Saturday, June 16, 2012

Islamabad Points Vs Balochistan Point!

Everyone wants solution of Balochistan, Balochistan is burning and those who are in Balochistan they know well about their hell lives. Those, who are outsiders, can sympathetically talk for and on Balochistan. All politicians from President Asif Zardari to opposition Leaders are apologetic on Balochistan except establishment. Fair enough, Baloch did not and don’t ask for apologizes. What do Baloch want; this is issue in current scenario.

We can understand that power makers have tradition that they don’t like to learn from their mistakes but public has consciousness and learn from their own mistakes. Today Balochistan has made own points, whilst writing Editorial we are to aware that some people don’t like this one but we covet to humble request that unless understanding of people’s heart beating, none be able to solve problems.

Pakistan’s history is filled up with mistakes that problem is with someone and it is being solved by stranger.
In media, especially Electronic Media talks and holds programs with oldest script and same cries on Balochistan. What does Balochistan want for? No one has cared about Baloch while sitting in Cool Rooms, are giving solution of Balochistan without asking from Baloch public that what are they thinking of and about? For now should Baloch follow them because those want the solution of problems and if we say to them that we have reservation with your Recommended Solution Menu then they would point out us as Traitor and Unchangeable?

Problem can’t be solved until real injured person come him/herself on the table of talks. On May 26th, 2012 Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) called conference on Balochistan in Islamabad where elite Politicians, elite Human Rights Organizations and Elite Intellectual were invited. What a joke? All richer would be talked about poorer same as Elite Class of Pakistan, had shown their concerns for Baloch innocent people. 
In Conference 15 points issues and Elite class is thinking that by their 15 points, Balochistan will be appeased. So must be read 15 points by Islamabad conference: “Civilian Authority representation, Akbar Bugti’s killing Case, Provincial Autonomy and Problems sold through negotiation, implementation of 18th amendment and to ensure all natural resources in Balochistan under the control of the people of the area, All those citizens of Pakistan are settled in Balochistan, be equally respected and their social and economic rights be protected, To respect the economic, and cultural rights of all those living in Pakistan and in particular of the Baloch nation, The Supreme Court of Pakistan be commended for taking up the case of missing people and disappearances should be brought to justice, An inter-parliamentary committee be prepared a White Paper on the human right violation from  Musharraf regime to the present day and discussed in the parliament, All political prisoners and missing persons be realized, appropriate compensation be paid to all who have lost their lives, All religious leaders of different sects to create culture of tolerance, Training programs be given to the FC and the police for respecting human rights and warned not to act illegally, Army to be called to back to cantonment, To promote democratic culture and consideration for another Charter of Democracy, forthcoming elections be held in a fair, free and transparent manner.”

After Conference Prime Minister Yousif Raza Gillani talked with General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani, both agreed on solution of Balochistan and shown wish to talk with Leader of Balochistan Khair Bukhsh Marri.
What does real Baloch think about Islamabad Points?

We would ask to all of them, why suddenly call conferences and meetings on Balochistan? Two points are raising, one is, Election season is on the door and opposition and ruling parties are playing its term cards game for trying to get attention of Balochistan and secondly, after NATO crisis, Pakistan’s establishment has feared for Balochistan, if Balochistan completely would slip from their hands; therefore by such steps give kind picture to Balochistan. Though Balochistan is still in undeclared war and people are receiving dead bodies, but none talks on it, all are playing points game.

Is Balochistan comfortable with Islamabad Points? Truly, even Baloch child is not comfortable with it. 15 Points all about forthcoming election and how did they think that Baloch would be agreed on compensation? Baloch never gets money on his/her beloved’s murder. White paper must be prepared from day when Balochistan forcibly attached to Pakistan.

We think, Elite Class of Politics must remember 6 points of Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, six points were itself presenting one point of Independency. If anyone wants points from Baloch, so they have as points as Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman had. Former Dictator Musharraf was saying, it is not 70s Era but when Islamabad gave Points, did he remember 70s Era of East Pakistan and its 6 Points, now Era is coming back with new veil but victimize side Balochistan has own points those are surely Islamabad Points Vs Balochistan Point.

No one wants bloody mornings and nights, moreover peace must be ensured therefore this time Islamabad ought to consider Balochistan point instead of throwing points through Elite Uncles Politicians.
If Balchistan re-gives six points of East Pakistan, would Islamabad accept it?

Balochistan has long injured and fake promises history, how is possible that Balochistan comes on Islamabad’s recommended Points? At least, this time Balochistan will not step down at others swears or points, this time Balochistan has own points and now it is choice of Power Makers of Islamabad, whether they would listen to Balochistan point or not?

Published in Monthly Bolan Voice, On June/2012