Monday, April 16, 2012

Editorial! Rinkle Kumari.

Mr. Jinnah! Rinkal Kumari is not free to go her home either?

“You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State, said Founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah on 11th August, 1947, while his entire movement ran in the name of religion, but later he spoke for secular state in his speech, how was possible that his spoke words 1,695 on 11th August, 1947, would be built secular state and vanished his religious movement easily? He had a misunderstanding and could not be made understand that his religious color in politics had caused the catastrophe.
And we saw and see that how undemocratic hands have been using Name of Religion and then is violated rights of people. Indigenous people of this land later forcibly put into box of Minority, hence they have to submit their certificate for loyalty, how can they free to go to their temples? Although they are not safe at their homes, too, if Mr. Jinnah were alive, he would not be able to see such violation in his state that was created under the discrimination.
So far, non-Muslims have been facing dreadful problems; they are very much connected with their land and are unable to leave it at any risk.
InPakistan, Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus are being treated like animals cart. Recent years Ahmadis and Cristians have faced more violation inPunjab, especially Ahmadis are under black Clouds, where they are unable to greet with another Muslim.
Sindh and Balochistan, both provinces have less religious violation but in coming days native Hindus are threatened and unsaved in Sindh and Balochistan, mostly Hindus prefer to leave Pakistan because they are feeling that their voice is un-listened, where other people voice is listened but they are being ignored, not even at government level but civil society (Human rights Organization) and champion of freedom of expression in Media have given less importance.
In Sindh, on 18th November, 2011, Chak incident happened and three Hindus doctors were gunned down, their killers are freed and nowhere voice for Hindus by the time many families left Sindh and Balochistan, reason is simple that they are threatened by extremists groups.
Sadly! In Sindh, many girls have been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam, according to report that around 47 girls have been kidnapped and by forced converted to Islam, Question raises, why only GIRL has been converted to Islam, why not old lady, man and boy? Why only beautiful girls?
On 24th February, 2012, a young Hindu girl named Rinkel Kumari, 19 years old, was abducted from her home in a small village in Sindh. This kidnapping case is arisen by her family and her family is received threats because in this case thugs and a boy who claimed to be married with Rinkel, has assisted by Pakistan Peoples’ Party Member of the National Assembly (PPP MNA) Mian Mitho, for whom Benazir Bhutto once Thanked him, when he betrayed and left PPP.
Rinkel Kumari produced before Sindh High Court, where she expressed, “her wish is to go with her Mother”, but Sindh High Court sent her Darul-Amaan, Shelter house for women, till 26th March, 2012, hearing at High Court where “Rinkel Kumari bravely expressed once again, her wish is to go with her mother, and loudly said that I know, there is no justice for me as Hindu, you can not imagine living in one night in Shelter house, kill me but do not send back to shelter house.”
Chief Justice whose Sue Motus are popular, even Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Gillani is helpless in front of his Sue motus, but strangely why Chief Justice sent back her to shelter house and extended case on 18 April 2012. Chief Justice said, “this case is complicated because girl has been converted to Islam.”
What a remark by Chief Justice! Even common people have idea that kidnapping is crime, and by force you can not apply any thing, then why Chief Justice sent her to shelter house and has not bit taken action against kidnappers? Rinkel Kumari’s life is unsaved because extremists’ parties declared that if she denied coming back to kidnapper (who claimed her as husband Naveed Shah), she would be killed.
In such circumstances, where she and her family all are at gun point, why case has been extended? This is not only one case even 47 girls are still kidnapped instead of Chief Justice Iftkhar Ahmed Chodhoury should have given quick justice and taken action on other kidnapped, but did nothing to do it.
Isn’t Rinkel Kumari daughter ofPakistan? She is being treated like guilty and ignored by human rights voices moreover, Mr. Jinnah spoke on 11th August 1947 for non Muslims but here single innocent girl is not allowed to go her home.
Mr. Jinnah! Rinkel Kumari is not free to go her home either.
What would she get in her cradle on 18th April, 2012; we all are waiting for justice.

published in Bolan Voice Magazine in April, 2012

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