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Rinkel Kumari Khapay..!

Posted on April 18, 2012


With broken hearts, We are holding hopes,A hope that is being orphaned,We don"t know, who will hear our voice,But again we put forward our injured feet,And looking for dew of justice, By dew of justice, our broken hearts and orphan hopes,Would get new breath,Can we get it?(Helena)
I have been asking myself why do I write and for what? Answer is simple: For Justice, and then taking a deep breath, I replied to myself: Yes justice for a girl who was kidnapped from her home on 24th February then many a time brought to the courts and finally sent to women shelter house. It"s strange her thugs are free and moving everywhere. I need justice for victimized girl "Rinkel Kumari whose kidnapping is being justified in the name of religion. It means you commit any crime then paint it with holy colour. In fact you cannot protect your crime under the guise of religion because religion itself condemns forcible conversion to Islam. Hence I wrote an article in detail on 12th March which was published in The Frontier Post.
Bitter truth is that when incident occurs that moment none is able to raise voice against it, I remember when I wrote in detail on Rinkel Kumari, it was The Frontier Post which raised voice for her and mentioned about case. At first where was our media, it woke up only after the United States printed reports on Rinkel Kumari that it started reporting on the case. Therefore honestly I"d like to thank the US for opening eyes of media.
Supreme Court is going to take up her case today (Wednesday). On the last hearing on March 26th, Rinkle Kumari wished to go to her mother"s house but the Chief Justice again sent her to a shelter house, in Karachi, because she needed time for relaxation before recording her statement because she was undergoing a lot of pressure at that time.
Rinkle"s wish top to go to her mother"s house proves that she was forcibly kidnapped. Mian Mitho is leading an extremist group and threatening not to accept Supreme Court"s decision if it went against him.
Isn"t it court"s insult. First kidnapping a girl and then second threats to Supreme Court. Why doesn"t Supreme Court take suo motu action against him.
How long will innocents be threatened putting their lives at gunpoint? Do the non-Muslims have no right to live as Muslims are living? If yes then in the name of religion how many people are being forcibly converted to Islam? This is not a new and the first case which is calling for justice besides putting lives of her family at risk.
For a while imagine what would have happened with Rinkel when she was under the eyes of thugs? When she was being brought to Supreme Court on 26th March, I thought she might not be able to record true statement but her statement attracted world"s attention when she said: "The lives all my family members and myself will be at risk if I give statement in favour of my mother."
There is no doubt she must have undergone too much pressure and pain while recording her statement at the Supreme Court.
Women suffer a lot. Why only women? In Sindh, 47 girls had been kidnapped and converted to Islam. I"d like to ask, why only girls are being converted to Islam, why not boys, women and old men.
Like Rinkel Kumari"s case, we have second case of Aisha Kumari who was kidnapped in March; allegedly by Mian Mitho"s son who presented her in the court in April and claimed he had married with her. The question is: Where was she kept for a month?
We have to think what is happening all around us. Our daughters are not safe and the criminals easily kidnap the girls of minorities after they are lured into the trap of marriage after conversion to Islam for immoral purposes.
Doubts are being expressed if Rinkel Kumari can got justice. Recently PPP member Sharmila Farooqi claimed on a private TV channel that she had met Rinkel Kumari at Court. I was surprised when she had met Rinkel? I was at Sindh High Court on 12th March but she was not there. The Court ordered that no one could meet her in Shelter house. If Sharmila met Rinkle at shelter house it meant she had violated the court decision. Nafisa Shah and Azra Fazal Pechuho have raised voice for Rinkel Kumari.
When Rinkel"s mother Sulchhari was weeping and requesting that Rinkel Khapay "Give me my Rinkel" as like Mr. Zardari always chants slogan Pakistan Khapay, so why doesn"t the President listen to a mother"s request.
Not only Rinkel"s mother but all humanitarian voices are requesting that Rinkel Khapay because her return would reveal real faces of thugs. What is her sin?
In Rinkel Kumari"s case, many voiceless have pinned their hopes for justice, now all are looking to Supreme Court that what justice she would meet? We all say Rinkel Khapay because Insaaf Khapay.

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