.

Therefore, don’t play and touch historical and civilization of state by creating fake boundaries, otherwise can see unforgettable result in our history.

We should build peace and love instead of fake-boundaries; those are caused of hatred and nothing else. Are we  repeating mistake of 70s era, when did violation of agreement of 23rd March?

Editorial: Pakistani Media! Lords of Journalism..!

Freedom of expression is right for everyone, this reciprocated slogan becomes tradition of world of writing and Journalism. People get right to express their thoughts and live according to their own beliefs. If freedom of expression gets sanction then growth of mind would be dead. It is necessary for each society how do they lead freedom of expression?

Freedom is responsibility, it is hard job; especially in case of Journalism because through writings we feed in mind of society. We can build and un-build opinions, this is Journalism how will they inform the society?

Unfortunately, Journalism is going to become Capitalist-Journalism (Cap-Journalism) where day by day deliberately or un-deliberately we are following foot-steps of powerful class that wants own interests and now powerful class has gotten tool of Journalism. Somehow, Journalism is being brought by richest class. It was unfeasible, unless Journalism is forcibly converted into glamour – media.

When Journalism has forwarded its step on TV Journalism, after that things become change and seeing TV Journalism’s remote control is being controlled by hidden-powerful hands. Those can issue NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) for issues what should not / be broadcast, no doubt TV Journalism, in some context, plays positive role but those Channels which are powerful and accountably in court of public and world of Media Ethics.

Those are thought, they are not accountable and have license to insult everyone then it is not type of TV-Journalism.

In Pakistan, TV-Journalism is juvenile; sadly to write that don’t have information regarding Pakistan’s sensitive issues as like provincial issues. If anyone takes issues without understanding of historical background, then problem would be raised.

Talk-Show TV seems monkeys – shows, where all just throw its blame on each others. How is it possible that immature talks could be delivered healthy perspective among public?
As we have been seeing that electronic media is become biased, instead of taking issues in the light of journalism; these are verified and being taken NOC.

No doubt, our state is controlled state and our journalism whether in print or electronic media are being controlled by real power makers of Pakistan, those are sacred and unquestionable.

But Print-Journalism has held media ethics and spirit of journalism. In case of electronic media, is totally part of glamour kit, and when voice of journalism walks like cat-walk after than we can not be hopeful that issues would be discussed as those should be.

We can understand that TV-Journalism has its own problem and has question for its live on, that reason they need numbers of advertisements and ranting-scores, which channel is more popular and not?

By such attitude, you can not imagine for real voice of journalism. Recently, in Pakistan has season of GATES, after five seasons, now it has increased to six season of GATES, mean Corruption, so far people of Pakistan have seen from Mehran-Gate, NRO-Gate to Media-Gate. People did not get shocked, only passed remarks that ohhh….You too, Brutus?”

Electronic Media – anchors were started blames on themselves and some anchors tried to explain that it is not like that story, in fact, the real soul of story was this and that.
The matter is not, why have they done like that? Question raises, how are we holding our responsibilities? When electronic media takes charges it’s on-air; it is obviously they are charging, not only on-air timings, but script also that how would talk?

Things are being glamorized and controlled also seriousness in journalism seems less important. Being a journalist must/should be realized significance of problems, but if electronic media thinks regarding gigantic power-makers that what and how will they react? Second hand, Journalism is unsafe, here bullet is cheapest than life. So, fears of gigantic power-makers and threats to life, has given self-censorships; unless state passes order for censorships, Employee of journalism imposes self-censorships.

And if we see behind the picture, we can be seen, lords of Journalism, those are unquestionable, you cannot ask them questions. They have right to speak and throwing blaming words and by these attitudes, they think, they are only loyal; Lords of Journalism, be able to do anything.

They are worried towards solving problems and have authority to protect sovereignty of Pakistan; it seems they are journalists along with arm-forced to walk on borders?

Pakistan’s journalism is divided into two parts one is regional level and second is National (Urdu-Media) and national electronic media has rare interests towards regional level, because of this attitude other provinces people don’t relate themselves with national media.

We believe, Journalist is only a person who calls Wake-Up (Jagetay Raho) to public, regarding coming into problems, they must give their opinions and deliver issues whether are related at capital level or small city of Balochistan, all news must be equally treated, if news are not equally treated and get discrimination then problem will be arisen.

Discrimination always brings itself horror result and we are seeing discriminated wave in journalism, that is reason immature attitude is caused of problems and Journalism has received Media – Gate.

This time peacefully and peep into our inner that are we Journalists or Lords of Journalism? How do we  justice with Journalism? Don’t make Journalism as Glamour Journalism, let it remains as Journalism.

Journalism is only tool that is; can make minds of society when maker of society show its irresponsibility, then how and where can lead society?

At least, should not harm slogan of freedom of expression. This is not only slogan, in fact, real soul of truest path of world through ink of Pen.

Published in Monthly Magazine Bolan Voice: