Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rinkle Kumari.

Why You (Mother) gave me Birth?
Rinkle Kumari

I do not know,
Why I am sending on Land,
Where nothing is for us?
Where are you?
I am calling you,
I need your cradle,
I want weep and cry loudly,
Here in this dark room,
Everyone’s eyes are horror,
They told me,
I must obey them,
Otherwise, they stop my breath forever,
I do not know,
Where are you and queen of Justice?
Have you remembered?
When you told me once,
Your honesty would give you safe shelter,
Ahh … Mother why don’t you come here and see yourself,
My honesty and loyalty with land,
Gives me dark room and Forcible Orders,
I don’t ask anything,
Only calling you Mother,
I need your cradle and weep loudly,
Can’t you give me your cradle for a moment?
Mother! Tell me why you gave me Birth?   (Helena)

Published in Bolan Voice Magazine on April 2012

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