Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Editorial on Rinkle Kumari

Rinkle Kumari who wanted dew of justice…!
Law, constitution and International Human Rights Charter all are saying “In the Eyes of Justice, all are equal, no difference of race, nation and religion.” And people have faith that if there is no justice in the court of power-makers then queen of justice has big heart and she will listen our case of injustice because Injustice that would be caused of entire pain and inequality on the earth.

Poor people always have hopes from Iron Walls and foggy roads, they are unable to realize that Queen of Justice would listen whatever she is forced to hear by power-makers in the world. If we are not wrong, what had happened on 18 April 2012, on case of Rinkle Kumari as we had already written in our pervious Editorial that “Mr. Jinnah! Rinkel Kumari is not free to go her home either” when poor eyes of parents and people were awaiting decision while holding their heart beatings and sudden Chief of Justice Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed Choudhary crossed his all attitude of decision-making, he announced that Rinkle Kumari, Lata Kumari and Asha Kumari must go to registrar and submitted their willingness, where would they want to go and besides he continued local courts decisions.

While hearing case in open court, Mr. CJ sent them to registrar, was this case of missing of goat or broken glass? Of course, this case was/is very sensitive and has involvement of religion and thugs got indirectly license for kidnapping in the name of Islam and put label of forcibly conversion into Islam, over head of innocent girls than none can ask you that why have you committed crime? As Mr. CJ and government of Pakistan ruling Party People’s Party of Pakistan and its allies were silent as their existence isn’t in this country.

We can understand well if religion comes in issues, issues become Holy instead of issues must be remained as issues though Rinkle’s case among two girls cases, was very fragile because her case came up at international level and she herself loudly admitted on 26 March 2012, at supreme court that she wanted to go with her mother and she would prefer to die, instead of accepting another religion, she said. Eyes of world saw, when she was forcibly sent to Naveed Shah under the command of Mian Mitho, who is main character of this entire story of kidnapping.

“On 18 April, 2012, Rinkle had revealed bitter truth that after 26 March 2012, she was tortured and raped, not only this but Naveed Shah was coming to me at Darul-Amaan, Now they have given me threats, if I go along with my mother, they will kill my whole family; what would you do? You are unable to save me, Nor at Mirpur Mathilo, Sindh High Court, Neither at Supreme Court.”

Wasn’t this Supreme Court contempt? Didn’t CJ know about it? Why he sent such sensitive case to registrar? Why hadn’t given safety wall to Rinkle and her parents? Why wasn’t asked to Mian Mitho that what’s his relation with Navid Shah? And what was Rinkle doing in House of Mian Mitho?

Chief Justice didn’t ask single question to Mian Mitho and Naveeda Shah as both weren’t involved. At other side of case, where CJ and government were closed their eyes, zip its lips and put cotton in ears, there Human Rights organizations were silent, as they have gone on tour and unaware regarding case. According to Rinkle Kumari’s Uncle reported, he tried to catch up with HRCP ( Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), sadly, they did not respond though they didn’t even pick up our calls, I had been knocking doors in Islamabad but nowhere got response.

Those who know well nature of Human Rights Organizations, mostly run on contract-based when see no interest of money-making, none be able to up voice. We have example of Mukhtiara Mai, whose case came on international level and many organizations got projects in the name of women’s empowerment, but same organizations are silent on Dr. Shazia Khalid and Rinkle’s Case, WHY?
After 18th April, 2012, worst decision, Rinkle has been in the custody of Mian Mitho, instead she should be gone with Naveed Shah. Supreme Court ordered that after 15 days must be reported for Rinkle Kumari’s condition. Where is Queen of Justice? When reports came that Rinkle has lost her legs and one arm while torturing by them (Mian Mitho’s men).

How long will injustice and wrong steps be done in the name of religion? If law and justice closed its eyes on injustice than injustice would become vulture and finally one day it will swallow whole society.
This is not only Rinkle who first kidnapped, second sent Darul-Umaan and finally forcibly sent with Naveed Shah, in fact, it was justice that was moving here and there and in last put into box of injustice.

At least one thing has been proved that still Big Cats look at small Cats and Big Cats are powerful, so how can we have faith in justice that “All are equal in the eyes of Justice” No and Never all are not equal.

Innocent girl Rinkle Kumari was crying and wanted dew of justice but what she received whole picture is in front of us.

We can understand that State Court is unable to make decision freely but questions need answers and Court of Justice is asking, how did you handle this case?

Published in Monthly English Magazine Bolan Voice in May/2012.